Treasure #3

* This page is to list SHINee performance-related videos.

Music Program Performance
Pre-debut Run It 080518
Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)
Love Like Oxygen
081012 One for me + Best of Place + Love like oxygen
Inkigayo Amigo
090725 Remix Music Core with a dance bridge featuring SNSD
090912 Music Core
Y.O.U (Year of Us)
091021 @ ChinChin Radio
091125 with live session (without Onew)
091226 Music Core Get Down + RDD
101003 Inkigayo101016 Music Core | 101219 Inkigayo Hello + Lucifer

Gayodaejeon Performance
2009 Gayodaejeon
Juliette Acoustic Version + Ring Ding Dong | Taemin-focused Just Dance
2010 Gayodaejeon
Lucifer featuring f(x)
Dance with DJ Doc
Bohemian Rhapsody – Jonghyun with Changmin, Junsu, Yoseop, Jeongmo
It’s My Life – Jonghyun with CJYJ
Ending Part – Look for SHINee!
MBC – Hello + Lucifer
SBS – Lucifer

Special Performance in Korea
090905 Incheon Hallyu Concert Scar + Juliette
100522 Dream Concert 2010 RDD
101031 SBS Inkigayo Halloween Special Taemin Thriller
101114 SBS 20th Anniversary Special H.O.T. Candy
110129 Asia Model Awards Best Dresser Hello
110303 KBS Foundation Day Special Open Concert
Lucifer | Interview | Hello | Balloon
110506 SBS Hope TV Hello
110526 Gangnam Univ Festival (Fancam) Replay | Juliette | Lucifer
110610 Dream Concert 2011 Lucifer | Full version fancam (Lucifer+Greetings+Hello)

Overseas Performance
100529 Japan Live in Yokohama – MXTV Seoul Train Part 1 (Replay) | Part 2 (Juliette, RDD)
100816 Japan Sukachan Invincible Youth Part 1 (Replay, Juliette) | Part 2 (RDD, Lucifer)
2010 SM Town Live in L.A. – Samsung DVD
101024 Korea-Indonesia Friendship Sharing Concert – Arirang TV RDD, Lucifer, Hello
101117 Taiwan Fan Meeting
Jonghyun Solo Baby Baby
Onew Solo “Comfort (安靜)”
Key Solo Tic Toc
Minho Solo If You Leave
Taemin Solo I Love You
Ring Ding Dong on Taiwan I’m TV
101122 Thailand Fan Meeting 
Jonghyun Solo Run the Sky
Onew Solo How Deep Is Your Love
Minho Solo Suddenly (Moondeuk)
Key Solo Take a Bow
Taemin Solo Do It Well
110202 Taiwan Super Star New Year’s Special Lucifer | Hello | Interview
110618 Mnet SM Town Live in Paris RDD
110703 MBC SM Town Live in Paris SHINee Cut
Stand by Me | Replay| Nessun Dorma | RDDLucifer | SbM+Replay+RDD+Lucifer

SHINee 1st Concert in Japan 101226 (aired 110226 @ Fuji TV)
Opening Video, SHINee World, Senorita
Amigo, Juliette, Talk
Stand by Me, Love Still Goes on, Interview
A-Yo, Video, Romantic
Graze, Interview, Replay
Love Like Oxygen, Video, Quasimodo
Life, A Child in the Island House
Interview, RDD, Up & Down
Ready or Not, Lucifer, Video
Encore – Jojo, Talk, One
Download: part I, part II, part III
(I do NOT own these videos. Downloaded through DC Shinee Gallery)

In Five Parts [HD quality]:
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V
Cr to SHINee World SHINee TV | Up by taeminieminho

Solo Stage (fancam)
Jonghyun – Girls compilation | Solo in Japan (masterpiecejh)
Onew – Nessun Dorma | Minho – OMG (Just Blaze) | OMG (Beautiful Days)
Key – My First Kiss Special Edit | 2 Angle Shoot
Taemin – Romeo+Juliette Multiscreen (please*3) | Full Front (Rheetaemin) | By LeePlay

Japan Debut

Replay: Teaser | M/V
110624 Happy Music Replay | SHINee Cut full
110625 MTV VMAJ Replay

Juliette: Teaser | M/V @ EMI Music Japan
110801 Juliette @ Music Japan
110805 Juliette M/V on MTV


38 thoughts on “Treasure #3

      • Its ok. Take your time. I’ve once did this kinda thingy too. And its stressing not to mention copyright issue.

        Just take your time. I’m sure everyone will understand this since its your personal blog and plus. 😀 Anyway, this is awesome. Especially, the concert part.

  1. omg, you’re so amazing & awesome, Juju<33
    thank you so much~! yup, i agree, IT'S SO AWESOME!
    but, this is just a suggestion, i think it's better if you upload the videos onto website for file hosting like mediafire, megaupload, etc.. i think it's more convenient (: since youtube made the video quality worsen than the actual file~ and its better to DL the files for keepings rather than stream it or using a program to DL it from YT…
    but anyway, we appreciate your hardworks so much!
    i'm also wondering, can you upload SHINee's full concert too pls?? thank you Juju!

    • I see your points…lower picture quality on yt… but I want to have them uploaded on a public site, so shawols can go there, find what they want to see and watch it right away. As a new SHINee fan, I really missed such a place while searching yt for shinee videos. A site where I can see a history of shinee’s activities through shinee-related videos at a glance.

      • yup, i was like that too ^^
        searching on YT excitedly to watch SHINee videos, whether i’ve watched it or not and wanting for newer videos… until i got to know many fansites, forum, etc & YOU of course, Jujugal (:
        and yes, i understand your reasoning, so it’s okay Juju if you couldn’t~ appreciated ur hardworks already! thank you.. (:

      • Thanks for understanding. Btw, the pianist file I got is really big, and after subbed, it got much bigger. The problem is there’s a size limit for free upload in megaupload. So I had to sacrifice the quality. It was too bad.

  2. Thanx a lot jujuyah! You’re shining a light on these days. Seriously, i miss them so badly (Dying here T_T).
    I know they have a lot of things in store to surprise us and i should wait patiently when the right time comes but it’s so hard T.T . They cut down most their public appearances and even won’t go to Thailand this Saturday for the MBC special. OMG, whatever they are preparing or planning, i want to know it, RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!
    kekeke, sorry for my fangirl’s moment. >.<
    Once again, jujuyah, you're such a nice angel! ^^

    • All shawols are feeling the same… Shinee must be practicing or recording (a fan said they are) for their debut in Japan. “Patience is all” for fans, I think. But this situation is not so bad for me as I’m on a hiatus;) With lots of videos and fancams pouring in, I’d be feeling torn between what I have to do and what I want to do.

      • don’t push yourself too hard baby! although most of us are greedy Shawols who’d never feel enough with Shinee’s stuffs, we can wait patiently for you as well as for Shinee ^^

  3. This is really awesome. I totally aspire to create a website like yours, but I’m not sure how to create tabs :/ I’ve tons of videos that I’ve collected from various people and your collection is one of the best! Hwaiting (:

  4. jujugal r u a new fan? me too aha! when did u start to love shinee?… btw u r awesome for subbing this all videos.. go,go jujugal

  5. You’re awesome!!! xD thank you so much for choosing the best videos and posting them!
    And plus you’re fast at updating their news too!

  6. Thanks so much for always subbing the videos jujugal!!! Although I’ve nvr subbed anything before, it must be a really long and sometimes troublesome process!! But we all appreciate it!:)))) keep it up!;D

  7. Just wanna thank you for this subbed videos.. This is like a heaven :))
    I always heard your name and now I found your wordpress.. Your a great gift to us shawols..
    God Bless You More ^^ Thanks!

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  9. Good work girl =)
    You are awesome =)
    I hope you will subbed Replay 君は僕のeverything Shooting Sketch too =D
    keep up the good work!! Thank you for helping us with subbing 😉

  10. hello jujugal!! i LOVE how you post sooooo many videos for everyone to watch! thank you so so much!! but sadly….i just found your website today :/ and some videos are blocked 😦

    like the taemin solos. and the smtown live in la video. if there’s any way for me to watch them, please let me know! it would be greatly appreciated! and again, thank you so so much for sharing all of this!! 🙂

  11. juju I cant find the fancam when Jonghyun sang run the sky in Thailand fanmeeting in your link , is something goes wrong?

    • Hmm, this is mostly a re-edit of the old episode with Key as a guest. And there are subbed videos of the old episode.
      Here’s the first part:

      The following parts are on the recommended video list.

  12. omo!!! you are the best ever jujugal!!! btw, what does your name mean? or where did you get it? :)) I’m really curious about it. hahahaha! If you would mind, the shinee world concert vids that you have here, are they eng subbed? thank you so much!!! ^^

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