Treasure #2

* All the listed videos are Eng-subbed
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* Videos are now re-uploaded
Entertainment News/Interviews
100505 ETN Interview with Onew as Musical Actor
Pt1 – Onew’s Venture into Musical World | Pt2 – Onew’s Transformation to Joobong Character
101110 Jonghyun Legendary 30cm Mnet Idol Voice Poll
101208 SHINee Asia Fan Meeting OBS Ent News
101215 Bestdresser SHINee Live Tong
101216 SHINee Ultra Transformation – Golden Disk Awards
101216 SHINee Rehearsal Fashion Style Analysis – GDA
101227 K-pop Boom SHINee Concert in Japan MBC News
101230 New Korean Wave SHINee Concert in Japan SBS News
110102 SHINee Concert in Japan OBS Ent News
110102 Onew Gives 30 Points & Who’s Cry Baby TV Daily
110102 Key’s Secret to Growing Taller TV Daily
110102 Press Conference & Onew Sangtae TV Daily
110108 Onew Wants Daesang SHINee Concert in Japan Interview Weekly Ent News
110110 SHINee Concert in Japan & Korea OBS Ent News
110111 SHINee Concert in Japan & Korea ETN News
110127 SM Town Live in Tokyo – Midnight Entertainment News
110127 Seoul Music Awards Behind Stage Report – YStar
110219 SHINee Maypole Photo Shoot Interview
110221 SHINee Auction Photoshoot Interview – Live Tong
110222 SHINee Santa Fe Fan-Meeting – OBS Ent News
Taemin & Key at KRY Concert – Arirang TV
110225 SHINee Auction Photoshoot & Santa Fe Fanmeet – Mnet Wide
110226 Onew Special Guest at 100 SV – Arirang Showbiz Extra
110228 SHINee 1st Concert in Japan Interview @ Fuji TV: Part1 | Part2
110420 French K-pop Fans Meet SHINee – SBS News | MBC News
110526 SHINee Replay PV Making on Mezamashi TV
110529 SHINee at Osaka Hanmadang – Section TV News
110609 Fans Welcome DBSK SHINee f(x) at Paris Airport – KBS News  
110609 Key & Onew’s Airport Fashion – SBS Midnight Ent News
110611 SHINee in SM Town Live in Paris – KBS Ent News
110616 SM Town in Paris & Kpop Boom in Europe SHINee Cut – Midnight Ent News
110619 SHINee Debut Reception in Abbey Road Studios – Morning News by kjudi202
110620 SHINee Debut Showcase in Abbey Road Studios – KBS News
110622 SHINee on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke 8
110630 SM Town in Paris Backstage SHINee Cut: Part 1 | Part 2
110705 SHINee MTV VMAJ Interview on Sukiri
120322 SHINee’s Comeback – Mnet Wide News
120324 SHINee’s Comeback – KBS Entertainment News
13 SHINee News on Minho Breaking Jonghyun’s Push-Up Record new

Taemin in Defense of Blood Type B Guys
Taemin Reveals The Thing He Can Never Like
Taemin Starcall featuring Onew – Christmas in Japan 101225
TaeKey Hilarious Starcall – 2011 Calendar Out 110106

Arirang Golden Goodies
110624 Taemin
OnTae Music Street 101019
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
OnTae Rooftop Memories
Taemin School Episodes
OnTaeJong Missing Night “We Are Beautiful” 101028
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Taemin Cut 1Taemin Cut 2
Kim Heechul’s Young Street 101029
Key Gives Example for Onew’s Gag Style
Heechul Gives Full Score for Onew’s Laugh
What Halloween Costume SHINee Want
Key’s Secret to Looking Same over Years
Taemin, “Don’t Eat”
Thanks to Fans
Heechul Teasing Taemin 1 HTT 2 | HTT 3
KHC’s Young Stre110321 TaeKey as Guests 
Part 1: Greetings | Part 2: Skit & Quiz | Part 3: Key Speed Quiz | Part 4: Taemin Speed Quiz
Key to Taemin, “My Love”
PKL’s Starry Night 101214 – S.M. The Ballad
Kyuhyun “tam-bal” After Love Is Gone
Kyuhyun Teases Jonghyun Singing For You
Jino Learns Not to Listen to Jonghyun and Sings Bogosipda
Jonghyun and Kyuhyun’s Gag Time
Jonghyun, Kyuhyun Teasing Jino
Onew’s Text, Jonghyun and Kyuhyun Keep Teasing Jino
Talk after Hot Times Live, Jonghyun Teases Jino
Kyeonglim Joins Jonghyun to Tease Jino
Q/A Time for Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, Jino and Onew’s Birthday
Sweet Sorrow Ten Ten Club 101220 – S.M. The Ballad
Jonghyun Poking Kyuhyun for Missing Part
Jino’s Choice for Duet and Jonghyun’s Response
Shim Shim Tapa 120110 – Jonghyun & Key *subbed and up by sfisubs
Math Challenge
I Love You Game
Joo Younghun’s 2pm Date 130502
SHINee’s Fun Rankings Pt I | Pt II new


Onew & Minho W Korea Magazine Photoshoot
Maypole Photoshoot Making
110530 Onew & Taemin Duet Happy Me – download mp3
110612 Elle Girl Japan Name Card Game: Vol 1 | Vol 2
110624 Elle Girl Korea Name Card Game
120119 W Korea Live Taemin with Exo
120119 W Korea Live Taemin’s Know-how for Pictorials
120119 W Korea Live Taemin “Please Praise Me”
120119 W Korea Live 7 Jonghyun with Taemin, Sulli, Krystal


62 thoughts on “Treasure #2

  1. thank you a kajillion times for subbing shinee videos!!!! YOU. ARE. AMAZING.
    we really appreciate your hard work!!!!!! hwaiting!!!!! ^o^

  2. i found oh my school full show..
    but it hasnt subs yet i wonder if you wanna help me to subs.. hehehe

    gomawo.. ^^

    • Hmm…I can get the full episode myself. The problem is I can’t sub the whole episode (too much time). I hoped some fans will make clips focused on Minho part, but it seems that they don’t want to because they don’t like the love line.

  3. Thanks for the sub^_^ I really appreciate these ’cause I love Shinee but I can’t understand Korean Language !-_- do u know which eps of StarKing where the guest thinks onew is a girl. I watch it on U-tube but i forget the eps????

  4. I know you’re probably very busy, and I REALLY love that you sub all this SHINEE stuff ❤
    I was wondering if you could sub the Taemin&Minho Kiss the Radio?
    I already have links to these but all the translations are to chinese 😦

    Here's the one from the 25th:


    Here's the one from the 24th:


    DL are the download links but I think you have to be a member of the website to download them :/

    If you can't it's cool, they're very long too! :/

    • Oh thanks for the links…but I already got the files. Didn’t have time to listen to them, but I’d love to sub them if and when I could spare time. You know my bias is Taemin!!! But they were not guests but DJ-ed the show, so I don’t know whether I’d sub the whole part…maybe some parts? Let’s see…

  5. hi juju! ^^ if it’s possible, can you sub this radio show with them?

    i think somebody once subbed the first part but i cant find it anymore.. i rly enjoy subbed radio shows lol,since they’re usually more relaxed and informative. like your subbed missing night and music street (tho they’re deleted now D:)

    • I’d sub more recent radio clips…like the ones DJ-ed by Minho and Taemin… I’ll consider that, though. The deleted ones will be re-uploaded soon.

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  9. hi, just curious, but are you planning on reuploading some of the news clips listed up there that were deleted? i dont mean to put pressure on you either way i’m just purely wondering. ^^ thank you so much for your hard work! ❤

  10. thanks so much Juju<3
    i'm soo happy that you subbed taekey as guests at heechul's youngstreet!
    thank you! you're the best really<33

  11. hey jujugal!
    this is totally not SHINee related…but i remember seeing on one of your yt accounts that you’d english subbed the Strong Heart cuts that had TVXQ on it? can you link me to that? never got to finish watching a part of it 😦 thanks so much for subbing that 🙂

      • hi jujugal!
        hehe thanks 🙂 doh, i just checked, though, and the words are up, but there are no links attached to it. can you link it when you get a chance? thankya! 🙂

      • Oh, bad news… That channel got struck down. And I lost all my files… I’ll look through other folders to see if I happen to save them there.

      • hey jujugal!
        thanks so much for uploading again!!! just wondering…did you sub the 2nd week of TVXQ’s appearance on strong heart, too (since it was a continuation of the 1st week). if not, no worries!! just thought i’d check 🙂

        thank you!!! 🙂

  12. hey juju thx for ur awesomeness in subbing SHINee stuff, can u sub this one?

    its from Jonghyun surprise birthday party yesterday, its just audio n there were 5 part for it u can find it in her youtube chanel. hope u can sub it… thx before ^^

    • Ah, the recording of Jonghyun’s birthday party… hmm… someone uploaded this on youtube? Not sure if it’s ok to sub this…cuz this is not supposed to be recorded and made public… The members may not like it (I heard Key once said he wouldn’t have a party if fans post the recording again)… I may translate some parts of it and post it on my blog…

      • really? key says that he won’t do party again if sme fans upload the recording? awww…that sad, but its the only way international fans can hear their voice in the surprise party…oh i hope i born as korean,,or at least i can speak korean~~ TT

        btw please translate even its just a little part…thx again anw..~~ 🙂 ❤

  13. Can you pretty please eng sub “Danny’s Music Show with Shinee”?
    Here’s a link to someone who already uploaded the entire thing (this is just the first part), it’s just not eng subbed 😦

    I know that there are like snippets that are eng subbed floating out there, but there really aren’t that many and most of them are of the same clip.

  14. ohhh my god! you are so kind…
    as you said, your video link can be shared, right? I will shared it in my blog, of course with proper credit ^^ (I want to shared all Taemin cut, oh my god!!!) I love you and your blog sooooo much ^^

  15. juju theres a really funny youngstreet episode that just came out, its to 110524 😀 there were a lot of stories, i understood some but not all, so… haha! apparently minho calls key hyungnim ^^

    • I watched it on yt, but it’s not minho calls key hyungnim. Key is talking about Minho calling sunbaes hyungnim. Usually they call them hyung. Hyungnim is a more polite form and kinda oldish. Young people don’t use it.

      • haha! you can tell i’m not good at korean, i misunderstood it as minho calling key hyungnim haha! aigo *facepalms*
        hope your well! fighting! thanks for updating with awesome shinee filled news for us!

  16. AHHHH…!! Juju, you’re SO AWESOME…!!!!!! I’m waiting for that Elle Magazine name card ^^. THANK YOU

    *BIG HUG

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  18. hello. i found some vids of the “SHINee on MBC Gag Show” on youtube, but it’s not full,i looked around and saw that it’s in total of 6 parts, by any chance can you please re-up it 🙂
    it’s funny show and i really love to watch 🙂

  19. juju-yaa ^^ thanks for the sub
    would you sub the radio show that taemin and minho dj before?

  20. I just want to say thank you so so so so so much for everything you’ve done. You are amazing. I know it takes a lot of time and effort, and you are only doing this out of love for SHINee – so thank you!

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