[talk] Mucifer Jeon Hyunmoo, “Why I Like SHINee”

It is amazing to see that my name is one of SHINee’s main associated search words and mentioned at least once in comments after Lucifer is performed on TV. It is personally my infinite honor to be connected to super Korean Wave stars, but I also feel pleased that my sincerity is now acknowledged. Even Jonghyun named me as SHINee’s PR ambassador and sent me his enthusiastic cheers. People ask me, why do you like SHINee so much?

It was three years ago. One day a new group’s five members, who were boys rather than men, jumped out of a van parked at the KBS building and made a 90 degrees bow to me. I was only a new MC who wasn’t very distinguished at that time on TV, but they bounced out of their car as if they were told to and got back into their car one by one after bowing politely.  They looked all nervous, and one member (it seems Onew as I look back) even hit the ceiling of the car with his head while rushing out of the car.

I paid attention to those five fellows thinking their nervous look is cute and at the same time feeling sorry. Because I remember the smart and ‘shiny’ eyes of the five members whose faces looked stiff, and because the size of ambition emanating from their eyes was similar to mine, I think I have kept them in my memory. So I tried to do SHINee’s dance on TV whenever there is a chance and liked to mention SHINee if possible. Many people may remember only my Lucifer dance, but I danced to Juliette and Ring Ding Dong more than enough in all kinds of entertainment programs. If I had to dance, I wanted to do SHINee’s dance.

Our encounter at the KBS building, the strong impression they made on me at that time, and my pure intention to cheer for their success, I feel nowadays the sincerity of all these has come to pass. Seeing fans passionate about SHINee in England, France, Japan, and so on as well as in Korea, I feel proud. For the past one and half year when SHInee was busy with their overseas activities, I have made up for their hiatus dancing to Lucifer. You may find a connection by chance in your everyday life, but it can come this dramatically in the broadcasting world. Broadcasting is not so different since it is also a human activity.

SHINee is now back as men. Out of boyhood, they are now more qualified as men and adding mass appeal to their quality music. I truly wish they could grow to become the front-runner of K-POP.

By the way, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Key, Minho ya~
Isn’t Sherlock too difficult?
I hope the rumor that you made the choreography so hard to keep me from covering your dance is just a rumor.
kkkkkk ;;;

[Source: http://newscomm.nate.com/celebrity/celebView?post_sq=2736514&snsfrom=twitter&return_sq=1 | Trans by jujugal]

*Jeon Hyunmoo is now SHINee’s sixth member to shawols 🙂 The episode how he met SHINee for the first time is so true to what we know about SHINee. There was a reason he did SHINee’s dance on TV so much. With Sherlock, SHINee is grabbing people’s attention. SHINee’s comeback performances were truly sensational. And we know they deserve all the praises.

And thanks, i-shawols! SHINee sold more than 70,000 copies of their 4th mini album Sherlock in the first week. This is a new record (I mean in the history of SHINee’s album sales; including all groups, this is 6th after TVXQ’s Mirotic, BB’s Tonight, SuJu’s Mr Simple, JYJ’s In Heaven, and JYJ’s world album). I believe we i-shawols made a contribution to this.