[stage] Taemin Singing More Than Words with Junsu, Hyunseung, Kevin

*Finally, Music Bank in Paris was broadcast. Is it because I’m a taemint that I feel I didn’t have enough of Taemin’s close-up shots?


[fancam] SHINee and Taemin’s Stages at Music Bank in Paris

Up by lobstarzz | the best video + audio quality; if you watched fancams of SHINee’s performances in London, you’d recognize this shawol’s id 😉

Up by ViaGeek | great video + audio; shot more close-up but out of focus in some parts

[fancam] SHINee Performing at Music Bank in Paris

Up by deathberry1459 | the medley & RDD; shaky in parts but with a good sound quality

Members jumping up and down and interacting with SNSD during Run To You; Key dancing with Hyoyeon; I think our maknae misses leader there

Up by kimlinnnh | HoHyun moments, eye contacts and waving

*Hope more good fancams will be posted on youtube soon. I’ll update this post with more…

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[fancam] Taemin Singing More Than Words with Junsu, Hyunseung, and Kevin

Up by kimlinnnh | a good sound quality; not a full version

Up by missmymy9724 | HD video & sound; almost full with the start cut a bit

*Is Taemin even real? How can he have such a beautiful voice? SHINee’s main lead dancer is singing with other idol groups’ main singers for a special stage, hahaha.

*SHINee came back is coming back to Korea. So Taemin can attend his graduation ceremony, yay~!!! Can he? Because of time difference, it might not be possible. 😦

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