[..] Missing Leader

Saw the picture of SHINee departing from Seoul or arriving at Paris for their Music Bank schedule.
No Onew. As with other shawols, I’m very disappointed and worried.
Antis or some immature fans are scribbling all kinds of baseless stories to mill rumors.
Please, don’t listen to them.

Can it be a visa problem? (Onew’s age, and the military service obligation, etc.) or a health problem (like f(x) Amber took a long break for the full recovery of her ankle)?

I have nothing to assure you but that we should be patient trusting Onew and SHINee.
I miss Onew, our wonderful leader, and his sweet smile so much right now.

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[vote] Perfect Boy Group Leader

To vote for Onew, click here: http://seoulbeats.com/2012/01/the-perfect-boy-group-leader/


*Who are making up stories like Onew being hospitalized? He must be resting well at their dorm, and some fans are making up these stories…for what? Last time someone cooked up a fake interview about leader Onew being appreciated by members. We all KNOW how he is respected and appreciated by the other members. You don’t have to make and spread a fake interview. That interview was fishy because it patched up parts from other real interviews with a fake part about Key and Minho (probably by a MinKey shipper). It looked like an interview in which Onew is appreciated for his leadership, but at a close reading it was to imply Minho and Key are close to each other. Are people doing this for fun? or is the line between reality and fantasy blurred for them due to too much fangirling?