[response] Shim Jaewon’s FB Post on Taemin’s Performance

[trans] this boy Taebong who asked for help grabbing the hems of my pants
I don’t watch TV much, so I don’t know well about the program called Immortal Song
I wondered what Mapo Terminal is..,
Watching his performance after work, I was smiling before I knew.
I felt unsatisfied with some parts and camera work
but think it was a performance that showed to many people his growth potential only those close to him felt
I want to say he did better than I expected (he practiced only 3 days…ㅎㅎㅎ)
He was anxious and nervous when we talked on the phone
but you did well, kid~ ㅋㅋ
I hope you will watch and trust the potential of
Lee Taebong who always craves for a perfect performance

Look forward to next week~!

[Source:  Shim Jaewon choreographer’s facebook; via DC | trans by jujugal]

*Watching Taemin’s performance today, I felt sorry for not being able to watch it on TV in real time. How much better will it be on a big TV? All right, I’m desiring too much (back to purification process). Shim Jaewon posted the above account on his facebook. I’m so proud of ma boy. He was ranked top in Naver’s real time hot search word chart after the program.
It’s taking so long to download the files of his performances today. I’ll sub and post them later.