SHINee to Make Comeback or Not?

“The k-pop world is also paying attention to SHINee’s comeback, for SHINee is recently making a turning-point. SHINee, a group whose ‘excessively’ high-level stage and perfect live have made issues, are now successfully appealing to the public with their humane charms. Taemin is making women’s hearts aflutter as ‘straightforward pure love’ guy on MBC We Got Married, and Key is stepping forward as next generation ‘sharp-tongued’ man through various entertainment programs. Minho is due to show off his beauty as the youngest of ‘Medical Top Team.’ If SHINee’s next comeback is officially set, they are expected to make considerable synergy with their humane charms added to their competence.”

[Source: Osen, naver | trans by jujugal]

*There have been rumors or signs of SHINee’s comeback before the year ends. Some say it’s not possible considering SHINee’s busy overseas schedule. Others say it is with all the signs (SHINee members talking about working on the next title song, etc.). Well, of course, SHINee will make a comeback someday. The question is when. Will they in October or November? or in January? Is it a feasible plan? If so, can SHINee seal the year-end daesang title? Can they survive in the so-called “October’s comeback war”?

As SHINee’s music fan, I’ll be just happy to have their new songs… Daesang, do we really need it?