SHINee Mezamashi Live 2013


Finally aired on Fuji TV~

You shouldn’t miss SHINee singing live 1000 Years. Amazing as always!


130814 SHINee “Experience the Summer of Osaka”

Up by miwapi213

1. SHINee tasting Tacoyaki Bingsu [*ice sherbet] – watch who got the wasabi-inserted tacoyaki

2. Eating noodle through a bamboo slide(?)

3. Experiencing horror “Sadako’s room” – Taemin and Minho “daiski-desu” / scared Key screaming like there’s no tomorrow 😀
Taemin happy pointing to Onew, “Onew hyung got surprised!”
When a ghost appeared, Minho “Catch it, catch it” and Taemin runs to grab the ghost 😉
Taemin “It wasn’t scary at all, really”

130701 SHINee at Hong Kong Dome Festival

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Another belated post. This performance needs to be marked because it was made unforgettable as SHINee continued to perform while rain was pouring down. It started raining when they were performing Beautiful. The rain couldn’t stop SHINee performing the next song Why So Serious, whose opening is the four of them lying as zombies on the stage. SHINee enjoyed it all! Awesome.