Treasure #1

* Most of the listed videos are Eng-subbed; there are some short unsubbed clips.

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TV Gag Show

100 Out of 100 Points (100 School Variety)
Minho-Joongki Talk Battle
101204 – SNSD Yuri as special guest; Minho & Yuri Doing Summer Nights of musical Grease
Minho Cut
101211 – Minho campaigns for Class President election and gets only one vote
Minho Class President Campaign
Tony Invites Minho In & Hongki Farting
Minho Saying “I’m Hungry” in Chinese
Minho Learned Leadership from Dad
101218 – Eunhyuk comes back; audition for a school PR video; PR video shoot
Minho about Being the Last
Eunhyuk & Minho How to Survive in Group
Minho Parodies Lee Minho CF at PR Audition
Minho Wins & Eunhyuk, Simon D, Hongki Kicking Up
Minho, Simon D, Hongki on 100 SV PR Video Shoot
Minho 100 SV PR Video
101226 – Christmas Special Friends invited; “Correct It” time
Minho’s Model Wishes
Whose Friend Heechul Is?
Who Is Key’s Friend with Temper?
Key Exposes Minho as Noona Killer
110101 – MT (membership training); Hongki’s home; Find Min Mission
Minho Wants Eunseoย for His Team
Hongki Gets Punked
Minho Eunseo Dating?
110108 – Playing Games at MT
Minho Harry Potter with No Makeup – a short clip with no subs
Minho & Eunseo Good Night Talk
Minho & Eunseo Truth Game
110115 – Sunbae Idols visit school & partner with hoobaes for games
Minho Been Asked Out?
Minho Courting Miyeon for a Partnering Game

* For more subbed videos of Oh My School, go to Thanks pan2D!

110226 – Onew Special Guest
Onew ttakbam & Image Survey
Lyrics Translation Game
Onew Teaches RDD Dance
Say It to Me Game
10-minute Master – Ring Throwing
Punishment Time

100 Million Quiz Show
120413ย Onew & Taemin Cutย (blocked in some countries)

Pilot – 101225
Onew Sangtae and Onew’s Courtship
SHINee Fans Can Be Scary But BY Gets Onew’s Autograph

Gag Show
Onew & Key – Joori Kissed Onew? (mirrored & subbed) 090806
Next Door Young Man Onew 091112
Athletic Idol Minho 110213
[fancam] Taemin Dancing to Lucifer 110209

Golden Camera
Director Onewย – pilotย  new

High Society (Onew & Key)ย 
130601 Cut 1 | Cut 2 | Cut 3ย (unsubbed)
130608 Cut 1 | Cut 2 | Cut 3 | Cut 4 | Cut 5 (unsubbed) allย up by onsoo lee

Immortal Song 2
Ep. 1 – 110604 Gwiro (One’s Way Home) | Practicing with BARD | A Million Roses
Ep. 2 – 110611 Left-handed | Download Full Ver.ย | Jonghyun Picks Lonely Night
Ep. 35 – 120128 ย For Once | Talk & Resultย | For Once (unsubbed HD)
Ep. 37 – 120211 Goodbye City | Talk & Result
Ep. 38 – 120218 I Don’t Know | Talk & Result
Ep. 39 – 120303 Mapo Terminal | Talk & Results (Tae brothers, go~)
Ep. 40 – 120310 Kim Gunmo Special Taemin in the waiting room (no Taemin performance)
Ep. 41 – 120317 Kim Gunmo Special Taemin Wrongful Meetingย | Talk & Result (to be subbed)
Ep. 43 – 120331 When April Goes By | Talk & Result
Ep. 44 – 120407 Night Train (to be subbed)
Ep. 45 – 120414 Be Strong Keumsoon-ah | Talk & Result
Ep. 46 – 120421 Ecstatic Confession | Talk & Result

Invincible Baseball SHINee Cut 101023
Part 1 – Shionni Meet SHINee
Part 2 – Learning Big Worm Dance
Part 3 – Singing Live

Invincible Youth Taemin Cut 101203
Part 1 |ย Part 2 |ย Part 3 |ย Part 4

Lee Sora’s Propose
120410 Interview

Music Core – Onew & Minho MC Cut
Onew = Aegyo – 101120
Happy Together & S.M. The Ballad Hot Guys –ย 101218
Happy New Year – 110101
Minho Natural Born Good Guy – 110108
Style Is Onew – 110115

NSCE (Nan Saeng Cheo Eum) – “For the First Time” 101208
Psyche Clinic: What Troubles SHINee (1)
Exam Room: Diagnosing SHINee Symptoms (2)
SHINee on Trial (3)
Onew’s Sin Exposed and All Taking Poison (4)
SHINee Were Black Roses (5)
Minho So Competitive and SHINee Cured (6)

Running Man E75 – Hallyu Star Special 120101
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 – subbed and up by sfisubs
Star Golden Bell 091024
Onew Wins Golden Bell

Star King – mostly unsubbed clips
Instinct Key – 100911
Taemin Receiving Bouquet – 101218
Minho in Women’s Fitting Room? – 101218
SHINee Dancing RDD & Helloย with Diet King Candidate
Diet King Specialย SHINee Cut 1
Diet King Specialย SHINee Cut 2
Key Dances to MJ Black or White 110101
Singingย Grandma Loves Onew
Taemin Minho Imitating Leopard 110305
Key Imitating Monkey and Sexy Zebra Exercise 110305
Key Smiles Shy in Leopard Exercise with JK 110305
Onew & Key Fake Dove Magic 110305
Minho’s Exercise Battle with Sangchu 110305

Strong Heart
110208 TVXQ
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
110322 Seungki vs. Onew ttakbam battle
Part I | Part II |ย “Horse Thigh” Luna and Onewย Sangtae
110329 Onew Cut

Taxi 120426
Surprise Event and Making Wishes

We Got Married SHINee Cut 110122
Part 1 – Vic Wants to Surprise Nickun
(The subbed videos are available at Thank you, pan2D!)

We Got Married Taemin Cut

Ya Haeng Sung (Nocturnal Variety)
Onew Bought a Car for His Dad & Onew Gag Goes Too Far – 100912
SHINee as Guests – 100815 [Subbed by Shinee Subs – 2loveshawol@youtube]
SHINee as Onew’s substitute MCs – 100926
Cut 1 | Cut 2 | Cut 3 | Cut 4 | Cut 5 | Cut 6
[partial; a complete version being subbed by SFI]
Onew Went Too Far in His Gag – 101107
Onew Singing and Pigtail Hair – 101114
Onew Gag Is Like Black Hole – 101128
SNSD Two-Week Special
OnSica and Singing Duet One Year Later -101128
Onew Gag Loner but Yoona Is Nice – 101205
Onew ttakbam, Taeyeon Knight, Sooyeong Imitation – 101205
Men Shout to SNSD Hit Songs but Girls Scream to Onew – 101205
Audio Book Recording SNSD & Onewย pt 1 – 101205
Audio Book Recording SNSD & Onew pt 2 – 101205
Last Episode – Onew and T-ara Boram; SHINee and f(x) Victoria Painting a school wall
Onew’s Fish Cake Choice – 101219
SHINee Mural Painting and End – 101219


Dream Team Saipan Special 101226
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |ย Part 4 |ย Part 5 |ย Part 6
Dream Team Saipan Special 110102
Part1 | Part 2 |ย Part 3 |ย Part 4 |ย Part 5 |ย Part 6
Dream Team Saipan 110109
Minho & Taemin, The Most Memorable in Saipanย 
Dream Team with Hallyu Stars 110626
Taemin & Minho cut

Idol Star 7080 Singing Battle 110204
Onew and Key Sing Mona Lisa

King of Idols Onew/Minho Cut 110202
Plane Couple: May I Have a Seat Here?
Inย Hotel Room & Idol Dance Battle
Water Wrestling: Onew vs. Minho
Seaweed Game: Minho-Krystal |ย Onew-Seungyeon
My Queen: Do You Like Me?

SHINee’s Surprise Vacation One Fine Day 130210 – 130416
airyarielle’s 2nd channel on youtube

Star Couple Battle Onew/Minho Cut 110203
Onew Dancing Candy with Heejoon
“It’s Your Luck” – Mandu Soup |ย Cold Noodle |ย Songpyeon
Minho Dancing RDD with Minji & Onew Joins for Lucifer


Drama Cityย Pianist 101127
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 *Part 4 is blocked in Germany.
Director’s Cut Downloadย Part 1 | Part 2
* I had to divide it into two files because of the size. DO NOT RE-UPLOAD ANYWHERE.

High Kick 3ย 111228
Taemin Cameo Cut – subbed and up by sfisubs

Royal Villa (Onew)

Salamander Guru and the Shadowsย 
Ep.4 120217 Taemin, Key, Minho Cut I | Cut II

Better Not Cry Christmas Song Animationย |ย Download


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    • I didn’t translate the whole episode because Onew’s part is small in the show with many MCs and guests. Maybe I can add some descriptions. YHS is a program that invites different guests and chat with them. And they prepare an event for people working late at night. Two main things Onew did there fans can enjoy are Onew style gag and “ttakbam” (u know what this is if u’ve been a fan). Gag is hard to understand cuz it is very cultural and wordy. Hope this helps you.

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    • I agree. It is really meant for him, haha. Minho finally found the right channel for his competitive spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ And he’s now blooming up.

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    Btw, it seems like Minho and Taemin will not be in DT next week. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  33. I WUV YOU!! <3<3 you're a fangirl saver lol
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      • eeeee~ you did eeeetttt~ <3<3<3
        wow, i didnt realize the ribbing was that harsh..poor onew was speechless xD still funny tho, especially se7en's 'if you want your parents to have some time together, you should run away from home' xDDDDDD in all honesty, i would be rather pissed myself if i have an umchina neighbor/relative and my parents constantly compare me to them =00 then again, if my neighbor's Onew..i prolly wouldnt mind at all xD

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  40. hi jujugal! thanks again for all the subbing work you do! haha just realized that you’d consider subbing some requests…so i have a somewhat short one for you to consider? someone uploaded the gag show clip of jung juri kissing onew (this was from back in 2009). was wondering if you could just sub that short part? (2:32-3:05)
    take your time…not in a hurry…just want to know what they’re saying ๐Ÿ™‚
    a million thank yous!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’ll have to download the clip because it’s not a recent one and hard to find. Do you think it’s OK? For this kind of clip, I don’t even know whom to credit.

      • hahah i think the girl who’d uploaded it said that she had it saved on her computer (from before it disappeared off of youtube). now it’s not even on youtube…that may be the only copy floating around? i’m thinking you can probably just credit her? since she has the only watchable copy. hhahah.

      • I found the file from elsewhere…seems better in picture quality. I had to mirror it:( SBS is damn so good at blocking the videos.

  41. hey, jujugal. thank you so much for helping me understand what our shining boys talk about. i really appreciate your effort.

    can I ask a favor? could you please sub 101009 KBS2 Invincible Baseball Team when they were teaching them lucifer’s dance. I have watched it without sub and found that it’s so interesting, It’d be nice if there’s sub too. ๐Ÿ˜€ I looked for in YT, and never found it. T_T
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    • haha, actually I already made cuts of IB SHINee part. But with concerts and other stuff, I didn’t find a time to sub them. They’ll be up soon.

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  46. do you have video pianist drama?
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    • I’m glad to hear I’m being of help! No secret but that I was crazy about SHINee? haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I needed to go back to my normal life rhythm. As SHINee is having a break, I won’t be able to sub as much and as fast as before.

      • You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ When I first got into k-pop I didn’t care much about the variety shows other than family outing, but my variety show craze kinda escalated when I discovered Hello Baby haha! I’ve been studying korean on my own for almost 7 months now. I kinda get the wfole picture, but the details are still a mess for me so what you do and other subbers are doing are a big help for people like me in our studies as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Thank you for updating OMS with the new episode coz no more eunseo..hihi..i like to see minho with different girls rather than just stick to the one only

      • owh..really..can’t wait for the next episode..hope he win the games..i also can’t wait to see him win in swimming competition..eheh;)

  49. Thanks 4 d subs….really appreciate ur efforts:)
    its hard being a shawol in India :(…gt no one 2 talk with abt Shinee….
    Shinee fighting!!!

      • also get to know minho from dream team..then, from minho i know shinee and other kpop artists that closed with minho..;)

  50. Thank you jujugal. I hope that you could subbed nocturnal variety where shinee attend as substitute MC. That was a funny one. The one they attend as guest was crazy either. :DD Minho totally bombed Gil that moment.

  51. i just waned to tell you how much i appreciate your fast translations and the information you provide us!!^^ You are doing a great job!!^^ Thank you for that!!^^ i also want to tell you that i read your post in soompi about shinee’s popularity and i agree 100% with it!!^^
    Thank you again for translating!!

  52. did you delete the video of Men Shout to SNSD Hit Songs but Girls Scream to Onew? I really want to watch it. can you re-upload it? thank you so much

  53. You are the best. I check here regularly for shinee subbed goodies. thanks for working so hard! โค

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  54. Thank you so much for your videos! Your subs are amazing, and so are you for dedicating your time and effort for Shinee and us non-Korean speaking fans.

  55. hi~im from malaysia~where r u from?
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  57. oho.. i was waiting 4 u t0 upload da vid bout shinee in we got married..
    its ok eventhough da suprised wasnt fun enough..
    but seeing them in wgm made me feel happier..
    thank u n yes i hope u continue t0 sub it…

    • Umm… well you can watched the subbed WGM from, they subbed WGM for khuntoria (or Yongseo as well, I’m not really sure…)
      And Juju (can I call you that?) can save up her energy and do other things she might wanna do…
      It’s just my suggestion tho ^_^

      • oho.. thank pan2D…
        i wonder if u know …
        can we dwnload da vid fr0m there??

      • Oh, really. If there are subbed videos available, I won’t have to sub them. For the YHS episode with SHINee as guests, I think Shinee Subs is working on it…I saw a notice the subbed ones will be made public in two days… So I decide not to sub them. Thanks, pan2D! (You can call me juju^_^)

      • I don’t know if they supply HD one, because I just download it from youtube… ๐Ÿ™‚
        And yeah, YHS with SHINee as guest already uploaded at youtube (2loveshawol channel)

  58. You’re great^-^ I don’t understand Korean Language but I like Shinee. They become good singers now. Hopefully, if in the future they don’t become a group again, they are not end like TVXQ. So sad to see that -_- Oh yeah, did you know where I find the vid of SK where there is a moment when one of the guest says that onew is like a girl? I want watch it again but I can’t find it. I think the vid is when they still promote RDD.

  59. Juju, SFI has already released that Night star episode with Shinee, so you can cross that one. Also can I make a suggestion? Can you upload your subbed videos so that we can download it for personal use? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of opening youtube 20 times a day for a single clip! ( lol )

    Thanks again for your hard work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. what program do you use to sub?
    i want to sub some music videos in spanish. i don’t know what pragram is the best choice

  61. : Yeah, everyone have another work in their life not only subbing SHINee video,
    hope you’ll take some rest and enjoy your weekend!! ^^


    your fans (hahahaha)

  62. hi!!!!
    thanx for your hard work
    btw, who is the other subber of shinee related video?
    can you plz tell me


  63. awww… you must be so busy but still taking the time to sub for us, i know u have your personal matters that you need to attend to… we’re not rushing you, esp with the series/variety shows. hmm, i sometimes wonder if you ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing cause the effort is not a joke. lol

    now, seeing all the comments here you must feel pressured as we are only relying on your translations but i hope you also feel shawols’ appreciation. the thanks may not be enough but still thanks for everything as always!

    • Thanks for your kind words… You’re right I think I was feeling pressured a little bit…but I enjoy subbing the videos and sharing what I liked with you international shawols. But I need to attend to my personal matters…forcing myself not to spend too much time on this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  64. thank you for always translating/subbing all the info! you should know that we all really appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜€

    if you ever need help subbing (anything but translating lol) don’t hesitate to ask ๐Ÿ™‚

      • yeah! i totally mean it ๐Ÿ˜€ i can help with timing, typesetting, hardsubbing and making cuts ๐Ÿ™‚ you can contact me on twitter @supagirl258 if you want help at anytime ^_^

      • Thanks. Actually timeing and dubbing are part of my translation and subbing process. If only someone can make cuts for me, that’ll be of great help… but I’m afraid that might be not easy if you don’t understand Korean? For the new year’s special programs, I think there will be some fans making SHINee cuts.

  65. Thanks for everything, Juju :>
    I will always be grateful.
    Pike’s on hiatus, too.
    With the New Year now coming.
    It’s okay though.
    As long as both of you will promise to come back soon โค

  66. you’re gg to sub king of idol onho cut bb ? OMO dont strain yourself sheena XD there are so many variety shw in lunar new year lately BB take your time
    we will support you no matter what happen ;D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING

      • Juju, FYI RMsub already subbed King of Idols…
        and a few Chinese New Year special show
        So, you don’t have to re-sub it, unless you’re willing too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh, thanks pan2D… I’m subbing only Onew and Minho cuts, and there isn’t much to sub anyway cuz it’s focused on games

      • nah i don’t think so, rmsub’s subs are not that good actually :/ and it’s in LQ too, it’s much worse than juju’s subs so i prefer juju’s subs! fighting ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. thanks for subbing Juju<3
    would you mind to sub MBC Idol Track Sport & Swimming championships too please? i'd like to watch SHINee in it<3 thanks juju (:

      • yeah juju (:
        i hope you can sub it since there are many SHINee parts like Minho’s successes, shinee group hug, key’s getting exciteed, ontae cuteness etc (:
        take your time though, but if you don’t really want to sub it then it’s okay, we won’t force you! fighting<3

  68. SHINee as Onewโ€™s substitute MC โ€“ 100926 [Subbed by SFI]

    what is the link?, can you plz tell me

    • Actually, it’s still on going…
      And since SFI is under maintenance (it’s been a few days) the subbing progress is kinda held for a moment.

    • ohhhh coz i just confuse as far as i know SFI youtube accounts are replyme, shineesub1, 2loveshawol, right?
      and i have check there but is nothing about these video

      btw thanx alot ^^

  69. hi dear…. thx for all the subbed vid… love u so much….

    have u watch onew n key on singing battle n baby face contest ??
    if u haave… can u sub it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thx for everything that u have subbed dear….
    love u so…

    • I couldn’t get a file of the baby face contest… I subbed and posted the onew/key cut of the singing battle. I didn’t list it here, though. I will.

  70. thx 4 all the subbed videos u have…i love SHINee soo much…coz of you i can understand what they’re saying bout coz i dunno know hangeul at all…plz can u subbed onew and key on baby face contest? u can get the file on but its not HQ vid though…hope u can subbed baby face contest..thanks^^

    • It’s not SHINee cut… I wish there’d be shinee cuts. As I said before, making cuts is the hardest part for me. I can’t sub the whole episode…

  71. juju, just one question about the star couple battle. The clip where Onew’s partner fed him something, did Onew manage to trick the guests? I think it was the one when he was tearing up and made the news…
    Thank you!

    • I’m a bit confused…you mean when Onew had songpyeon? that’s the one in which Onew teared up… Heejoon picked the one Onew tasted, so I think he tricked him at least… He acted so well, it was hard to guess!

  72. I read somewhere that you sub SHINee (Minho, Key, Taemin, Onew) on MBC Gag Show but I can’t find it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So, can you share me the link ? kkk thanks ^^

  73. Juju, will you sub Happy Together?
    I know that pikeyenny will do it someday (a few weeks from now) but I will be thankful if you’re going to sub it

      • Aw… Just take good rest and get well soon…
        I won’t push you ๐Ÿ™‚
        Take care!

      • Apparently RMsub already subbed recent Happy Together w/ TVXQ, f(x), and Onew. So, please just ignore my request ;P
        Rest well!!!

    • just fyi – rmsub didn’t really sub happy together very well. i’d say about half of the dialogue isn’t even subbed, so if you don’t understand korean, you won’t really be understanding all the jokes 100%. better just to wait for pikeyenny if you want the full cut…or jujugal (but i’m guessing she will only sub onew’s parts, right? i know subbing the whole epi is hardwork!)

      • yeah, I just found out after watching the show that a lot of the conversations didn’t get subbed.
        More likely it’s just partially subbed T.T

      • YUP. that’s why i never like rmsub, they didn’t sub the videos properly, and it’s in LQ (Low Quality), and some of the video & audio aren’t in synch -,- and they uploaded it on facebook, which is uncomfortable to watch.
        also, some parts weren’t translated correctly (or it’s kinda weird) like aegyo = acts charming? (isn’t it acts cute?) -_- there were many incorrect grammars, etc too, so it’s kinda dissapointing… (it’s not that i’m talking bad abt them though, just wanna share my thoughts haha)
        and also i found out that rmsub did it commercially ( now they use adf link which makes money everytime the link gets clicked)

        for pikeyenny’s case, of course pikeyenny’s subs are good (or HQ), since she rips the subbed vids from kbsworld, kbs’ official subbing cable tv for kbs shows (which takes weeks to sub), i have kbsworld too, so maybe i’ll re-watch it from there again (if i won’t miss it -,- since happy together usually airs midnight and i always forgot to watch the re-run since it’s on sunday lol)
        but still, for me,
        JUJU’s subs > KBSWorld’s subs (even though kbsworld’s subs are quite good already)
        anyway, juju fighting! get well sooon ๐Ÿ˜ฅ /hugs

  74. Ezayu Azera dear juju n shinee fans..
    i juz want to know if u guys know the link t0 watch or dwnload raising an idol…
    i hav found a link t0 the variety show but when i dwnload it,the subbed doesnt appear coz the vid using cc..
    can u tell me if u know any other link where i can watch it wif subbed but not cc…
    this is the link that i mentioned wif cc

  75. juju bb, i heard you got sick. get well soon !
    nah, im here to share the onew’s cut in case you want to sub it or not ;D

    the rests are on the same channel. take your time ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. hi juju! just a quick question: i dunno if you’ve watched happy together yet,but there’s a part where onew mentioned his real name and everybody burst out laughing.jaesuk even asked if his brother’s name is myunki(that’s what it sounds like anyway).i didnt get the joke so i just got rly curious,is there a meaning to lee jinki in korean?or is it just a weird name or something?i remember onew mentioned his name once in YHS and everybody laughed too ^^

    • yes juju!! hope u can explain!! i am very curious why they lol,
      * siesta! we just think the same ๐Ÿ™‚ glad to see ur quick question ๐Ÿ™‚
      please answer and take care pf your health juju ๐Ÿ™‚

      • “jinki myungki” is a 4-word phrase for techniques exceptional and excellent–ex) “action jinki myungki” or “mlb jinki myungki”, etc. So when you hear “jinki”, you get reminded of “myungki” to follow.

      • ah really?? LOL so it’s the meaning afterall. actually i was wondering why Jaesuk cracked up too that time xD
        jinki myungki, it kinda reminds me of yoogeun moogeun in HB HAHAH xD
        & thanks for the explainations Juju (:

  77. Hai Juju, do you still on Hiatus? can you sub this video for us please? #puppyeye O.O
    This is onew on Oh My School

    Yeah, this is from oneworldforum, but this is not subbing (sub just for the member) but hey there’s a lot SHAWOL did’nt know this

    just sub when you’re free ^^

    • I got the whole file and wondered if someone will upload Onew cuts. But I wouldn’t like to sub the ones uploaded by oneworldforum… Anyway, I’d love to sub this episode as it centered on Onew and his wonderful entertaining sense. I should ask for your patience with me, though, as I’m not sure when I’d be able to find time to sub… Hopefully this weekend…

      • it would be great if you want to sub the whole episode! ๐Ÿ™‚
        we will always waiting for your great effort,,take Ur time juju ^^,
        FIGHTING !!!!
        thank you so much for helping international fans like us to understand Korean language ๐Ÿ™‚ *bow*

      • Wow really. You might sub this episode? if so, thanks in advance. He was really great in this episode. Sometimes I wish SM would just let him rest though.

      • I was planning to…and then my youtube accounts got struck down at the same time! I already had the experience, so it’s not so bad as the first time, but still a downer:(

  78. hey juju, do you know where i can download SHINee’s concert in Japan which was aired on FujiTV earlier? i missed the livestreaming~
    i know that there are many videos of it on YT but i prefer HQ video (MU single link or MF links, etc) thank you!

      • Thanks Juju (:
        i hope there will be an HQ one too someday~ since i’ve been wanting to watch their 1st concert even if it’s not live ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        anyways, once again thanks so much for the link, Juju<3
        you help me & shawols out there so many times already! fighting!

      • OMG so sad that the video is private now T^T
        i can’t download it or even watch it anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฅ is there another vid which is working?
        sorry Juju for troubling you… its okay though if you dont know, you’ve done so much for me, i couldnt even repay your kindness…

  79. Hi Juju!!!!!!
    are you starting to active again?

    btw thank you so much for the link

    plz keep upload and translate SHINee related videos ^^

    you are the best!!!!!!!!!

    btw are you korean?

  80. oh my!!
    considering you’re on hiatus, the amount of questions and requests you’re getting is just beyond impossible!! i was gonna ask u something but nah… forget it, just rest dear!
    hope ur better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. oh my goodness, jujugal! no wonder you’ve been getting no rest. i can’t believe you actually subbed the whole Pianist movie!!! i didn’t watch it yet, but now that you’ve put it up, i will, since you’ve put in all that work. this is such a pleasant surprise!! thank soooo sooo much for all your hardwork! but seriously…get some rest, take care of yourself, please ๐Ÿ™‚ and please do let us know how we can make things easier for you in return for putting up all these vids. i’m sure all of us won’t mind considering you do the hardest part! ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great weekend!

    • Thank you for appreciating it! I was afraid few would like to watch it even though I did it on requests from some fans. And it actually took more time than I thought… Have a good weekend too!

  82. juju really can’t wait for the sub video from you..
    always pray for your healthy
    u have contribute a great effort in subbing SHINee video! glad to know u juju!
    work hard and take ur time!

    take care : health always the first ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I got the concert file, so I’m planning to upload it. But the quality is not very HD. And YT now removed the option for longer videos. So, i’ll have to divide them into parts. I saw some longer-than-one-hour videos uploaded on YT. I wonder how they could do that…

    • if that’s the case, then can you give me the download link to get the file, Juju? like from (MU, Sendspace, hotfile or MF, etc) you don’t have to upload it on YT (: it’s okay if the file’s not in HD, since all i wanna do is just to be able to watch our boys’ 1st & precious concert ever… i couldn’t get the full video anywhere, so please help me… ><
      thanks so much! and i'm sorry before if i'm bothering you…

      • I don’t know if it’d help but i got the full show through The Tonghyun3’s youtube channel. maybe you can try while waiting for our juju find the best way to upload it! ^^

      • yup, i know about it, but you know, there are so many parts of it and it’s hard to watch or download them one by one. my internet connection is getting worse these days because of some disasters earlier ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
        thanks for replying though! (: still, it’d be awesome if someone will upload the file in one…. SFI’s still down too so i can’t download SHINee videos from there… /sigh. what to do T^T

    • I watched some clips of last week’s sk, but it seems they don’t need subbing…mostly with actions. If there are any other clips that need subtitles, I don’t have them…

  83. Hi jujugal ^_^
    I’m SHINee WORLD Thai. I want to translate & sub Dream Team but your clips were already deleted. Can you upload or share them to me ?
    Thank you very much. Take care ^^

    • Recently one got struck down. Two open accounts are jujugal0718 (mostly for fancams and for some radio clips) and jujuwol718 (for subbed entertaining videos). The others are for unlisted videos. I’m still thinking about whether I want to create another open account for news clips to replace the unactivated one…

      • I do think you should create 1 more account juju

        btw thank you so much juju

        i love your web and channels ^^

      • Do you? I’ll consider that ๐Ÿ™‚ I could post videos and unlist them, like, in 3 days if I get a new account.

  84. wow..thanks Juju for the Pianist director’s cut..
    really can’t wait to watch it..
    and I’m really hate my university’s wifi for blocking Megaupload site and sometime mediafire too..I hope the videos still there when i can download later at home..
    btw, thanks again for other shares too:)

  85. jujugal!
    I just found Dream Team’s clips on jujuwol718’s channel.
    Sorry that I didn’t check them before ask you.
    Thank you so much for your kindness.
    Take Care and get well soon ^^

  86. wow Juju<3 as usual you're beyond amazing!
    thanks so much for Onew at 100 out of 100! you're really our savior<3
    been wanting to watch it and voila, you've subbed it! ^^ thanks Juju<3
    appreciate it so much & fighting~! love your subsโ™ฅ

  87. Yay! Thank you for subbing Onew’s (my 1st bias) guesting parts on 100 school variety! I’m a very happy fan right now! Thank you to the infinity and beyond!!!!

  88. i just want to ask whether the SFI website is workable or not in other country since i cannot assess SFI for along period until now.. it is true they are still under maintenance? or only me who face this problem ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  89. THANKS…………………….i relly love your site….
    can you pls sub..

    if you have any time…
    and again THANK

      • juju, if i’m not mistaken, the video part from minute 0.02 – 1.00 is not listed in your blog. ^__^ we really want to know what they are talking about onew, (i think). and from minute 2.32 – 2.40.. if you have time, please tell us what are they talking about since onew is in the parts ^__^ sorry if i’m troubling you, but only you can translate it for us ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you very much for your hardwork before and after! i’m jujuwol! ^__^

      • the video posted by omomomo… but only some parts of it you have translated, the part that i mentioned before is not translated. just wondering if u can do so ๐Ÿ™‚ take ur time juju… thank you very much for ur hard work:)

  90. can you sub onew @ strong heart and taekey cuts @ recent youngstreet pls juju? been wanting to watch these so baaad. ='( thank you!

  91. Thanks a lot for subbing Onew’s cut in Strong Heart!!!
    Onew didn’t get much air time/part in this ep…

    • i think there are more parts of Onew but Juju haven’t found the other cuts of him (: like the Onew & Luna segment and etc… (i can be wrong, though ^^)
      let’s hope that Juju can get more cuts of him later! thanks Juju for subbing!

      • Juju! You can always try looking for the raw files (for any SHINee cut or live perf, actually) on ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a great website, their videos are up for reuploads as long as they’re given credit. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • No problem, Juju! It’s a really great community over there, the uploads are efficiently organized and almost always in HD. For example, the 110329 videos of Love Chaser (Key) and Strong Heart (Onew) are already up! You probably know that already, though. Haha, I’m just an eager Shawol. I’m not rushing you or anything, of course. Keep up the great work! You’re awesome.

  92. Juju, will you sub Key’s cut in MBC Love Chaser (the recent one, his 2nd appearance in the show)?
    I think it’s about 8-9 min length…

  93. OMO…!!!
    thx a lot for the vids n subs.. u really2 such an angel.. hope u will keep uploading new vids with subs..
    Bless ya !!

  94. Omg, i got a SHOCK , subbing f(x) ! Dhen i rmb, april fool xD
    Hehes, thanks for all the subs ! THANKYOUSOMUCH ^^ ,

    • I’ll translate it here: Taemin put it into his mouth. Taemin passes it to Minho, but Minho says, No Thank you. It comes back to Onew. Onew pushes it to his left side. Taemin seems to talk about the delicious taste of the jelly. He seems to like to have one more and sucks it into his mouth.

      I’m not sure Taemin put another jelly into his mouth at the end…he seems to just imitate something…

      • Thank you very much! I guess the narator was just making up story on what the conversation is about. ^_^

  95. hey there jujugal. I want to say tht you’re awesome dear. kekeke~
    But you’ll be more awesome if you sub this clip. hahahahaXD

    have you seen this?? Looks like they’re having fun there. sadly, I couldn’t find any one subbed this, including SFI. so, will you sub it??
    But, I don’t force. take your time!!
    Gomawoooo~~ ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. hi juju, can you plz translate when minho, taemin and key being guests on danny`s radio on 19 april?

    thanx alot ^^

  97. can you guy please reupload the mbc gag show with shinee (i think the one with key holding hands with juri)

  98. i hope its not too much, but i was hoping maybe one day you would sub jonghyun’s birthday party? i would really love to know what they said and stuff..
    thanks for all the subbing you already do though!!! (:

  99. dear jujugal, can you make an english sub version for YHS with SHINee as guest in ep.14 ? I’m already check your treasure and just find Ep. 13

      • aaaaah I dunno know that juju, but lemme search that in their site. btw thanks for uploading the videos wif eng sub.
        I’m really appreciate your site ^^

  100. did yt ban ur channel???I ws a subscriber…nw I cn’t find it!! those guyz r really harsh…aigoo~~
    sfi still has’t subbed owl night/black star partII with shinee(I dunno the real name of the show)… m8 b ep 14…I guess…If u cn gt the video…do upload!!
    keep up ur gr8 work…..

    from ,
    a loyal fan from India…hihihi…:)

  101. Pingback: [interview] SHINee Q&A with Daily Focus Readers « sunshineeonew

  102. thanks for subbing the Immortal song cuts!
    they are so hard to find!! even the full ep is so hard to find.
    please continue to sub the rest of the eps where Jonghyun sings and whenever he talks

    thank you!

  103. AAAAAAAAAH I REALLY want to watch the NSCE but it’s blocked everywhere T_____________T /cries

  104. Hi jujugal~ Sorry to bother you but is it possible for you to re-upload the MBC gag show with Shinee? It is deleted everywhere and I was not able to watch it when it first came out. I would appreciate it SOOO much if you do re-upload. Thank you so much ^^

  105. hey juju! thank you so much for your amazing effort; it’s really appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
    you’re like the fastest one to post about SHINee’s latest news with translations, not to mention the fastest one to sub the videos as well. and the quality of the videos is really good to!
    you have contributed a lot to the SHINee World, literally ๐Ÿ™‚
    keep up the great work!

  106. Hi Juju^^

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I’m not sure you even realize how much of a difference you mean to people who don’t understand Asian subs. I absolutely LOVE your hardsubs โ™ฅ You’re my favorite subber!

    A small request :3
    The subbed version of the full ํ–‰๋ณตํ•œ ๋‚˜๋ฅผ Happy Me with OnTae from that Su…wedding. It was on the jujugal0718 channel that was shut down ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So if you still have it would you consider re-uploading it?? *begging*
    I really REALLY want it back /cries

    On a lighter note, thanks for favoriting my cams on YT! I feel honoured^^

  107. oh dear,thx a lottt..
    thx for ur kindness to sub most of shinee cuts.
    i’ll always update it.

  108. im sorry for asking u.
    but can u plz sub dz talk.

    i really wanna know.
    u can take ur time,
    im sorry for asking it.

  109. Juju-sshi, SBS blocked the Dalgona’s show where onew’s in it. I reaalllyy want to see that, can you upload t in another site? Like facebook? So I can watch it in my country, because sometimes Youtube blocked some videos in my country..

    Thanks Juju-sshi… ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. hi! with megaupload down and all that has happened… i was wondering if you could re-upload Pianist to mediafire any other file-sharing site. thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh, I forgot about that. No problem. — Oh, there’s a problem. Somehow I cannot access the file in my computer now. I’ll do it soon and let you know by email.

      • YAY! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks! i’ll patiently wait for your email then~


  111. Omg!! TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! โค โค =D You are the best for doing this for all fans!! XD

  112. thanks for this blog… i thought i have seen most of SHINee’s vids but through this blog, i found out that there are a lot of vids i missed… again, thanks

  113. dear jujugal~ thank you so much for these ^^
    it’s so hard for me to find the engsubbed videos before, you’re really helpful heheh nomu nomu kamsa ^^/ *hugs

  114. WOW juju you’re such a great ppl. I reallyy appreciate your hard work. Thanks for subbing this stuff and share them to us! Love ya! :*

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