[video] SHINee Teasing Shawols with Spoilers

*Jonghyun says at the ending, “Thus Jonghyun sings today.” And Taemin also says, “Thus Taemin also dances today.” Are they filming for Star Life Theater, a tv documentary program on a star’s life? This is the narrator’s way of describing what is showing. I hope they are!

*Shawols all must be appreciating these spoiler self-videos from the members after a long period of drought. These are so personal and make us feel we are their close friends ๐Ÿ˜€

*Taemin, “I’ll stop here, cuz I’m expensive.” <_<ย He is an expensive boy, and he knows it XD


[video] SHINee’s 4th Mini Album Sherlock Highlight Medley Revealed

*Guys, finally, after a long wait, it has arrived. ;A; Our boys’ heavenly voices! Speechless…

A rough translation of the lyrics in the medley:

SHINee is back back back!!!!
I’m so curious yeah~
I wish my alarm would ring soon to wake me up from this dream
I promise you we live in the same time
Can’t get you out of my head I want you
The look of you who embrace me without saying anything, I’ll reflect like a mirror
SHINee is back


[video] Taemin and Dara’s Etude Kiss Note – Cheerful Orange

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“With this, all the men in the world are mine! No, this must be a devil’s game. No, it is an angel’s gift for poor me. Oh, (seeing Taemin selected as the month’s smile waiter) he looks cute. (Dara writes Taemin’s name on her kiss note. Taemin, looking like possessed, approaches Dara. At the moment Dara has a call…from Minho!) Uh, Minho-ya. Now? (Taemin is kissing the window). At the playground? OK, see you. My secret crush is now over.”

*XDDDDDD this episode is sooooooooo cute. Isn’t this what a web drama targeted for idol fans is supposed to be? At least for me, haha. I’m happy Taemin didn’t kiss Dara even on the cheek really. (No, I’m not kissing my monitor right now, no, believe me, trust me ^^;;;)

[video] Jonghyun and Dara’s Etude Kiss Note – Shy Coral

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*Oh, it was just a peck on her forehead~ (I wonder how flamers are feeling at such a preview of Minho’s hot kiss ๐Ÿ™‚ )

*A superpower that matches Jonghyun is the croaking of frogs. And at the end of this episode, Jonghyun says his Indian name is “Loud Hawk’s Death.” Do you see what is in common? XD

*Ok, I’ll add a translation of his most recent twit: the photo he posted shows his superpower isย Taoist wizard art of froggy croaking, and his message is “what is your superpower? mine is useless and even training is not easy. When I use it after learning it hard, I get reported for loud singing and get a spray of pesticide…croak, croak.” (*my twit of the second half of the translation has disappeared! o_o;;). Every game and app tells him he’s a loud chatty guy XDDDDD

[video] Sandara & SHINee’s Kiss Note Trailer

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“If you write a name on Kiss Note, you will get to kiss that person?”
One day, Sandara…
has all the kisses of the world.
“I can’t believe it. This is just a dream.”
Sandara and SHINee’s Kiss Note~

*First off, it’s not HD quality. But after watching it, you’ll feel that’s better cuz the low quality trailer was enough to make you burn with jealousy. At least they didn’t show Taemin’s kiss… I don’t want to see (that’s too much to a poor noona’s heart). Poor flamers. Minho’s was the most intense =.=

*MVPs feel relieved Onew is not there?

*K-shawols are about to boycott Etude in the state of total mental breakdown.ย ๐Ÿ˜€

*Is it only me? Dara doesn’t look so happy when Jonghyun and Key kiss her. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think it’s because she didn’t know her kiss note really works and got surprised when she was kissed by Jonghyun and Key.

*btw, I’m not subbing the interview cuz it’s so~~ scripted. Members are just saying the catchphrases for their lipsticks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ