130816 SHINee on PON!

Up by Choi Makena – HD version

– SHINee JAT 2013
– Boys Meet U MV
– Tasting ice sherbet
– Boys Meet U MV making


130814 SHINee “Experience the Summer of Osaka”

Up by miwapi213

1. SHINee tasting Tacoyaki Bingsu [*ice sherbet] – watch who got the wasabi-inserted tacoyaki

2. Eating noodle through a bamboo slide(?)

3. Experiencing horror “Sadako’s room” – Taemin and Minho “daiski-desu” / scared Key screaming like there’s no tomorrow πŸ˜€
Taemin happy pointing to Onew, “Onew hyung got surprised!”
When a ghost appeared, Minho “Catch it, catch it” and Taemin runs to grab the ghost πŸ˜‰
Taemin “It wasn’t scary at all, really”

[TV] SHINee on Japan Morning Show 120514

SHINee had a busy day. After their concert in Kobe, they appeared in the early morning show and then flew back to Korea for the Star King Show. There seems to be almost no big promotion activities scheduled for the new single release again. When can we see SHINee again on M Station? EMI is so disappointing 😦 Anyway, hope they will rest well.

*NB: Taemin singing a part of “Honesty”

[spoiler] 120312 Taemin at Immortal Song 2 Recording

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Taemin wore a black suit as you see in the photos.Β He sang Patty Kim’s “When April Passes By”

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[TV] Tae Brothers Make Wins Together at Immortal Song 2

*Oh Tae Brothers, they were so precious! Taemin’s cute reaction before and after he found out they made a tie is to die for. He’s so polite to his sunbaenims. Even doing a high-five, he bows to Taekyung. I’m fine with Kim Gura always portraying Taemin as a learner. Some are pissed off because they think Gura doesn’t take idols seriously. I’m glad Taemin is making wins and showing his potential as a singer and performer to the public, but I hope he won’t lose his learner’s attitude yet and will keep learning and working hard to get better.

Taemin is truly a viewer’s ratings booster. Last week when Taemin didn’t participate in competition, the ratings were 9.5% (nationwide). This week, the ratings were up to 11.7% (nationwide), the highest so far, and 13.2% (metropolitan).

Am I the only one who secretly loves watching the supposedly shawol noonas in the audience? πŸ˜‰

*OK, I have to go back to a rest mode for a while. I’m now wondering what if there’s SHINee’s comeback teaser… I really need to wrap up the unfinished work.