131006 SHINee Comeback Special at Gangnam Hallyu Festival

bnt news | Everybody in good video & audio quality but shot a bit sideway

DCSYGALL | Everybody fancam shot  in front angle

bnt news | Symptoms

DCSYGALL | Symptoms fancam

Track list:
1. Everybody
2. Symptoms
3. New York in Rain (trans)
4. Just a minute (trans)
5. Destination
6. Please close it (trans)
7. Colorful

*English titles for 3, 4, 6 can change. These are English translations of Korean titles.

I’m still wishing for a double title with this 5th album. Symptoms is simply too good to be a sub-song. The choreography for Everybody is awesome. SHINee dancing like giving their all even to the breaking point is awesome x 718. However, I still feel it could be weak on digital charts like other SM titles. Symptoms is likely to stay strong and long, considering Koreans like ballads in Fall. It is not just another ballad, but such a great song. I’m even thinking this one is like Cho Yongpil’s Bounce, which was released before the main title and loved more. Performance-wise Everybody is great but its genre may be a bit difficult to the public. Well, of course I’m hoping my guess turns out to be wrong.


SHINee Mezamashi Live 2013


Finally aired on Fuji TV~

You shouldn’t miss SHINee singing live 1000 Years. Amazing as always!

[photo] SHINee in Kobe 130817


Up by beatburgerjae@instagram http://instagram.com/p/dLavbtR_6H/

“Good to see shining boys after a while. I like their teamwork so much. Keep your deep frienship well. “

[trans by jujugal]

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130701 SHINee at Hong Kong Dome Festival

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Another belated post. This performance needs to be marked because it was made unforgettable as SHINee continued to perform while rain was pouring down. It started raining when they were performing Beautiful. The rain couldn’t stop SHINee performing the next song Why So Serious, whose opening is the four of them lying as zombies on the stage. SHINee enjoyed it all! Awesome.


130813 SHINee Guerrilla Event

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[photo cr to bestiz & @shinette0718] SHINee did guerrilla concerts at several places in Japan to promote their new song Boys Meet U on Aug. 13.

Up by miwapi213 | HD version, SHINee performing at a swimming pool 😀

Cr to TMickeymino Up by chemagli | Onew cracking a nut even on Japan TV]


130812 SHINee Mezamashi Live

[Cr to Tmickeymino; Up by chemagli | a longer version]

[Up by miwapi213 | short but HD version]

[Up by TheWorldIsYours0408 | a digest fancam]

[Up by senorina7 | Taemin-focused fancam]


[TV] Taemin Performs Mapo Terminal at Immortal Song 2

*I’ll post the talk and result cut later. The cut I found does not include the parts that show Taekyung and Taemin in later contests. I may have to make a cut myself…