[spoiler] 120402 Taemin’s Last Recording for Immortal Song 2

Today’s legend was Yoon Sooil. Because of his popularity with older generations, lots of ajummas and ajussis came to watch the recording.

The first singer was No Brain. Their rock performance was received well by the audience. For the 2nd singer, MC Dongyeop said this person has an unpredictable side and says he wants to become a fisherman.

There were a chorus and a house band for Taemin’s stage. With no other instuments, the fan guessed Taemin would dance for today’s performance. (For Taemin’s stage costume, see the photos).

Taemin introduced himself as usual and said today’s recording is his last.

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[spoiler] 120312 Taemin at Immortal Song 2 Recording

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Taemin wore a black suit as you see in the photos. He sang Patty Kim’s “When April Passes By”

To read some fan accounts…

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[spoiler] Taemin at Immortal Song 2 Recording 120227

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Taemin sang Kim Gunmo’s Wrongful Meeting. It was a mega hit in Korea and still is a legend. Very cheerful. Who else could choose this song but Taemin, SHINee’s dancing machine! 🙂

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*Not sure whether Taemin changed his hair… It could be just an effect of lighting… 😦

For more detailed fan accounts on Taemin’s performance today…

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[spoiler] Taemin’s Performance in Immortal Song 2 Recording 120220

Taemin performed this old Korean trot. It was rearranged in a swing style. Taemin’s dance bridge was awesome. Those who went to the recording says it was his best performance so far.

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For more detailed spoilers and fan accounts… (*A non-fan account was added)

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[spoiler] Taemin at Salamander Guru Ep. 4

[Salamander Guru] An old man leaves a million won check for fortune-telling at the Salamander Guru’s! Seondal and Wonsam finds out the check is a forged one. Who dares cheat con men?! Enraged, Seondal and Wonsam try to catch the old man with Minhyuk’s help… when they follow him into a shabby building, a woman of beauty comes out instead of the old man…What is the old man’s identity?!

-A master of disguise who can transform into an old man and a woman of beauty! A cut from Taemin’s filming! To be broadcast at 11:05 p.m., 17 Feb. (Fri.)!!

[from Salamander Guru @ FB | trans by jujugal]