[preview] Weekly Idol – SHINee

Today’s “Beautiful Boys’ Rebellion”
<Weekly Idol> MBC Everyone 6 pm

At last SM Entertainmnet’s idols in the program. SHINee’s appearance is for Weekly Idol to attain its long-cherished desire and for SHINee fans to have a festival-like chance to watch the members play around freely. Key, who showed charismatic performances with Sherlock, will shoot infinite aegyo as his “daily life is aegyo”; Onew will focus on giving ttakbam to MC Dony as much as he likes, and Jonghyun and Minho will yell at MCs. However, it is true that we have this feeling that SHINee will be still cute even though they resolve on a rebellion. So you’d better be careful not to lose your cheekbone* while watching the members walk around the studio.

[*a Korean expression: “cheekbones ascend to heaven” for smiling widely at some adorable people or objects]

[Source: 10 Asia http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/new_view.htm?a_id=2012050203083574093 | Trans by jujugal]


[preview] SHINee in Etude Kiss Note

[Source: gesomoon.com]

*So Taemin is a waiter working at a cafe? @@