SHINee to Make Comeback or Not?

“The k-pop world is also paying attention to SHINee’s comeback, for SHINee is recently making a turning-point. SHINee, a group whose ‘excessively’ high-level stage and perfect live have made issues, are now successfully appealing to the public with their humane charms. Taemin is making women’s hearts aflutter as ‘straightforward pure love’ guy on MBC We Got Married, and Key is stepping forward as next generation ‘sharp-tongued’ man through various entertainment programs. Minho is due to show off his beauty as the youngest of ‘Medical Top Team.’ If SHINee’s next comeback is officially set, they are expected to make considerable synergy with their humane charms added to their competence.”

[Source: Osen, naver | trans by jujugal]

*There have been rumors or signs of SHINee’s comeback before the year ends. Some say it’s not possible considering SHINee’s busy overseas schedule. Others say it is with all the signs (SHINee members talking about working on the next title song, etc.). Well, of course, SHINee will make a comeback someday. The question is when. Will they in October or November? or in January? Is it a feasible plan? If so, can SHINee seal the year-end daesang title? Can they survive in the so-called “October’s comeback war”?

As SHINee’s music fan, I’ll be just happy to have their new songs… Daesang, do we really need it?


SHINee to Release The Misconceptions of Us


SHINee will release a new edition of their 3rd album titled The Misconceptions of Us on August 8.

The new edition, binding SHINee’s 3rd album Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you’ with Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?-The misconceptions of me’, includes two new songs, ‘Selene 6.23’ and ‘Better Off’.

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of SHINee’s 3rd album showed contrasting feels of music with distinctive concepts, colors, and stories. The bound edition of the album, praised for its completeness, is expected to deliver a variety of emotions and feels. It is also designed to contribute to SHINee’s efforts to clear up ‘misconceptions’ and communicate with fans. SHINee members participated in the album design through their own drawings.

‘Selene 6.23’ is a ballad song that mixes SHINee’s touching voices into the harmony of orchestra and piano. New Age pianist Iruma participated in the song. ‘Better Off’ is a pop ballad song with medium-tempo melody and impressive lyrics that deliver the sad feelings of break-up beautifully. Jonghyun participated in writing both songs’ lyrics.

[Source: | trans by jujugal]


I still need more time to get used to THAT face on the bound edition album jacket. I just LOL whenever I see it. Can’t help it. All kinds of questions swarm in my head: Is SME testing shawols’ loyalty with THAT? How can it ‘clear up misconceptions’ and help SHINee communicate with fans? If it is drawn by SHINee members as said in the blurb, what do they want to tell us by putting it on the album jacket? Are they asking whether fans could love SHINee even without all the glamorous embellishments? even when SHINee got old and wrinkled? Is this a gesture to show SHINee is not just one of the pretty idols?

Then this inevitable question: Is this a good selling strategy for a group whose position is still “idol” however much praised “artist-like”? for a group with fans buying 10, 20, or a lot more copies to support?

Enlighten me with your views and insights! Anyway, I’m very excited about the two new songs. Curious what ‘Selene 6.23′ means (its Korean title=’Distance between You and Me’) and how it fits in with the other songs. Is ‘Better Off’ (Korean title=’Leave Me and Get Away’) about a change of heart after ‘Sleepless Night’? Hope to see them perform any of these on music programs even just for a week.

[news] “SHINeed You” SHINee Celebrates Japanese Debut 1st Anniversary

SHINee successfully finished their concert in Tokyo held in celebration of their Japanese debut 1st anniversary.

In the two-day concert in Yoyogi Stadium, part of their ‘First Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2012,’ held on June 23~24, SHINee heated up the stage with their passionate performances with 24,000 audiences in total.

SHINee will meet about 200,000 people in total through this tour, which started with their concert in Fukuoka on April 25th and consists of 20 concerts in 7 cities.

This concert in Tokyo was special as SHINee, who released their debut single ‘Replay-kimiwa bokuno everything’  in June last year, celebrated their Japanese debut 1st anniversary on June 22nd.

SHINee performed total 29 songs including their single hit songs such as Replay, Lucifer, and Juliette, their new single Sherlock, and each member’s solo stage. There was a surprise party for SHINee in the concert on June 23rd to celebrate the 1st anniversary.

On June 25th, the local press such as Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports reported on the concert and people’s hot responses to it under headlines, “12,000 People Cheering in SHINee’s First Japan Arena Tour, SHINee’s First Japanese Fanclub Announced” and “SHINeed you! Launching Fanclub Announced in Tokyo Concert.”

SHINee will make a grand finale to their arena tour in the Hiroshima Green Arena through their concert on June 30th and July 1st.

[Source: | Trans by jujugal]

*I like the wordplay “SHINeed you” 🙂

[news] SHINee with Donika

Up by MsKeybum

You all must have read or watched the news about Donika Sterling, the American teenager who is suffering from an incurable disease and has been given a chance to meet her favorite K-pop stars in Korea. She came to Korea and met SHINee on June 20th! Taemin said, “It makes what we’re doing more significant to know that it can be so encouraging and of help to people.” Didn’t he give a smooch to Donika after giving his rosary bracelet and hugging her? How sweet!

[news] SHINee’s Sherlock Tops Taiwanese Music Charts

SHINee’s Sherlock proved its hot popularity by topping Taiwanese charts after sweeping Korean music charts.

SHINee’s new mini album Sherlock was ranked at the top in various kinds of album sales charts including G-MUSIC Asian chart (4/20~26), FIVE MUSIC Korean-Japanese music chart (4/20~26), and Kwangnan Korean-Japanese music chart (4/20~26).

Especially in G-MUSIC’s Overall Chart, SHINee was ranked 3rd after Luo Zhi Xiang, a top star in Taiwan, and the OST album for popular drama Absolute Boyfriend.

SHINee’s Sherlock also topped the HIT FM Asian music chart, Taiwan’s number one radio chart, which was aired on April 29th.

[from Sports World | trans by jujugal]


[news] SHINee’s Sherlock Tops Gaon Digital Chart

The battle for the top position was fierce throughout the week. The Daily Chart had a different winner every day. One day CN Blue was on the top, another day Busker Busker, and the next day Kim Soohyun. In the beginning of the week it was 2AM and in the latter half SHINee that took the throne. It can be understood as a unique phenomenon that arises from top stars making comebacks this week. In the overall weekly chart, the final winner was SHINee. Tough competition is anticipated next week as 2AM, CN Blue, Big Bang, and Busker Busker are all singers whose songs stay long on charts.

[Source: | Trans by jujugal]

*SHINee topped Gaon Charts for both digital (streaming+download+mobile+BGM) and physical album!