[M/V] SHINee Everybody


[teaser] SHINee Coming Back with 5th Mini Album


SHINee is to release their 5th mini album Everybody on Oct. 14.

The title song Everybody is a Complextro song with easy melody and funky rhythm. The lyrics say they will wak the child in everybody and take them to the world of cheerful rhythm.

SHINee is to have ‘SHINee Comeback Special’ in Gangnam Hallyu Festival at 8 pm, Oct. 6. The special ending stage of the festival is planned as a special gift for global music fans as SHINee, a globally renowned Kpop top idol group, is making a comeback.

Performing their new mini album title song Everybody, SHINee will also sing Selene 6.23, their new song from the bound edition of the 3rd regular album, live for the first time along with their other hit songs such as Dream Girl and Sherlock.

Symptoms composed by The Underdogs, lyrics written by Jonghyun


130813 SHINee Guerrilla Event

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[photo cr to bestiz & @shinette0718] SHINee did guerrilla concerts at several places in Japan to promote their new song Boys Meet U on Aug. 13.

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[M/V] SHINee’s JP New Single “Boys Meet U”

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[capture] Taemin Romeo @ Juliette Japanese Version m/v

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[m/v] Juliette Japanese Version – Official HD

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