[trans] SHINee on TV Pia 2013 September


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Q. Your type?

A1. Short pants or One-piece

ON : As expected, one-piece!
JH : one-piece
TM : Anything cute is OK
MH: one-piece
KY: short pants

A2. Long hair or Short hair

ON : short hair
JH: Either is fine
TM: Same as my answer to 1st question
MH: long hair
KY:  long hair

A3. Sexy girl or Pretty girl or cutie girl

ON: Doesn’t matter
JH: All! (laugh)
TM: sexy girl! (answering right away)
MH: pretty girl
KY: If one is cute, style doesn’t matter

A4. What would you do if you meet your dream girl [*a girl you’re destined to be with]?

ON: Perhaps, I think I’ll hesitate a lot. I may not be able to talk to her.
JH: I won’t hesitate.. I’ll confess on spot!
TM: Give me your phone number!  (laugh) (answering right away)
MH: I can’t say anything. [JH “Your dream girl will be gone !”] Then, I’ll brave myself up to confess.
KY: I’ll start by making a chance to run into and talk to her.

A5. Your summer memories?

ON: I got lost at a beach when I was little and resolved, “I won’t be lost any more!!”
JH: Cooling food in summer such as red-bean sherbet [*patbingsu] or cold noodle. When it rained during the MV shoot at Okinawa, I ate patbingsu waiting for the rain to stop.
TM: Concert with yeoreobun! and my birthday!! We celebrated it during our live concert at Nigata. I was happy!
MH: What can’t be missed is horror movies! I go to see a hit movie of the year.
KY: In summer, my grandma made bean-soup noodle. I want to eat it!


– A new song came out soon after you released an album in June.

TM: We prepare bit by bit when we don’t have schedules and make recordings back in Korea. We’ve been busy.                    JH: We are always busy but I don’t need a break.
KY: What, wait, really?
JH: Work, concert, recording, I enjoy all, so it’s OK!

– What kind of song is Boy Meet U?

MH: A cute song!
JH: It’s summer style song. This song’s point is our smile. Pay attention to our smile.
KY: Expressing joy rather than performance is important.
ON: Enjoy it as you see and hear.

– You had album jacket and MV shoot at beach. Refreshing!

JH: At Okinawa. But all we did at the beach was filming–we went into the sea only for 10 mins. Taemin had to get out in 5 mins due to jellyfish. Didn’t you feel sad? 
TM: Yes! When we got there finally!

– It was your first time at Okinawa?

KY: Right! We had Taco-rice. It was our dream~ Our kpop idol friends all have been to Okinawa, so I asked “What’s famous at Okinawa? and they said “I recommend Taco-rice”. We asked staff, “We really want to eat it!”
JH: We wondered “What is Taco-rice?’ and found out it’s Taco-flavored rice. It was different from what we imagined (laugh).

– JP version Dream Girl was choreographed by Toni Testa, following Sherlock. What’s his most memorable advice? 

KY: That basics are important. The point is using stand mic, and we practiced the basic standing mic moves a lot everyday. Our comeback day coming up, we were moving so naturally. It made us realize basics are important although we have been dancing all the time.

– Onew-ssi, what’s your secret for spinning stand mic so well?

ON: I’ve been good at spinning things from my childhood. It’s my long-time secret (laugh) I can spin anything. 
KY: It has nothing to do with Toni Testa! (laugh)

– I see (laugh) Sunny Day Hero is another new song.

JH: It’s a cheerful song as “Sunny Day” indicates. The lyrics have words like sea, summer! I thought it’s cooling at first listening.

Then who do you think is a ‘hero=a reliable person’?

JH: Isn’t it a responsible person? Someone who does things for people behind the back.
ON: It’s Minho!
MH: Ah I was surprised my name suddenly came up (laugh) Am I a reliable man?
All: Yes!! You are reliable!

– It was surprising that you performed these 3 songs at JAT 2013 before its release for sales. 

KY: Was it? We’ve practiced them all along, so they don’t feel like new songs (laugh).
JH: We can see fans are surprised.

– This tour continues until December, what do you want people to attend to?

ON: With the stage, we use not only the front but also both sides and the back, so please watch all-directionally.                 TM: Please enjoy together taking in all the feels we want to deliver to fans.
KY: It’ll be different from our other concerts so far. We prepared for this with Japanese staff for the first time and it will show our unique personalities.
MH: Pay attention to our performance rather than to fancy sets.
JH: 2 years passed since our Japanese debut. It is through concerts that we can feel responses. We are able to feel that SHINee are growing up with fans at concerts.

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[trans] SHINee on JILLE 2013 September


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SHINee’s Interview with JILLE

Q: The lyrics have expressions about women such as “long-haired” or “pretty girl,” how would you portray your ideal type?

MH: Surely one-piece dress. I like a sweet and womanly girl.
TM: I like a bit bad girl.
JH: Do you like being harassed by a bad girl?
TM: No, I like a bad girl who listens to me (laugh). A girl who is nice only to me?
ON: I rather like a short-haired girl.
MH: with very short hair?

Q: as short as Key’s?

ON: (in Japanese looking at Key) You are… pretty (anata kirei).
KY: what?! (laugh)
ON: haha I’m attracted to a girl who acts unexpectedly. A girl who can bounce in the unpredictable direction is interesting.
KY: As in the lyrics, I like a girl in short pants with blond hair. A blond is rare, but I like someone who can express personality in hairstyle.
JH: I like a sweet girl. Appearance doesn’t matter.

Q: Then, given a chance to date your ideal girl in summer, where would you go?

JH: I’d like to have bike date. However, I can’t ride bike (laugh), so my girlfriend will travel all over the country with me at the back of her bike. It will be exhausting but I think it will make good memories.
MH: I want to go to Namsan, Seoul. There’s Namsan Tower and a nice trail to it.  I’d like to walk on it. How about you, Taemin?
TM: It’s hot in summer, and I’m sensitive to heat. So I won’t see her in summer. Although I don’t go outside, It is okay for her to come to my place (laugh).
ON: I’ll go around in search of delicious food.
JH: Spaghetti?
KY: Jojoen? (bulgogi restaurant at Roppongi)
ON: Why are you deciding what I want to eat? (laugh) I’ll find what I want to eat myself!
KY: (laugh) I used to say I’d like shopping for date, but I changed my mind. I want to go on vacation in a hot country.

Q: What made you change your mind?

KY: We had Boys Meet U MV shoot at Okinawa. Since we worked with Japanese staff, it shows our usual style but with a different feel. Through the shoot, I thought I’d go on vacation in summer…

Q: Did you have personal time at Okinawa?

JH: I only worked…..
KY: Four of us had a little free time.
ON: About 10 minutes? We went into the sea.
TM: It was hot, but we had fun.
JH: …..I only worked……..

Q: (laugh) Is there anything you want to do during the remaining summer days?

ON: I’d like to go jet-skiing.
JH: I don’t like it. Because it’s scary (laugh). I’d like only five of us to have a drink without staff (laugh).
KY: We did at Christmas~ I hope people will like our new summer style song and come to our concert.

<Which type?>

A: Good Talker / B: Good Listener
ON: A. I like a two-way conversation.
JH:  A. I like a good talker.
KY: A. I’m a good listener (so like a good talker?)
MH: B. Someone who listens to me and talks the same language.
TM: A. someone who talks the same language.

A: Good personality / B: Cute person
ON: B. I can change personality (laugh)
JH: A. A girl with good personality looks cute. (laugh)
KY: A. If both mind appearance too much, it gives headache. It’s enough with me. (laugh)
MH: A. Appearance matters, but personality weighs more.
TM: A. A girl with good personality looks cute. (laugh)

A: Skirt / B: Pants
ON: A. I like a girl who looks good in one-piece dress.
JH: A. It’s skirt for girls!
KY: B. I like short pants.
MH: A. I prefer a girl who looks better in skirt than in pants.
TM: A. Maybe because I’m still young?

A: Sexy girl / B: Boyish girl
ON: A. Aren’t we attracted more to a sexy girl?
JH: A. A boyish girl is attractive but not my type.
KY: halfway between sexy and boyish.
MH: A. more attracted to a sexy girl?
TM: A. I like a womanly type.

A: Short hair / B: Long hair
ON: A. It doesn’t look good on everyone.
JH: Either is fine.
KY: A. Somehow.
MH: B. Long straight hair.
TM: B. If I have to choose.

A: Aegyo type / B: Nuna type

ON: A. A girl with aegyo! Will there be a girl with both sides?
JH: A. Because it is cute.
KY: Neither matters if she is wise.
MH: A. I like getting closer while being playful.
TM: B. I like a responsible girl.


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[trans] 130731 SHINee’s Wish on M-On Monthly ICON


Q: If one wish can come true?

JH: I wish I could speak all the world’s languages
KY: Wish note (a note that makes any wish come true)
MH: I wish the flight time could get shorter
ON: A power to become skillful at everything
TM: I wish to become a good person who doesn’t cause people trouble

Q: When do you have a smiling face?

KY: On a day I can rest
TM: When we have a concert
MH: (following Taemin’s answer) same for all of us
JH: When I pester Taemin kkk
ON: When I eat delicious food

Q: What sweet food do you like?

TM: I don’t like sweet food. I like steamed rice. I like steamed barley rice.

[Korean trans source: DC | Eng trans by jujugal]

[interview] Taemin Q&A on Japan Mobile

♥SHINee Room~Taemin Q&A♥

How long does it take for Taemin-goon to memorize dance moves for one song!?
–  1~2 days

How do you feel when you wear a skirt as cross-dressing?
– Uncomfortable 

Is there anything that you feel you can’t yield?
– Maknae position 

☆テミンさんが犬を買うとしたら、どんな名前をつけますか? (その名前をうちの犬の名前にします)
If Taemin-ssi has a pet, what would you name it? (I’ll name my dog)
– Johnny (his dubbing character’s name)

What would you do if you are sleepy when you should not sleep?
– I’ll pinch my thigh

[Source: Gateeyoung http://www.taemmunity.com; via shakizi | trans by jujugal]

[scan&interview] Key in Dazed “The Boy and Monster”

[Cr to Dazed & Confused; Scan by DC ㅎㅋㅍㅋ] Click to see it big!

(Skipped the part about fashion)

Q: I’m curious to know what else than vintage interests you these days. What is it if there’s anything that shocked you like hammering your head?

Key: Beyonce’s music video for ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ in which she has a wedding in lingerie. Why is she so pretty? It made me almost angry because she is so pretty.

Q: You were angry?

Key: Watching it, I said, “How come? How can she be so in such a situation?” I get angry when someone else beats me to it when I’m thinking of doing what I want to try.

Q: You don’t mean trying lingerie?

Key: Ah, no, not that one. With Beyonce, we have this powerful image of her. It’s amazing to see that people like the calm music video the singer with such an image made for her quiet song as much as her energetic performances on stage. It means she gives off the same amount of energy in performing calm songs. I’d like to be like that. Supposing people are 100 % satisfied when you dance, I think they are 80% satisfied with slow songs. I was wondering how to reduce the difference, but Beyonce did it! If she doesn’t care and doesn’t feel shy in lingerie, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Who would have imagined her doing a wedding in lingerie for such a slow song?

Q: What do you think is the most important among virtues idols should have?

Key: To know well about oneself. What I can do well and what I can’t, and what people think of me. One can grow faster by knowing these. I try to see myself more objectively.

Q: How can you do it? Everyone tends to think well of oneself.

Key: You can do it by letting other people tell freely about what they think of you. For instance, people may not tell it concerned if it might hurt me. I brainwash our staff saying I won’t get hurt and they should tell me if I went in a wrong direction. I don’t get hurt when I hear those things.

Q: Because you are cool?

Key: Yes. From my appearance to my stage manners or my visual in performances and even to my personal relationship, I want them to check everything. As soon as I get off stage, I always ask, “How was it?”

Q: Do you have someone who you can trust most will tell you frankly without trying to be nice to you?

Key: No one special. I told people around me to tell me so. haha. For example, your hair and makeup look different on stage and off stage. They should tell me frankly.

Q: How has it changed you to hear frank comments?

Key: People say I’ve become gentler.

Q: You were not like that before?

Key: When I didn’t like something, I used to tell people, “I don’t like it,” without any other considerations before. But now I say the same thing in a way not to embarrass them, like a joke. I used to be the type of person that couldn’t bear what I don’t like and had to say it right on the spot, but have tried to change myself after hearing it’s too severe. These days fans say that I look like I’ve forgotten how to get angry.

Q: What was it that you couldn’t put up with most?

Key: Being unable to grasp a situation. Then I used to point it out, “You have no wits.”

Q: You stress wits and sense at every interview. Do you think you have them yourself?

Key: haha, I try to. I don’t know well about sense, but I think I’m quick at knowing how winds blow.

Q: You said you try to see yourself objectively. Then what are your strong and weak points as a singer and dancer on stage?

Key: My best and worst point is that what is my own is too clear. What I can do well and what I can’t are clear. I can do well a certain kind of music and can sing well a certain kind of songs.  The gap between what I can do well and what I can’t is not just some but too big. For example, I’m not good at ballad songs.

Q: Uk, something of it doesn’t match you.

Key: I can’t sing such songs that say ‘I love you.’ But I have to sing them.

Q: You don’t seem to think you want to do everything well.

Key: I don’t mind doing only what I like to, but I belong to a group. I don’t think I want to do it well, but I think I shouldn’t do harm (to the group).

Q: ‘Real,’ ‘Up&Down,’ and ‘Electric Heart’ are you favorite SHINee songs. You seem to have the sense to catch stylish songs. Don’t you?

Key: Something like this. To take a girl group for example, there is a member who gets the most attention and is loved by everyone. That member is pretty, but I like this member more, something like that. People who speak the same language with me like the same things with me. We like the same music style and even the same restaurants.

Q: Isn’t it you are only seeing those kinds of friends?

Key: My interest seems to be different from that of boys of my age.

Q: You didn’t know what offside means.

Key: I can’t talk about soccer and don’t know well about sports. And my type of girl is different too.

Q: Who is your type of girl?

Key: Kaya Scodelario!

Q: Trusting your sense, I’ll ask this. What do you think SHINee needs now?

Key: Not to be impatient. I think we should do what we can’t do later, what fits us the most now, without considering popularity or money. To do what we can do later and to become more popular, what use is there? It is the most important now to not look awkward.

Q: Do you mean you should do what you can enjoy at your age?

Key: Yes. For example, if you try to look like a grown-up and manly when you look young to anyone, people don’t think you are manly but rather finds you cute. So it’s better to go naturally.

(skipped parts on painting)

Q: When you try something else than music, people may think well or ill of it as a penalty of your fame. What do you think of such a prejudicial view?

Key: Once you mind it, it never ends. I paint because I like it, not for others. If I make a t-shirt, I’ll make what I’d like to wear. I won’t make it thinking, “Many people will buy this.”

Q: I heard you make a promise with yourself every week, like, to read books or to eat less fast food. What is your promise for this week?

Key: doing exercise.

Q: What is your promise for next week?

Key: To make myself busy next week. I get anxious if I’m not busy. I feel uncomfortable while I idle away.

Q: Your last interview with Dazed was two years ago. Do you recall it? Do you still think same way? 

Key: Yes, I remember it all. I have very good memory. I still don’t like releasing a single rather than a regular album, and I have the same ideas as before.

Q: Then, why did you say during makeup, “I should do plastic surgery for this”? Didn’t you say you like your face even though it’s not a handsome one?

Key: I like my facial weaknesses. I have no discontents with what I can’t change. It was just a whining, a joke. I like myself very much.

Q: We are Dazed & Confused, so I’ll ask this. What is it if there’s anything that confuse you these days?

Key: Whether I am an adult or not.

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by jujugal]

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[interview] Minho on Acting in Salamander Guru and the Shadows

“My character in the sitcom is a serious one, but I want to deliver happiness to viewers. Oh Dalsoo sunbae-nim wrote on his script, “I’ll blow away all the people’s stress of the week with my acting”. I also want to make viewers happy.”

“It was awkward in the beginning. I did an one-episode drama before, but it’s been a while since I did it, so I felt very awkward. Now I feel more comfortable with the staff and with other sunbae actors. I can now express one by one what I didn’t know how to at first.”

“I grew my hair long and darkened its color to look chic. And I have my hair cover my eyes, so my look can be expressive even though I stay still.”

“My character is opposite to Minhyuk. So it feels very amazing and interesting to come back to myself after being engrossed in acting the chic character.”

His activities as [SHINee] are expected to be in the first half of the year. SHINee stayed abroad most of last year for Kpop activities. They are planning to release a regular album one and half year after their 2nd regular album Lucifer in 2010.

[Source: http://www.gamechosun.co.kr/ent/view.php?no=271; Trans by jujugal]

*OK, so it’s a regular album, not a mini. Sure it should be after such a long wait! Yay~