131006 SHINee Comeback Special at Gangnam Hallyu Festival

bnt news | Everybody in good video & audio quality but shot a bit sideway

DCSYGALL | Everybody fancam shot  in front angle

bnt news | Symptoms

DCSYGALL | Symptoms fancam

Track list:
1. Everybody
2. Symptoms
3. New York in Rain (trans)
4. Just a minute (trans)
5. Destination
6. Please close it (trans)
7. Colorful

*English titles for 3, 4, 6 can change. These are English translations of Korean titles.

I’m still wishing for a double title with this 5th album. Symptoms is simply too good to be a sub-song. The choreography for Everybody is awesome. SHINee dancing like giving their all even to the breaking point is awesome x 718. However, I still feel it could be weak on digital charts like other SM titles. Symptoms is likely to stay strong and long, considering Koreans like ballads in Fall. It is not just another ballad, but such a great song. I’m even thinking this one is like Cho Yongpil’s Bounce, which was released before the main title and loved more. Performance-wise Everybody is great but its genre may be a bit difficult to the public. Well, of course I’m hoping my guess turns out to be wrong.


[fancam] SHINee at SM Town Live Concert in LA 120520

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Lucifer arena tour remix version
AMIGO arena tour remix version
Juliette arena tour version with a dance break
SHINee World
Talk: Onew – “Because of u all we are here.”
Key’s intro in English – “Make some noise, America! Long time no see! Are you guys having fun tonight? Thank you! (laugh)”
Onew’s intro in Korean – “We love the feeling in this room. We are so happy and ecstatic. Because of you, we are at this place today. Hopefully, we can show you guys a great performance”
Love Like Oxygen (dance break + water show)
Luna & Onew Duet – Can I Have This Dance (from High School Musical 3) Onew forgot lyrics at one part and just smiled cute; he had one kneel down and said, can I have dance?
Key with Amber & Kris – Like a G6
BoA featuring Key- One dream [kpop star ost] and I Did It for Love
Ring Ding Dong arena tour version (Rock)

[Source: DC SHINee Gallery]

Up by liichai | fanboys daebak, esp. the one screaming  “Key, you’re awesome!” at the end LOL; SHINee’s cute smiles when the fountain show starts and they get wet; the stage seems too small for their dance

Up by waver123 | a very nice close-up front view

Up by smtownAnaheim | a close-up HD side view; u can see their expressions

Up by annuhnooen | Um, close-up & good video, but u can’t hear their singing well; good to see Lucifer arena tour version

Up by YanisRei | a front view, too bad it’s not a full ver

Up by krystalenn | not full, but you see Taemin’s crazy headbanging in the beginning 🙂

Up by GreenTeaYuppy | cut short, but you see the beginning part; a MinKey moment!

Up by annuhnooen | tolerable audio and good video

Up by AliceCullenz | Key’s and Onew’s introduction; close-up, I envy the fan, she was so close to them

Up by SMiLEySx3 | Taemin’s solo dance in the beginning *-*

Up by AliceCullenz | a wonderful close-up front view! MUST WATCH; Tae almost missed the lift stage; feeling blessed with SHINee dancing wet (=hot & sexy) *_* (check out her Juliette fancam too!)

Up by InstantJommyFanMV1 | low video quality, but audio is good; Onew’s smile when he forgot lyrics; Luna’s and Onew’s voices fit for this kind of pop song

Up by pssstwatchthis | close-up finally; Onew kneeling down at 1:47 *_* so sweet; Luna’s high note singing is a bit disappointing; $%^$^%#$ when they hold hands at the end, mvps alive?

Up by seljanempire | good audio & video; wondering why they lipsync even rap parts? 😦 when dancing, i can understand, but for rap?

Up by theultimatedodo | good audio

Up by SHINeelovee05 | Key-focused, but audio not good

Cr to laxxxie9 Up by cntlu02 | For 2 min, I didn’t know what song they were singing -_-; great close-up shots, esp. Minho going crazy with hot moves 😉

Up by yuniaki55 | many k-shawols didn’t like their stage outfits – did Tae really need the scarf?; Tae stepped on Key’s foot :D; “Soy Un Dorito”~

Up by YanisRei | a front view; love the ending part with fountains

Up by pssstwatchthis | OnKyu, Taeyeon+Taemin, Taemonica & Jjong drummer, Tae with f(x), Tae hugging Donghae (?), Jjong pushing someone, Tae with Kai, Jjong taking photos of fans, so many points!

Up by adetted | Jjong and Tae playing dorks