[fancams] 130525 SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Fanmeet Party

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SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Greetings


My sweet boys~ T.T
All their words are touching!
And Taemin had so much to say..
I’ll change the pics when better scans are found.
[photo source: shinee homepage]


[From Minho]
SHINee is 5 years old… Thank you… Love you…


A message from Minho after the 5th Anniversary Fanmeet

[Source: shinee homepage]

[photo] SHINee with French Fans

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[photo] Taemin @ Santa Fe Fan Meeting 110220

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I’m not supposed to be doing this… ‘o’  It’s like taking a break out of a break 😉 Trying to gain more physical strength and get some work done… Thank you all for your support!