[cm] SHINee’s Secret Weapon for Free Kick Defense

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LOL 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Why do all SHINee’s CM plots have to be like that? This is so hilarious. One yt comment: “This is so gay!” XD [*Just to let you know: personally “gay” is not an offensive word for me.]


[video] Minho and Dara’s Etude Kiss Note – Breathtaking Pink

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*It’s so romantic and really breathtaking… Even if you hate Minho’s kiss with Dara, you must love the story.

*I had to post this here to give a fair share to our Flaming Charisma Minho 😉 (back to rest)

[video] Taemin and Dara’s Etude Kiss Note – Cheerful Orange

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“With this, all the men in the world are mine! No, this must be a devil’s game. No, it is an angel’s gift for poor me. Oh, (seeing Taemin selected as the month’s smile waiter) he looks cute. (Dara writes Taemin’s name on her kiss note. Taemin, looking like possessed, approaches Dara. At the moment Dara has a call…from Minho!) Uh, Minho-ya. Now? (Taemin is kissing the window). At the playground? OK, see you. My secret crush is now over.”

*XDDDDDD this episode is sooooooooo cute. Isn’t this what a web drama targeted for idol fans is supposed to be? At least for me, haha. I’m happy Taemin didn’t kiss Dara even on the cheek really. (No, I’m not kissing my monitor right now, no, believe me, trust me ^^;;;)

[video] Jonghyun and Dara’s Etude Kiss Note – Shy Coral

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*Oh, it was just a peck on her forehead~ (I wonder how flamers are feeling at such a preview of Minho’s hot kiss 🙂 )

*A superpower that matches Jonghyun is the croaking of frogs. And at the end of this episode, Jonghyun says his Indian name is “Loud Hawk’s Death.” Do you see what is in common? XD

*Ok, I’ll add a translation of his most recent twit: the photo he posted shows his superpower is Taoist wizard art of froggy croaking, and his message is “what is your superpower? mine is useless and even training is not easy. When I use it after learning it hard, I get reported for loud singing and get a spray of pesticide…croak, croak.” (*my twit of the second half of the translation has disappeared! o_o;;). Every game and app tells him he’s a loud chatty guy XDDDDD

[photo] Coffee Prince Taemin in Etude Kiss Note

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[Dear My Lips-talk] Taemin’s back as a coffee prince!
He looks captivated by Dara’s fresh lively ♥dear my lips-talk cheerful orange♥
See he is whispering to Dara so tenderly standing close by her side~~>o<
Do you wonder what he whispered?!!! “Please whisper to me too~~”
Don’t shout it shyly but tempt Taemin with “dear my lips-talk cheerful orange”!!
Dara and Taemin’s fresh moment will be made public on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/etudeblog) on March 5th. Coming soon~~> <

+ March 1st Youtube – Dara and Jonghyun’s heart-fluttering coral ♥ up!
+ March 3rd Youtube – Dara and Key’s tingling red ♡ up!

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[info] SHINee, Resuscitator in the Commercial World

Maypole must be very satisfied with SHINee as their face. SHINee’s contract has been renewed for the 3rd year.

“Auction was ranked 1st in the category of Open Market at the Internet Shopping Mall Customer Satisfaction Evaluation conducted by Seoul Online Trade Center in January.” [from http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/news/view.asp?seq=598084]

Fans jokingly call SHINee a “resuscitator in the commercial world” because the brands, whose face they become, make good sales records and get out of financial trouble 🙂

I believe Etude House must also be satisfied with SHINee.