I AM Documentary Director Talks about SHINee

Q: Did you like idol groups before?

A: I liked SNSD (laugh). After making the movie, I’m now interested in SHINee a lot.

Q: Isn’t SHINee a male group?

A: Everyone works hard, but SHINee really works hard. I was moved seeing it while shooting.

[Source: cine21 | scan by 송이눈@DC | trans by jujugal]

*This director is not the first one who converts to become a shawol after meeting our boys. After SM Town concert in New York, the New York Times reporter picked SHINee as the most impressive group. Not only for their awesome performances. Whoever gets to see SHINee more personally is moved by their sincere and hard-working attitude. Hope they will stay as such even as they grow more popular!


[photo] Custom Earphone Samples

[Source: DC SHINee Gallery]

*Just to show you what a custom earphone looks like. SNSD Yoona’s, TVXQ Yunho’s, and Changmin’s in the order from top. Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

[..] Some Random Thoughts on SHINee’s Overseas Activities

Is SHINee really facing a “sad and harsh time”? Am I the only person who thinks it is us shawols who face a sad and harsh time because we are deprived of SHINee’s awesome music and performances? of their dorky and cute interactions on TV? >,< Even with Onew, I’m just glad he is taking a long break he deserves after overworking himself so much. And SHINee is going to have an arena tour in Japan soon. They will have 20 rounds! It’s a record in category of the first arena tour by an overseas artist/group. Did you hear SHINee sold out tickets except for the May 5th one? I saw a posting by someone who checked the ticket sales and saw the sales for all the other dates already closed. I guess that means “sold out.” Isn’t this something all the other idol groups must be envious of? We may be seeing things just from our own perspective. Things are not so bad for SHINee…if only SHINee could make a strong comeback…

Anyway, still it’s a good idea to send our shout out of love to SHINee. I know you are all worried about fans leaving because of this prolonged hiatus. I know most k-shawols and many i-shawols don’t like SHINee’s activities in Japan. I understand why, but it is very important for SHINee to build up a strong fanbase in Japan and Asia and possibly in Europe. Korea is too small, and there are new groups popping up every month. Korean fans can move from this to that group easily. Frankly, I’ve thought international fans are more loyal. For instance, HOT’s Kangta or Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung can still have concerts in China or Japan, but not in Korea. Maybe it’s not a matter of loyalty, but of the number of fans or the size of market? Now with Kpop’s power growing, this may change as many new groups are venturing out, so international fans also have more options. What do you think?

[tidbit] Onew Went to 8eight Lee Hyun’s Concert

Those of you who are worried about Onew, he seems to be enjoying his life. The updates I got so far about Onew include he’s now back at SHINee’s dorm; he had a trip to Jeju Island with his friends around the time he sent the wreath to MBlaq (now you get the meaning of “I go too”). I’m glad Onew is taking a rest as much as he can and will be refreshed to be ready for upcoming schedules (hopefully for their comeback).

And… I’ll post a summary on what happened with Onew Style soon based on what I know.

The translation I saw seems to be incorrect in some parts. I’ll try to clear things up.

[tidbit] Little Jonghyun’s Story

*All of you who follow Jonghyun at twitter already saw this photo. I’ll just add a bit more explanation on his comment: “Whoever provokes little Jonghyun… bow-wow!!”

The photo with Jonghyun and the puppy and his comment are funny themselves. But there is a context. You know Jonghyun is very Internet-savvy. He is up-to-date with online buzzwords and trends among netizens. Recently “a little hippo story,” a short cartoon, and its parodies have become a hot topic. To those who know about the story and its parodies, Jonghyun’s twit has this implied context. Anyway, the photo itself gives so much fun. 😀

SHINee Photobook?

Someone, whose sister works for a publisher, dropped info at DC gallery that SHINee’s photobook is going to be published. It’s not official yet. But I’m sharing this info, so you can look forward to it while saving money for it 😉