[news] Minho Named Honorary Ambassador for Youth 2011

SHINee Minho, appointed an honorary ambassador for Youth 2011, is receiving a name plate at the Youth Week celebration held in the COEX auditorium on 23 May.

[from OSEN; TV Report; TV Daily]


[photo] SHINee Won Popular Singer Award at Asia Model Festival Awards

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– The awards will be aired next Saturday (Jan. 29)


[photo] Onew at Seoul Music Awards

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[photo] Taemin at Seoul Music Awards

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Is it just my biased heart? Taemin looks so other-worldly beautiful… Can’t breathe…

Even news photographers seem to love him like fans.


[stage] SHINee Lucifer Remix Performance @ Seoul Music Awards



[photo] SHINee at Photo Wall/Red Carpet for Seoul Music Awards

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