* I have never liked an idol group before. I’ve been interested in Korean culture but listened to underground or independent singers or groups mostly. My attention was attracted to what SM Entertainment is doing when I started checking out SM singers’ music. As you all know, I was surprised by the quality of their music and performance. SME has evolved over years, and now what they produce is beyond the category of “idol music” as I see it. However, it wasn’t more than curiosity until I found SHINee through Taemin. In the beginning, it was just part of my interest in SME groups, but this boy grabbed my attention (and heart!) with his performance. As I get to know more about him, I get amazed by everything of him, fascinated by his contradictory sides (cute and hot, sweet and tough), and struck with his spiritual inner side. Then, through him, I entered SHINee World, learning about each member and their different personalities and styles. SHINee is not perfect, but they are working hard and growing up to become the best K-pop group. I believe Shawols need to grow mature with them, and I hope I can contribute to it through this blog.

This is a blog to post subbed SHINee-related news, fan accounts, TV or radio shows as well as fancams. Please feel free to make comments, suggestions, or requests here or on my YT channel. Thanks.

*To see the list of subbed video clips, click Treasure on the right top.

Treasure #1 – TV entertainment videos

Treasure #2 – TV news, interviews, radio shows

Treasure #3 – Performances, concerts, gayodaejeon specials

*My Youtube channels:

For subbed videos

–Β http://www.youtube.com/user/jujutaem
*If you want to take my posts out, please do so with proper credits.


97 thoughts on “About

  1. Yay! Thanks for creating this blog.After your channel having been taken down, I thought you may give up.Thanks for doing all of this for all shawols.

  2. thanks for your hardworks! fighting!
    glad that you finally created a blog for SHINee-related stuffs!
    love your blog so much! πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for leaving comments here. I appreciate it a lot. Actually I just saw your comments cuz I’m new to this blogging system. I’ve been wondering why no one makes a comment here.

  4. Being a devoted fan of kpop and unfortunately not knowing the language, I am truly grateful for all the time and effort you put into subbinh these videos and posting them so quickly πŸ™‚ Thank You!!! πŸ˜€

  5. I’m from Russia and I want to tell you :”Thank you very much for your hardworks^^ it’s great, I wish you every success!”

  6. you really are a star!!!
    for someone who doesn’t really understand korean, this website is just perfect for me!!
    thanks a lot for your hardwork ❀
    shinee forever!!

  7. just want to say, if you add dbsk into the posts and stuff noones going to mind πŸ˜€ most shawols are cassies, even if they’re light cassies, most of us converted to shinee after the dbsk faisco, whilst we were waiting for the dbsk boys to come back, i was a light cassie untill i met shinee ^^ and i love how your showing their elder SM brother’s some love! i love how you’ve always got news, WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE THINGS OUT FROM missy! i’m guessing i’m older than you πŸ˜€ i’m part of the 91ers ^^ anyway! FIGHTING!!!! p.s i LOVE your background image πŸ˜€ sexy 2min πŸ˜€

    • Are you sure, no one’s going to mind? I’m not…you know because of dbsk fandom split… Do you go to soompi? The posts of SHINee with dbsk hyungs on their comeback there got so many thumbs down… Well, this is my blog, so I’m not afraid of that here. I’ve considered it, but kinda hesitating…cuz I don’t know whether I’ll have enough time to make another commitment…hehe. And I’m not a strong fan of dbsk yet… I did some search, and there is a good dbsk wordpress blog with news and info. So I thought maybe I don’t have to do the updates myself…

      • yeah you don’t have to provide us with dbsk things, since there are many active fansites/forums for them already. and i think you should just keep updating us with SHINee. since i know it’s tiring already when you sub shinee stuffs so no need for dbsk as well. i like dbsk but not that much, i still love SHINee more<3 and sadly, there are NOT many fansites or forums etc that provide many up to date subs or news or infos etc about our shining boys like juju does so i think your blog helps us, shawols, a lot Juju<3 fighting! much love from shinee worlds out there<3 love youuuβ™₯

      • When DBSK made their comeback, there was uncertainty and confusion in their fandom. So I subbed some videos to show my support for them. Now they made huge success, and there are more and more people posting and subbing their stuff. Now I feel I don’t have to…:)

  8. i’m curious how many language you know? seems like you know Korean, Japanese and Chinese?

    Thanks for your hardworks.

    • btw, i’m just curious as well, where are you from Juju? do you live in korea/are you a korean?how old are you? hehe, i just want to know since you’re so awesome<3 keep up the good work! shawols love you! (:

      • ^^;;; No personal questions…;) I want to remain a mysterious girl kkk…Thanks for your kind words and understanding!

  9. hey der…super thank you for all d subs video that u have made so far..really am in love with every single one of your work..i have a small request..u mentioned earlier in your list that the nocturnal night episode where shinee replacing onew as d mc is subbed by sfi..do u tink you could e-mail me d link? cuz i couldn’t find it anywhere..

    • I don’t have links. That information was provided by, I think, pan2D. Not sure whether it is “to be” subbed or was already subbed. If you couldn’t find it, it must not have been subbed yet. ShineeSubs also plan to sub it, don’t they?

      • i think so too..but if they don’t do u ve plan on subbing it? and do you have any plan on subbing d OMS onew cut too? cuz if you do, all d shawols out der wud give u xtra love..ehehhe ;p

      • Ow, hi there!
        Yup, SFI’s still subbing that episode (so it’s neither to be subbed nor already subbed ^^)
        The site had been down for quite a while, so we can access any info regarding the subbing progress or links…

      • yup, that’s what I meant…
        mistype,sorry ^^
        I don’t remember the actual subbing progress, but I think it’s already in QC (if i’m not mistaken)

      • SFI’s NOT in the subbing process now,
        since the site still down, they can’t get the subbing works done.
        so yeah, we won’t know anything until SFI is back online & running.
        this is what i heard by SFI’s own subbing advisor in SFIsubs Formspring.
        since they can’t sub the shows, i guess everything will be delayed πŸ˜₯

  10. btw Juju, how about you sign up as one of SFI’s subbers or staffs? (:
    i’m sure you are such a big help to them~! and by doing that, you eventually will help a lot of Shawols who don’t understand korean at all~ (since SFI is the largest fanbase of SHINee!) (:
    you can help them in subbing works since you can do it all already by your own so i’m sure you will be accepted automatically! and you can help them too by translating news or post infos all about SHINee (: i also think you can be a multi-functioned(?) staff who is amazing at everything :3
    and of course you can still post your personal works here in your own blog! i’d be glad if you join them~! it’s just a suggestion, though! don’t get me wrong! i’ll support you everywhere and anytime!
    thanks so much juju & fighting!<3

    • Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve considered that too…but I was about to have a hiatus (I AM now officially in a hiatus) and wasn’t sure about committing myself to the subbing team. And it seems that SFI is currently down, so let’s see… maybe later? What happened to SFI? Why down?

      • ah, is that so?
        then we can’t do anything if you’re still on a hiatus…
        just think about it carefully and if you’re ready, maybe you can join them ^^ haha
        & i don’t know precisely why sfi is down lately, they said it’s still undergoing some maintenances cause of many spam bots & some forum functions that weren’t working properly…
        and Juju, have fun with your hiatus! take care & rest well (: we’ll always support you! fighting~!

      • hey again Juju! i just wanna let you know that SFI’s back online now (:
        and they’re hiring a japanese translator for shinee’s upcoming japan activities at this moment, so do you understand japanese? if you do, then i think you can join them right away ^^ but actually, I THINK they’ll accept you without even considering anymore since you’re famous enough & really have done a lot for shawols out there, haha :3 fighting Juju<3

        but in the other side, i think you dont have to join them either~ haha, since i think its better to be an independent source on SHINee rather than joining a forum… so you can give us, shawols, direct news or updates about the boys… (and also, i just dont wanna make you be more pressured to join a commitment to "work" in a forum which requires alot of time, patience, responsibility and etc…)

        hehe sorry to confuse you! it's up to you though, Juju! i'll appreciate your decision but don't forget that i'll still support you no matter when & where you are! so don't worry (:

      • Thanks for the information. But I’m still hesitant about making a commitment at this point as you pointed out. With a team, they will provide a more thorough subbed version but the subbing process will take a lot more time. As I work by myself, I can sub more quickly even though I have to do everything. Quicker but not complete. For now I’ll continue to do it in my style πŸ™‚ But thanks again for your suggestion. I really appreciate it.

  11. hey juju.. ;p it’s nice to see that the Onew’s OMS has been uploaded..million thnx to you.regarding the nocturnal night where SHINee replaced Onew as the MC, that was on EP19 right? if i’m not mistaken, SHINeetimes are subbing it at the moment..they posted so on their YT bulletin board..let’s hope that it will be up soon too.. ;p

  12. Sheena!! thank you sooo much for always subbing SHINee Videos. I feel sad when I’ve seen that some of your videos have been deleted. :((
    Btw, I’ve seen a very interesting blog. It’s about a sentiment of a K-shawol.
    If you have time, can you translate it? It’s a lengthy one. I tried translating it through google, but i cant understand it well. here’s the link http://pann.nate.com/talk/310947438
    again, thank you sooo much.

    • It’s a really long post. The content is a typical complaint. The fan thinks SHINee weren’t treated well at gayo programs and last year’s year end programs (gayodaejeon)–singing only one song (even that, joint-performed with f(x), blah blah). And then she lists what achievements shinee made last year. And complains SM is not supporting shinee well. and then lists each member’s qualities…
      Well, there’s a contradiction in her post: if she think shinee are not supported by SM well enough, how could they have made the achievements she is listing? One thing to consider: Korea’s gayo programs are very political in the sense that there are invisible transactions and exchanges between entertainment companies and the pds. It might be true SM didn’t push shinee very hard like they did DBSK or SNSD. But it’s also true that shinee is not regarded in the level of the two groups yet.
      Another thing to consider about last year’s gayodaejeon performances is that shinee had concerts in Japan and Korea. Anyway, this is just a typical complaint you can come across once in a while. It’s true shinee needs a breakthrough at their current stage to step up, but they are still growing. I don’t buy this kind of complaint.

      • Oh. I thought the blogger wrote a relevant blog. Thank You for translating it. It was such a long post. These kind of complaints keep on surfacing on blogs nowadays. I’ve seen 2 blogs the other day about complaints on SM not supporting F(x) and SHINee as much as the other artists under SME. I can’t understand content of the blog but the title says “F(x) SHINee support disappointed SM” (in google trans), so i guess it’s another rant. Again, thank you for translating. :))

      • I also saw the complaint…but it wasn’t very well written. And fans say it was by an anti, not by a fan!!! I didn’t like the viewpoint. The blogger didn’t appreciate the music style shinee are pursuing at all. While complaining, she was actually downplaying whatever achievements shinee have made.

  13. Oh, Juju!!! I just realized that you’ve changed the blog into Subbing f(x)…
    Either Subbing f(x) or Subbing SHINee we’ll still support you.

      • LOL Well, kinda…
        Coz you’ve posted thing about Amber’s comeback, and I thought since SHINee is not really active nowadays, maybe you’re going to sub f(x) who’s going to comeback soon…
        And, then again it’s only my thought. Hehe
        You fooled me!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Juju! When i typed your page and it appears, i was amazingly shock. i thought i was on the wrong page when i saw f(x) on your BG and realized that it has changed to subbing f(X). I hope you wont forget our boys. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I’ll support you always since i love f(x) too!

  15. Happy April Fools Day!? I hope… Subbing f(x) from Subbing Shinee is seriously frightening thou I like them… I LOVE SHINee!!! I hope tomorrow everything’s back to Taemin background and subbing SHINee. ^_^ .

  16. i wish i could eng sub some of the parts of star king only the parts where shinee appeared like their cuts

  17. jujugal, i would just like to say THANK YOU for all the hard work! ^_^ i appreciate your efforts for spreading the SHINee love for those who dont understand Korean and update about them actively… you seem like a very generous person to think about the international fans and spare some of your time to subbing videos… thanks for all your efforts! appreciate it A LOT!

    by the way, may i ask if you’re a member @ SFI? i mean, seeing as you’re so active about SHINee… ^_^

    • Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment. No I’m not an SFI member. I’m quite a new shawol actually (I entered the shinee world through LuciTaem:) and used to be at soompi before creating this blog.

      • oh i see… new shawol? well, i didn’t see that coming ^_^ hehe… well, thanks again for this stuff… i check your blog everyday for SHINee stuff… its super reliable ^_^… btw, you should consider taking a peek @ SFI… its a great community ^_^… see ya! and thanks again *goes to treasures and watches more subbed stuff* πŸ˜€

  18. Pingback: [interview] SHINee Q&A with Daily Focus Readers « sunshineeonew

  19. I love this blog. I check it everyday!!

    Thank you for the subbing and translating. I really appreciate your work. It must be really hard/tiring some times. You are such a generous person, you know that?? <3333.

  20. Annyong Juju!
    I’m a Fan of yours already. also I’m a Hardcore FAN of SHINee! two thumbs up!
    I really LOVE your blog~ updating with SHINee news with an English language~
    This blog is a big big help for me and to the other SHAWOLS who don’t know korean language~
    I hope you’ll be a forever SHAWOL like me, and still continue and not to get tired to give SHINee updates…
    Kamsa hamnida!

    Can i ask a question?
    Do you have a Facebook or twitter account? I want to have a chingu like you that is a SHAWOL.. =)

  21. Hihi juju! Just wanted to let you know that whenever I see you update your YouTube account I get insanely happy!! I love Taemin like you do and im really grateful for your subs when so many shawols can’t understand Korean:) I’m sure me and all the other shawols will always support you!:) thanks for all your hard work^^

  22. finally find this blog after a really long time….i always see your video tag “jujugal” on YT but other people upload it….and always searching who is this nice person who always subbing shinee shows….. and sometime i found shinee news update and the credits go to “jujugal”…..
    and now i’ve finally found you……yayy……
    thank you so much for your hardwork, your time, really thank you behalf all shawols… ^_^

  23. :C How did you learn Korean? I’m trying to make a song/present for Shinee but I don’t think they’d understand it much and I thought it might be more appreciated if I do it in their language. That’s just one gift though but I want it to be special…and am having a hard time T^T~

    Did you use a site, or could you recommend a site to learn Korean :c

  24. jujugal oh my~ thank you verry much~ I think I’m late to know you~~ hehehehehe and now I’m verry happy hehheheheh jeongmal gamshahamnida for all about SHINee that you shared here ~~ ^________________^# BOW

  25. Hey uhmmm… nothing big,,, just asking if you’re ok there, you’ve been not updating few days and it’s not likely that there is nothing to update… just wondering if anything happens, i mean i hope everything’s fine… ermmm… what ever the matter is (in case there is which i hope there isn’t), be strong and get through^^~
    Just ignore this if i’m overdoing xD

  26. Dear Juju, thank you so much for your hardwork. I appreciate and love your blog so much!! I think you’re my favourite Shawol ^^;;;
    Me too, I’ve never liked an idol group before and now I can’t get enough of SHINee.
    Juju, fighting~ Be happy!! ^^;;;

  27. hey jujugal!
    just wondering – what kind of subbing program do you use? how easy is it to learn? i’m looking for a subbing program to use for my work (i work for a non-profit org). even though this isn’t a SHINee-related question, but thanks so much for your videos and your help! πŸ™‚
    ~kat πŸ™‚

    • You can search youtube for subbing programs and how-to. I’m using Media Subtitler and VirtualDub (learned how to use them though youtube tutorials): I make a subtitle file with notepad, and time it with Media Subtitler, and hard-sub it using VirtualDub. There must be better (or easier) ones out there. People recommended Aegisub, but the program had some conflicts with my computer.

  28. Hi Juju!

    I hope your hiatus is going well. I wanted to contact you in a more private setting, but I guess this will have to do since I couldn’t find any other reliable medium. My name is Lauren, but Bunny or even Plot is just peachy. I’ve been following and commenting on your blog for a while now and I love your work. You really make the life of an international Shawol easier! Have you ever thought about hiring another blogger? During those times when you have to focus on other things an additional person would be able to keep the blog running smoothly while you were on hiatus and help lighten the load when you are actively posting. I’m a writer with a passion for K-pop, especially SNSD and SHINee, and I speak, read and write Japanese proficiently. I’m part of the writing staff over at SNSDKorean, the most globally recognized blog dedicated to Girls’ Generation, so I have experience posting news and writing articles; one of the things we specialize in and that sets us apart at SNSDKorean are our original articles that come straight from the hearts and minds of the writing staff. The Sβ™₯NE in me is thrilled writing about Girls’ Generation, but I am also a dedicated Shawol so I’d like to spread the pearlescent sky blue love as well! Please let me know if you would be interested in taking on a second Shawol for the blog.

    Keep up the fantastic work and take care on your downtime!


  29. hey juju,

    i guess your hiatus this time around is longer than usual..it has been few months since you last updated anything here..honestly and personally i’m kinda miss looking at your page and your updation on the boys..i’m sure you must have a lot to handle in your hands at the moment..really hope that everything is going well for you..not rushing you to come back..just take your time to do things at your own pace..a lot of internationals-non korean speaking-shawols will be waiting for you..be happy always okay ;p

    love you loads juju ;p


  30. I love you and i really appreciate you making a blog dedicated to SHINee and for shawols to see.


  31. Hai…
    my name is ai..
    i’m from Indonesia.. I Love SHINee too..
    In SM family, I Love SHINee and DBSK..
    I wanna ask something to you..
    can you give me your email?
    Thank you so much for your work hard ^^

  32. Hi!! i have a question! i’m soooooo confused!!!
    Taemin recorded an episode of IS2 right and he won one round! but why haven’t i seen this performance yet? he sang Goodbye city or something?

  33. hi juju!!!!! first of all thank you for making this blogsite!! i always check in here everyday. you didnt gave much info about yourself, i hope we can be friends… btw, there’s one thing id like to ask you regarding a previous post here about fantasister selling taemin’s dvd.. i never heard of the site before but i already emailed her that i want to purchase the dvd. im just a little worried if its for real or not.. i hope you can help me with this. thanks!!!!!

  34. aww thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. I’m also Taemin bias. I’m a noona fan (to everyone in Shinee actually) and I just got hooked on his sweet smile when I first saw him hehe I love the rest of the members too though. They’re all just hardworking, down to earth, great boys.

  35. Thank you for creating this blog and subbing them =D
    Really appreciate your efford and passion for SHINee!!
    Really can’t wait for SHINee come back anymore!!!
    Let’s hope for the best for them =D
    and take good care of yourself =)

  36. Juju >< May i know what is your email address? I recently did some bulk orders for sherlock and am having some problems with replying all the korean email :/

  37. thank you so much for all your subs πŸ™‚

    but one thing — i cant access SHINee’s official website 😦 can you?

  38. hye, can i give u videos to be subs? i’ve been waiting for the subs videos but no one ever sub it..can u please sub it for me? its a videos of onew’s musical brave brothers and also strong heart with onew as a guest..its a kind of, old videos but i want to watch it..please tell me if u can help…thank you πŸ™‚

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