[photo] SHINee at PKL’s 2pm Date

ImageSHINee back with Everybody
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td102131026112048to2date1“I’ve heard a non-pop song played at the opening!” – Key who can catch DJ KLtd102131026112048to2date2td102131026112048to2date3Key expresses ‘joy-wrath-sorrow-pleasure’ with his face in one minutetd102131026112048to2date4“I sometimes buy a flower for mom when I go home” – Onew who throws funny comments td102131026112148to2date0Nice Onew cleans up after finishing the radio showtd102131026112148to2date1Taemin unexpectedly the most chatty and noisy membertd102131026112148to2date2Taemin happy after winning the song selection competitiontd102131026112148to2date3“Actually I sing this song 1st time…on your sudden request” – Jonghyun sings live 200% perfecttd102131026112148to2date4Jonghyun’s voice you want to keep listening totd102131026112224to2date1SHINee the most natural idols, the best pose award goes to…td102131026112224to2date2Natural like being in love with plantstd102131026112224to2date3Natural like he never put down his mic all his lifetd102131026112224to2date4Natural like he can answer all questions with the xylophonetd102131026112244to2date0Natural like you can’t tell if it’s a fruit or the plant

Source: http://www.imbc.com/broad/radio/fm4u/date/photo/index.html?list_id=5047083 | trans by jujugal


The best pose award should go to Key, I think 😉 He’s so funny!


One thought on “[photo] SHINee at PKL’s 2pm Date

  1. lovely bb’s~

    i really like it when they are on radio programs because they tend to talk/interact more and so many random/funny things happen around during radio broadcasts. unfortunately for me, i have never streamed nor decently watched any of their radio guesting eversince they began their Everybody promotions TT__TT im a bit upset that im outdated and usually left behind with everything that’s going on, i wish i can have all the time to stalk SHINee ;A; im really hoping that you can sub some of their radio appearances one of these days juju, im in no rush anyway^^ i really love and admire your work, you know that <333.

    for me, the best pose award should go to Onew bahaha and that awkward smile of his lol

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