[M/V] SHINee Everybody


3 thoughts on “[M/V] SHINee Everybody

  1. showed this MV to new friends in my new workplace.. i was lol’ing at their reactions that id like to put everything into acct. one was like “woah! where did they get those crazy dance moves?!? that was winner!” the the other, “i admire that guy’s guts to bare his invisible abs (referring to Taem)” and another one said “how did u find these sexy yummy boys?” in which i quickly responded “get hold of urself they are NOT food”. generally they complimented SHINee’s awesome dance skills, not saying much abt the song since they never really listened to Kpop, barely knowing its existence. i just wanna share that because they reminded me what i was like when i first saw Lucifer mv around 2010.

    the MV is so sm-ish right haha, ive watched a couple of reaction vids for this MV and i agree to most of what they say. as for me, i also wish they can come up with somthing that has a story line but as a hardcore shawol im more than happy just to see my boys dancing like the best in the universe in that MV. vocals are amazing as always but i really have to compliment mino who has more singing lines now haha at last! the chorus is so addictive for me, i cant get it out of my head proving the power of repetition, tho some on my tlist says its annoying haha. i love all those dubstep, idk if its weird but yeah we all have our own preference.

    we already have 1 mil views in a day and counting, im one of the shawols who are still concerned over YT views count lol.

    • lol nice I love your post.

      This also the mv that my father is very impressed with SHINee for the very first time lol *phew*. Before this he was like, “what is so special with these korean boys” and he only knows Minho as he watched TTBY with my mom.

      Before this I showed him Lucifer and RDD, but he wasn’t impressed at all. He was like they’re boring. Everybody mv is the first time he feels excited watching a kpop mv lol.

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