131006 SHINee Comeback Special at Gangnam Hallyu Festival

bnt news | Everybody in good video & audio quality but shot a bit sideway

DCSYGALL | Everybody fancam shot  in front angle

bnt news | Symptoms

DCSYGALL | Symptoms fancam

Track list:
1. Everybody
2. Symptoms
3. New York in Rain (trans)
4. Just a minute (trans)
5. Destination
6. Please close it (trans)
7. Colorful

*English titles for 3, 4, 6 can change. These are English translations of Korean titles.

I’m still wishing for a double title with this 5th album. Symptoms is simply too good to be a sub-song. The choreography for Everybody is awesome. SHINee dancing like giving their all even to the breaking point is awesome x 718. However, I still feel it could be weak on digital charts like other SM titles. Symptoms is likely to stay strong and long, considering Koreans like ballads in Fall. It is not just another ballad, but such a great song. I’m even thinking this one is like Cho Yongpil’s Bounce, which was released before the main title and loved more. Performance-wise Everybody is great but its genre may be a bit difficult to the public. Well, of course I’m hoping my guess turns out to be wrong.


One thought on “131006 SHINee Comeback Special at Gangnam Hallyu Festival

  1. woah ur one busy girl and im one busy follower! i keep on bouncing back and forth on twitter , here and to ur other blogsite. once again thank you for putting up all of these. juju ur opinions and guesses are always valuable and almost always TRUE. i think SM should consult u everytime they plan to release SHINee’s album lmao.
    i feel that SHINee’s music dont appeal much to the Korean public while it has favorable reception to international fans, just saying. idk if it is good or bad but im happy and proud that they keep on evolving, trying different genres after each comebacks, idk if SM nor SHINee puts into consideration whats appealing to their listeners but i really admire their courage to always reinvent and do music that they like. and oh finally saw clearly that Mino body wave in Symptoms which my Line group was crazy about yesterday bahaha.

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