SHINee to Make Comeback or Not?

“The k-pop world is also paying attention to SHINee’s comeback, for SHINee is recently making a turning-point. SHINee, a group whose ‘excessively’ high-level stage and perfect live have made issues, are now successfully appealing to the public with their humane charms. Taemin is making women’s hearts aflutter as ‘straightforward pure love’ guy on MBC We Got Married, and Key is stepping forward as next generation ‘sharp-tongued’ man through various entertainment programs. Minho is due to show off his beauty as the youngest of ‘Medical Top Team.’ If SHINee’s next comeback is officially set, they are expected to make considerable synergy with their humane charms added to their competence.”

[Source: Osen, naver | trans by jujugal]

*There have been rumors or signs of SHINee’s comeback before the year ends. Some say it’s not possible considering SHINee’s busy overseas schedule. Others say it is with all the signs (SHINee members talking about working on the next title song, etc.). Well, of course, SHINee will make a comeback someday. The question is when. Will they in October or November? or in January? Is it a feasible plan? If so, can SHINee seal the year-end daesang title? Can they survive in the so-called “October’s comeback war”?

As SHINee’s music fan, I’ll be just happy to have their new songs… Daesang, do we really need it?


10 thoughts on “SHINee to Make Comeback or Not?

  1. I think the only reason I want SHINee to win the Daesung is due to Taemin wish for it. Other than that, to me it is quite a useless award in the sense that selling big or whatever the award supposedly rewards for doesn’t necessarily means that the music is “good” (which is quite subjective in the first place). Neither is it a validity of SHINee awesomeness because SHINee has already proven themsleves to being an awesome group. But if a Daesung is what SM wants, having a comeback at the end of the year seems to be more of a money losing situation/unfeasible plan. Unless the title track is a MEGA hit I highly doubt it will help in SHINee’s attempts of winning a Daesung (sadly).

    • Agree with you on mega hit title track. If it won’t be mega hit I don’t know what really is the purpose of this comeback instead of exhausting them.. and make shawols broke.

      ~btw, it’s daesAng with ‘a’, not ‘u’ :p

  2. Hi Jujugal. Thanks for the trans ^^.
    I think it’s possible that they make a comeback this year.
    Key had musical as well when they promoted Sherlock. Taemin also recorded for IS2.
    They only have 5 BMU events in October and all of them are scheduled during weekdays.
    SMTown concerts are scheduled during weekends but I think they’ll pre-record music show prerformances so they can attend SMT concerts. They don’t really have much schedules in November. If they really make a comeback, I just hope they stay healthy.

    I really like the Misconception series so I’m anticipating what kind of songs they’re going to show us. As for the daesang, tbh I don’t really care much about it but if they really got one, I’ll be so happy for them 🙂
    I’m a fan of SHINee for a long time now and I’ve seen other groups(even those who debuted after them) got the daesang. I think I’m used to seeing other groups overtake SHINee in getting those bigger awards.
    Right now, I’m satisfied that SHINee has consistent improvement in their musicality and performances. That’s matter more to me.

  3. i am torn as to whether we need a daesang or not… I think it is more about pride. I mean, it will be the pride of the fandom if SHINee wins a grand award… for SHINee, it will be a glorious moment for them too. ..but what does daesang mean today anyways? they give the award according to who sold the most rather than which song or artist made a greater impact in music… that is why fandoms are encouraged to bulk buy… i don’t know… SHINee has already proven themselves to be great performers and not just the typical idols, and they don’t need a daesang to prove that… now juju, you made me confused… haha!

  4. aesang… I think they will make a comeback in the last week of october or november but this year (I hope so) but if they do it this year, it won’t help to win the daesang, but I WANT IT THIS YEAR… I mean for them that is BIG and also Taemin wished for it and after years of being a shawol I think SHINee really deserves that award this year…. Disk Daesang or Digital Daesang (mostly disk daesang) this is their year… in the past years DBSK, Girls Generation, Super Junior and had won the Daesang and I admit they were amazing but this year nono! this year was SHINee
    Specifically we don’t need the Daesang because SHINee is known worldwide and always sell big amounts but they have the dream to win it so we shawols need to help them D:

  5. I don’t know, but for me, good music is good music and they don’t need a daesang to prove they are good. It’s just for the pride thingy. I just hope that the boys won’t be over worked if they ever decides to comeback.

  6. before i saw this post, it was already revealed that SHINee will be making a comeback on October 2nd week, lol… a lot of Shawols,including myself, have been hoping or maybe trying hard to give SHINee the Daesang award primarily because Taem wished for it and because we believe SHINee deserves it, but after you posted that question and ur opinion Juju, i once again had a second thought. haha, i told you,you really influence us a lot, you have the ability to change someone’s mind.. idk whether we really need the daesang or not, all i know is if it will mean a lot to SHINee, like if it will make a BIG difference on how they probably feel about their Stauts in the music world, id certainly want them to win the award.

    so if another album is on the way, this means i have to start saving up again. babies are so costly XDD

    Thanks for the trans juju <333.

  7. I think the rumor will be true.. we can see onew’s ‘very’ new hair… I think SM won’t let him got a new hairstyle if it’s not for their new performance…
    well, to make SHINee won the daesang, there’s only one way…
    Support their song, so we can make their dream come true…
    thanks for the news…
    SHINee Fighting XD

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