[trans] SHINee on TV Pia 2013 September


[Scan cr to @k-j-j-k-t-y and @0930718911209 | posted by jujugal]

Q. Your type?

A1. Short pants or One-piece

ON : As expected, one-piece!
JH : one-piece
TM : Anything cute is OK
MH: one-piece
KY: short pants

A2. Long hair or Short hair

ON : short hair
JH: Either is fine
TM: Same as my answer to 1st question
MH: long hair
KY:  long hair

A3. Sexy girl or Pretty girl or cutie girl

ON: Doesn’t matter
JH: All! (laugh)
TM: sexy girl! (answering right away)
MH: pretty girl
KY: If one is cute, style doesn’t matter

A4. What would you do if you meet your dream girl [*a girl you’re destined to be with]?

ON: Perhaps, I think I’ll hesitate a lot. I may not be able to talk to her.
JH: I won’t hesitate.. I’ll confess on spot!
TM: Give me your phone number!  (laugh) (answering right away)
MH: I can’t say anything. [JH “Your dream girl will be gone !”] Then, I’ll brave myself up to confess.
KY: I’ll start by making a chance to run into and talk to her.

A5. Your summer memories?

ON: I got lost at a beach when I was little and resolved, “I won’t be lost any more!!”
JH: Cooling food in summer such as red-bean sherbet [*patbingsu] or cold noodle. When it rained during the MV shoot at Okinawa, I ate patbingsu waiting for the rain to stop.
TM: Concert with yeoreobun! and my birthday!! We celebrated it during our live concert at Nigata. I was happy!
MH: What can’t be missed is horror movies! I go to see a hit movie of the year.
KY: In summer, my grandma made bean-soup noodle. I want to eat it!


– A new song came out soon after you released an album in June.

TM: We prepare bit by bit when we don’t have schedules and make recordings back in Korea. We’ve been busy.                    JH: We are always busy but I don’t need a break.
KY: What, wait, really?
JH: Work, concert, recording, I enjoy all, so it’s OK!

– What kind of song is Boy Meet U?

MH: A cute song!
JH: It’s summer style song. This song’s point is our smile. Pay attention to our smile.
KY: Expressing joy rather than performance is important.
ON: Enjoy it as you see and hear.

– You had album jacket and MV shoot at beach. Refreshing!

JH: At Okinawa. But all we did at the beach was filming–we went into the sea only for 10 mins. Taemin had to get out in 5 mins due to jellyfish. Didn’t you feel sad? 
TM: Yes! When we got there finally!

– It was your first time at Okinawa?

KY: Right! We had Taco-rice. It was our dream~ Our kpop idol friends all have been to Okinawa, so I asked “What’s famous at Okinawa? and they said “I recommend Taco-rice”. We asked staff, “We really want to eat it!”
JH: We wondered “What is Taco-rice?’ and found out it’s Taco-flavored rice. It was different from what we imagined (laugh).

– JP version Dream Girl was choreographed by Toni Testa, following Sherlock. What’s his most memorable advice? 

KY: That basics are important. The point is using stand mic, and we practiced the basic standing mic moves a lot everyday. Our comeback day coming up, we were moving so naturally. It made us realize basics are important although we have been dancing all the time.

– Onew-ssi, what’s your secret for spinning stand mic so well?

ON: I’ve been good at spinning things from my childhood. It’s my long-time secret (laugh) I can spin anything. 
KY: It has nothing to do with Toni Testa! (laugh)

– I see (laugh) Sunny Day Hero is another new song.

JH: It’s a cheerful song as “Sunny Day” indicates. The lyrics have words like sea, summer! I thought it’s cooling at first listening.

Then who do you think is a ‘hero=a reliable person’?

JH: Isn’t it a responsible person? Someone who does things for people behind the back.
ON: It’s Minho!
MH: Ah I was surprised my name suddenly came up (laugh) Am I a reliable man?
All: Yes!! You are reliable!

– It was surprising that you performed these 3 songs at JAT 2013 before its release for sales. 

KY: Was it? We’ve practiced them all along, so they don’t feel like new songs (laugh).
JH: We can see fans are surprised.

– This tour continues until December, what do you want people to attend to?

ON: With the stage, we use not only the front but also both sides and the back, so please watch all-directionally.                 TM: Please enjoy together taking in all the feels we want to deliver to fans.
KY: It’ll be different from our other concerts so far. We prepared for this with Japanese staff for the first time and it will show our unique personalities.
MH: Pay attention to our performance rather than to fancy sets.
JH: 2 years passed since our Japanese debut. It is through concerts that we can feel responses. We are able to feel that SHINee are growing up with fans at concerts.

[Jap-Kor trans cr to 튀김옷, viole@bestiz | Kor-Eng trans by jujugal]


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