SHINee to Release The Misconceptions of Us


SHINee will release a new edition of their 3rd album titled The Misconceptions of Us on August 8.

The new edition, binding SHINee’s 3rd album Chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl-The misconceptions of you’ with Chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?-The misconceptions of me’, includes two new songs, ‘Selene 6.23’ and ‘Better Off’.

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of SHINee’s 3rd album showed contrasting feels of music with distinctive concepts, colors, and stories. The bound edition of the album, praised for its completeness, is expected to deliver a variety of emotions and feels. It is also designed to contribute to SHINee’s efforts to clear up ‘misconceptions’ and communicate with fans. SHINee members participated in the album design through their own drawings.

‘Selene 6.23’ is a ballad song that mixes SHINee’s touching voices into the harmony of orchestra and piano. New Age pianist Iruma participated in the song. ‘Better Off’ is a pop ballad song with medium-tempo melody and impressive lyrics that deliver the sad feelings of break-up beautifully. Jonghyun participated in writing both songs’ lyrics.

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I still need more time to get used to THAT face on the bound edition album jacket. I just LOL whenever I see it. Can’t help it. All kinds of questions swarm in my head: Is SME testing shawols’ loyalty with THAT? How can it ‘clear up misconceptions’ and help SHINee communicate with fans? If it is drawn by SHINee members as said in the blurb, what do they want to tell us by putting it on the album jacket? Are they asking whether fans could love SHINee even without all the glamorous embellishments? even when SHINee got old and wrinkled? Is this a gesture to show SHINee is not just one of the pretty idols?

Then this inevitable question: Is this a good selling strategy for a group whose position is still “idol” however much praised “artist-like”? for a group with fans buying 10, 20, or a lot more copies to support?

Enlighten me with your views and insights! Anyway, I’m very excited about the two new songs. Curious what ‘Selene 6.23′ means (its Korean title=’Distance between You and Me’) and how it fits in with the other songs. Is ‘Better Off’ (Korean title=’Leave Me and Get Away’) about a change of heart after ‘Sleepless Night’? Hope to see them perform any of these on music programs even just for a week.


7 thoughts on “SHINee to Release The Misconceptions of Us

  1. maybe the “misconception” thing is related to “don’t judge a book from its cover”? that’s just my opinion.
    Eventhough this album is covered with that face on the bound, SHINee’s songs are still good, right? 🙂 I’m sure.
    actually I don’t get used to that face too. i agree with your statement.
    but well, I’m waiting for its release ^^

    • I’m wondering if the cover will affect the album sales. I see many disappointed fans…who may decide not to buy it. And SM seems not so eager to sell this album with no poster, no special ‘something’ coming with it. And I’m afraid when the sale isn’t good those antis will use this as a sign of shinee’s fall. As you pointed out, shinee’s songs are still good for sure. But with only two new songs and nothing much else (and plus THAT face on the cover), how many fans are willing to buy it? That’s the question.

      • i think so… ah T_T
        but personally, i want to know how many shawols and kpop fans out there who “don’t judge a book by its cover”. i’m waiting for the result.
        i agree with onewchan’s statement about SHINee’s ability. people know it.
        let’s hope no disappointing things happen ^^ i believe many people, esp shawols, support them.

        btw, Selene 6.23 and Better Off are really good TT i’ve heard the song preview. omg.

      • hmm..for the result, which is turning out to be not so good, we should consider that shinee didn’t make an mv, not doing any activities, no recommendation on digital song download sites. Besides, the bound edition album just adds Misconceptions of Us to chapter 1 and chapter 2 albums – no new package. It means even those fans who “don’t judge a book by its cover” won’t feel much motivated to buy this album since they already have copies of chapter 1 & 2. I’m asking myself what’s this bound edition for…

  2. I’m pretty excited for this repackage myself, since it’s the first time for SHINee to promote (will they? I hope so though) ballad tracks. Although the album cover doesn’t look that appetizing, I’m sure it’s one of those “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing just as miparkland stated above. I also would like to believe that the purpose of sm doing this is because they’re quite confident with shinee’s abilities? like, they don’t need to use pretty covers/packaging to attract the general public means that shinee’s musical quality isn’t being questioned anymore? well at least that’s what I like to decipher~

    • It’s not “repackage” more exactly it is a “bound” edition -_- This is how many fans are reconciling with this album edition which has nothing much added but the two new songs. I agree with you and miparkland about the “misconception” thing, but I can’t help but think it is a bit too simple as a conclusion to the thought-provoking concepts of the preceding two chapters. (a picture of shinee baring their faces with little makeup would have been as simple but much better and effective). I also hope shinee will promote any of the ballad tracks even only for a week!

  3. okay, that face is quite disturbing. O.O but maybe like what some has said, its probably like some ‘dont judge a book by its cover’ kinda thing. 🙂 im really excited bout the new songs though. i just hope that its worth buying this album for. maybe the sale for this album isnt gonna be so satisfying though. :/ but whatever it is, i still love SHINee! im gonna look forward to their next comeback. ^_^

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