[trans] 130731 SHINee’s Wish on M-On Monthly ICON


Q: If one wish can come true?

JH: I wish I could speak all the world’s languages
KY: Wish note (a note that makes any wish come true)
MH: I wish the flight time could get shorter
ON: A power to become skillful at everything
TM: I wish to become a good person who doesn’t cause people trouble

Q: When do you have a smiling face?

KY: On a day I can rest
TM: When we have a concert
MH: (following Taemin’s answer) same for all of us
JH: When I pester Taemin kkk
ON: When I eat delicious food

Q: What sweet food do you like?

TM: I don’t like sweet food. I like steamed rice. I like steamed barley rice.

[Korean trans source: DC | Eng trans by jujugal]


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