[Naver Star Column] Talk of 5th Year SHINee

SHINee, a group of boys who seemed to be little brothers for nuna fans forever, have their 5th anniversary. These boys, who shouted “Noona Is So Pretty’, are now back as awesome guys to stir women’s hearts once again. Naver Star Column will retrace the footsteps of these boys, who have risen to be top hallyu idols, for the past 5 years.  /editor note

Hello, we are shining SHINee. How have you been?^^ In this part 2, we will show you pictures of SHINee’s 5 year activities~ We were happy looking at the past pictures.^^ Even those pictures we feel awkward and embarrassed will be shared for Naver Star Column’s readers! Well, then let’s go into SHINee’s memories~


Onew: Ahat~ Starting with this picture~ This is taken less than a month after our debut.
Taemin: I carried candies in my bag to give to women script writers or PDs. I have captivated many people’s hearts. ^^
Minh: Taemin was SHINee’s PR ambassador. He made lots of efforts to let people know about SHINee.
Key: Ah~! I can’t see these pictures now.


Key: Ah at last the inevitable came out~
Onew: Our self-cam pictures taken after our debut! Already 5 years since. haha.. By the way I look really young. We can see 5 years younger Jonghyun-goon, who couldn’t join us in our activities this time!
Taemin: I wanted to wear that pair of glasses and so pestered staff nunas..where is my picture?ㅠㅠ



Minho: Ah~ this picture! It’s when I participated in Ha Sangbaek designer’s runway some time after our debut.^^
Taemin: I remember! Minho hyung was very nervous practicing walking. I felt he looked good with other models, proud of him as our member!


Taemin: Oh! My graduation picture! I reemember I was crazy busy at that time. I couldn’t wait to be a grown-up then, but now I miss those times.
Onew: When I see idols born in 93 or 94 these days, I think they are really young. But few debut so young age as Taemin did.
Key: Taemin was really young but very competent. So he could become SHINee. Now he’s transforming into a manly man..ㅋㅋ105807157_%B0%F8%B7%CE%BB%F3_%BC%F6%BB%F3%C7%CF%B4%C2_key2010

Key: This is my graduation picture! Didn’t I get much prettier?ㅋㅋ I went down to Daegu for the diploma and also received the achievement award. In front of the whole school, so I felt great.
Minho: The school uniform looks good on both of you?? I also have a school uniform picture! Wait a minute~!


Onew: This is the poster for my musical. I was the first SHINee member that tried a musical. Now Key is also a musical actor, but at that time I was the only one, so I worked really hard.
Minho: Onew hyung started such activities first, so we also worked harder. We got on stage thinking ‘Let’s die here’.


Key: Ah! this picture? taken at Sapporo, Japan. The character was so cute I asked stylist nunas to take a picture. It was a gift from fans, so more memorable.
Onew: I remember I tried hard to imitate the expression…
Key: Ok! Shall we move on to the next picture?^^


Onew: This picture was taken when we made #1 in a music program.
Minho: The 1st picture is when we won with Lucifer. You can’t see Onew hyung? Look closely. The guy in my arms is Onew hyung. He cried so much after winning.
Key: Only Onew hyung is crying in the picture, but we all cried at that time. It makes me really really thankful once again for fans’s love.
Taemin: If you look closely, you can see the history of SHINee’s transformations. SHINee getting more and more mature! Look forward (to our future)~!


Minho: May 25th of last year! It’s a picture taken on plane in commemoration of our 4th anniversary. Can you see my four fingers spread out? It’s a sign for our 4th anniverary.^^
Onew: Ah~ I remember that time! I tried hard to be in the picture. I may look inattentive, but it was actually set up to look natural!
Taemin: We said at that time ‘Are we already in 4th year?’ and now already about to have 5th anniversary.^^ We all know it’s thanks to your love.^^


Minho: Yuhoo~ Finally! dudung~ A picture of me in school uniform. It’s taken at the last shoot of SBS drama “To Beautiful You’. To show to fans who supported me.


Onew: Now on to the present~ It’s Key lost in memories looking at the past pictures of me and Jonghyun goon! What was he thinking?
Key: Thinking we looked so young?ㅋㅋ I also felt proud thinking ‘We have grown up so much for 5 years’. Especially it’s surprising that Taemin, who seemed always so young, has transformed into a man. ^^
Minho: I’m reminded of old memories looking at our past pictures with members. I didn’t know I’d be this happy to recall those memories we five members have shared.^^


Taemin: At a recent fansign! Lots of fans came that day. I was sorry Jonghyun hyung couldn’t be with us, but I tried to greet fans more warmly. That day I was moved by a fan’s drawings of me as a surprise gift. Needless to say long. Doesn’t my face show it all? ^^
Key: Minho goon doesn’t forget to greet a baby fan!
Onew: At every fansign, I can’t help but be moved by fans who come up from afar. Especially, it’s good to feel fans’ love directly.


Hoot~ In this picture Onew hyungnim and I am writing messages to Naver Star Column readers. Did you enjoy reading this? a little concerned, but since I tried my best to write it, please take any faults as aegyo.^^


Well~ What we prepared ends here. Did you enjoy Part 2 as well as Part 1?^^ I had fun talking with members while preparing pictures for our 5th anniversary. Especially it was more meaningful as an occasion for feeling fans’ big love once again. It’s you who make SHINee more shining! It’s been shining SHINee so far. Love you~


Written by SHINee
Edited by Hwang Yonghee (IssueDaily) ent@issuedaily.com
Photo by SME



4 thoughts on “[Naver Star Column] Talk of 5th Year SHINee

  1. im also moved seeing those past pictures. /sighs look at them now.. haha we all thought Taem will be a baby forever! but even tho he’s grown into a man now, ill still baby him in my heart 🙂 i know that awkward feeling Kibum has whenever you see an old picture of you lol, when you feel you look unattractive in the past and just want to burn all the evidence. and omg, they even included a pic with JongKey moment haha, super love it. idk if its only my eyes but Jinki (minus the stress) seems to look younger these days^^ that eye smile Jinki has always makes me fall for him ;A;. in my opinion, it is Minho who has changed so much physically, idk haha. Thanks for sharing juju, in a busy day to day life, i really needed to sit down for a while and reminisce the memories that warms the heart and brings a smile to my face <333

  2. Hello….. I really love this site and really love all Sub about SHINee ^^~
    Hmm, may i Translate some posting to my language (Indonesian) and post in my blog?
    Oh… If i can’t, i just want to translate The Naver Star Column… May I?
    I will copy-paste this link to my posting 🙂

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