[Trans] The Misconceptions of Me: SHINee’s Thanks to


Living so far there have been many happy days and sometimes hard days, but I’ve always lived positively. I want to have a life I can always smile while continuing to live like that. This year I’m 25 years old. Now 5 years have slid by, a life of spotlight is sometimes hard, but I think it makes me stronger. People think they will be just happy if they can do what they want to do. I don’t mean I’m not happy. It’s just a time there is a lot to think about as a person, not simply a child. As I get to wonder “what misconceptions of me are there?” in this album, there can be many hard, difficult misconceptions, but I’ve had good time reflecting on myself through these thoughts. I’ve always tried to do my best preparing for every album, and pondering a lot to show good performances with no regrets I think we’ll be able to make you have different ideas with good or bad sides.


Misconceptions make one imagine and anticipate. Your conceptions of me might be mostly misconceptions. Yet what I conceive of me is wholly my image. Even misconceptions are my images. They make negative or positive effects.  I find it fun that rather than presenting a clear right answer, the world comes up with a unique interpretation out of new misconceptions different from the intended. The world has been so since even before I was born, and will be so. Lots of misconceptions have made the world more creative. I wanted to show such an interesting world in this album. “What do you think of it?” “What misconceptions and new interpretations does this album make you have?”


In the beginning there were a series of very fearful and upsetting things. The more I tried to unravel it, the more it got tangled. Through all these things that happened to me I got to think since when I was little, “Didn’t my worries get bigger?”.  If I make a hole in that thought and see myself through it someday, I’ll become wiser, won’t I? I’m now 23 years old. I’m still not good at receiving much nor at expressing myself yet. But I hope we will get over with pain and have a happier life through each other. Thankful all the time…


“Every thought that is signaled towards me is a misconception. The misconceptions of me.”


“I have always tried to be positive about myself and after mapping out my own life, I have acted upon it. But a wall seems to come up from an unexpected place. It can be from my family or friends, or from staff who work hard for me. I supposed there’d be people out there who could share thoughts and feelings with me, but as I started social life young I have met people with different dispositions. There are also some people who have their own codes a bit different from mine and others who understand my thoughts but express them differently. Unexpected things keep coming up. Especially this thought has been in my mind as I prepare for this album: “I’d like to have people who share my thoughts around me.” I said recently on air that I’d like to form my own crew. Some people may interpret it in a distorting way while others can understand what I mean. A misconception itself has no form but exists in images, and even my actions, which can be called forms, seem to be received with the misconceptions of images, that is, of my intentions and thoughts in taking such actions. Misconceptions can be made even though my actions have been taken appropriately according to my design of life. However, there is a meaning in everything, and I think what I, Lee Taemin, now have to do is to overcome and beat it. I’m not afraid of extremes. While some understand it, lots of people dislike and hate it. I hope that people won’t have misconceptions of me only with my visible actions and that no one will be hurt.”

[Trans by jujugal; *Taemin’s thanks to posted on my taem blog “Taem It!” before].


I know it’s so belated to translate SHINee’s “thanks to” in the Chapter 2 album, but still I felt I should do this for the record and wanted to help people have a glimpse of what SHINee were thinking in regard to the main idea of the album “the misconceptions of me.”


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