[Naver Star Column] SHINee, Why So Serious? Laugh!

SHINee, a group that captivated women’s hearts by singing ‘Noona Is So Pretty’ in 2008. On their 5th anniversary they are meeting with fans through Naver Star Column. To present their unique hidden charms through unseen photos. The top hallyu idols’ colorful growing-up story begins now. /by Editor.


Hello, we are shining SHINee. We greet you through Naver Star Column like this. We were so envious when we saw TVXQ sunbaenim’s Star Column!! Huhuhut…Since we’ve prepared for this ambitiously, please listen to and enjoy our story too~ First of all, we’ll tell you our offstage stories with photos taken as we prepared for our new album chapter 1 ‘Dream Girl’ and chapter 2 ‘Why So Serious?”!  Then let’s start!

Hello~ I’m Onew. Hmm.. This picture was taken while we were preparing for our album showcase. We smiled to relieve tension. But we couldn’t hide our inner feelings. ㅠㅠ You can see Jonghyun who couldn’t do ‘Why So Serious’ activities. Would you pray for Jonghyun’s fast recovery?^^


Ugh~ our kiyomi pose you can’t see easily!!!  Minho’s expression is the best in this picture. How can he be so cute… Key is cute in his own way~ Still maknae Taemin is the cutest. ㅋㅋㅋNoona’s heart chaptivator Taemin-goon! Now his voice thicker ㅠㅠ being reborn as a manly man!


Taemin’s solo shot~ Jonghyun as cameo in the back? ㅋㅋ My heart gets stirred as I look at this picture..It is indeed flower smile!! It’s Taemin’s surprise gift to fans who have given unchanging love for 5 years.


This is right before the showcase starts, you see how SHINee’s waiting room usually looks. Minho is checking his hairstyle until he heads out for stage. Jonghyun his arm muscles, I…um..what am I doing?^^;; Can you see what’s written on Key’s hand mirror? Does it say ‘I’m sorry for being handsome’? Key-goon, what situation is this??  the initial symptom of being self-deluded Prince?~


Ha~ this is one of my favorite photos. It’s taken during our mv shoot. I like its feel and look at it again and again.^^ I was very tired as we did the shoot until late hours! but a smile sneaking out with the thought of making a good gift for fans~


Following Onew hyungnim, I greet you~ Hello I’m maknae Taemin! This picture was taken at the ‘Why So Serious’ mv shoot. Everyone’s serious expression is impressive, isn’t it? Never~we were tired. ㅋㅋ Right before the shoot started, we were preparing our faces for the emotional expression.^^ Onew-nim, you are not sleeping, are you? Well, just to check. ㅎㅎ


A shot of everyone during the mv shoot! Charming in four different colors, don’t you think? Hehe. Minho-hyung and I  made a pose. Minho hyung’s eyes show his flaming charisma. I also posed suddenly during make-up, what do you think? looking serious?^^ Compared to us two Onew hyung shows a tender man feel. Key hyung’s innocent smile is very attractive, isn’t it? I still remember that in the situation without Jonghyun hyung we tried to do our best to show better performances. ^^


Following cute maknae Taemin, I’m Minho! It’s a bit awkward to greet you in writing but I ask you a favor (_ _) The first photo is me. ㅋㅋIt’s on the first TV program for ‘Why So Serious’. I posed before entering the waiting room^^ We shared it with K-Will hyungnim all the afternoon. I thank K-will hyungnim for his special appearance here through his name. ^^


Zzajan~ here’s us in our waiting room! Onew hyung is checking his stage outfit. Key looks a bit nervous, right? ㅋㅋOnew hyung and maknae Taemin are engrossed in looking at something. We sometimes have a relaxing time to relieve tension before going on stage. Taemin’s curious expression is very cute.


Maknae’s serious expression you can’t see easily! I can feel Taemin’s tension as he is about to go on stage. Is it really our maknae? His charisma is brimful and spilling over.^^(Taemin-ah hyung did well, right?ㅋㅋ) I think we can do better with some tension. Thus our stage is completed.


How did you like our story? It was special to tell you our story looking at our photos. I didn’t know it’s so much fun to recall our memories to tell you our story.^^ It made me look back one more time on our precious memories which can be forgotten in our busy schedules. Ah! of course I felt fans’ love once again.^^ Now in part two we’ll show you photos of our 5 year activities. Look forward to it as it includes many unseen photos. See you soon~

ps. feeling sorry I’m adding one more photo. It’s Key and Taemin writing messages to Naver Star Column readers. Why no Onew hyung and me? Eh~ it’s not fun to show everyone at one time. Haha. Wait a bit more, and you will see the messages. Keep us in love!


Written by SHINee
Edited by Hwang Yonghee (Issue Daily) ent@issuedaily.com
Photo by SME

Trans by jujugal



Another belated translation for the record and for those of you who don’t want to miss every line and word of and about SHINee 😉


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