[fancams] 130525 SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Fanmeet Party

Cr: ohnattersauer

Cr: nudepencil

Cr: Bella Di | Taemin-focused

Cr: onewtime891214 | Onew bowing to fans at the part “Thank you for coming to me” and getting teary at the part “Why tears come out on this fine day”

CR: ohnattersauer

Jonghyung singing his first self-composed&written song Time’s Late

-Cr: SpringSummerJH | Jonghyun saying Sorry n getting teary touched by a fanmade video

-Key singing We Are Golden with a crown on his head 😉
Cr: ohnattersauer

Cr: keysyoukey | HD video – Key’s sense is wonderful and his aegyo at the end >,<

Cr: ohnattersauer | Minho winking, kissing, and making a heart sign, so sweet~ singing Good Day

Cr: canusmile1209 | HD video – Minho so dandy and sweet~

-Cr: Bella Di | all black Taem singing Shin Sungwoo’s Prelude with touching lyrics about friendship and dream-wowing to our makdoongi’s potential

-SHINee and shawols singing WSS 🙂 very loudly!
Cr: tmfdk0202

-Taemin “See you here again~” Jonghyun to fans “So pretty~”
Cr: hee ki


On 5th Anniversary Party, SHINee made it so clear how much they appreciate fans’ love and support through the songs they sang on solo stages. Onew crying singing In Your Eyes, Jonghyun singing his first self-composed song Time’s Late, Key singing We Are Golden, Minho’s sweet Good Day, and Taemin’s Prelude, a song about supportive friendship. As Taemin said, they want to make us proud to be their fans. I AM a proud shawol.

Thank you all for sharing these precious fancams! Hope to find more and fuller fancams; KEEP UPDATING!


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