Happy SHINee’s 5th Anniversary

Please turn on the music~

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SHINee Ultra Tranformation

[Cr: soo da@youtube]
See how SHINee’s Ultra Transformation has been created and changed over years~

Shawols celebrating SHINee’s 5th anniversary:

With loud thumping heartbeats and careful steps,
You started your journey into a new world
Pulling through with determination and hard work
Guided by sincere hopes and dreams to where you’d belong soon

You came to a kingdom
Where the skies rain with cheers and supports
The side road blossoms with flowers of love and prayers
The land greens with beautiful memories
Where you are the princes
That rule this small but beautiful world of us

Shush and listen
How your melodies now make our hums
How your dance now moves our body
How your words now become our promises
Just see and listen
How much you’ve now become a part of us

Like puzzle pieces scattered and gathered
Your hands assemble us into one
Like tinder that burns and sparks
Your magic makes us glitter
Like reveries that appear and disappear
You’ve made us real and ethereal

Because you are THE SHINee
And we are THE SHINee WORLD
We’re destined to be together
Now and forever

Our walk together for the past five years
Is only a glimpse of the greatness to come in the future
We will hold your hands and stride with you
You have promised to be together
And we have promised to be a witness
Let’s love each other as all of us are in each of you
Dear SHINee, we still have a long way to go
Let’s keep the faith
Sailing with hopes and dreams…
For our shining journey together

Happy 5th Anniversary SHINee

May 25th 2013

5 years. 5 stars. 1 world: SHINee World

[Cr to youlahaha; the intro revised&edited by jujugal]


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