Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin at CHJ’s Power Time Radio



(There are parts not translated)

CHJ’s Power Time: Big Star Special Show Show Show

Today’s guests are SHINee who came back as chic dandies~~

“We are shining SHINee~”

CHJ: How long?, JongHoTae: We debuted in 2008, CHJ: But you are still so bling bling

CHJ: Doing overseas activities, when do you miss home most? Jjong: doing lots of activities is fun, we can meet many people and enjoy those activities, but after we go to bed after finishing concerts, we get to miss home.

CHJ: Do you call home? Jjong: No, I leave voice messages

CHJ: Don’t you miss food? Taem: Yes, I miss home food, Jjong: our managers packs some Korean food, Taem: snacks come out of their bags endlessly J

Onew and Key went for rehearsal…[*probably for YHY’s Sketchbook?]

In the opening, CHJ praises Minho’s drama To Beautiful You, says Minho gained actor-beauty after drama; mino–“ah thanks”; CHJ: Taem is not boyish anymore, right? Don’t people say that to you?–taem, “uh, I don’t know”; to jjong: “You’ve become sexier, looking a bit rebellious”, jjong, “cuz my hair was dyed? hehe”

a fan’s message: “jonghyun with sexy brain, cutie concept today?”

sexy brain=unprejudiced, free n open-minded with attractive thoughts; jjong wants to have sexy brain more than sexy body 🙂

a fans message to taem: “Aigoo ippo (pretty) aigoo taemin-ah” xDDD

a fan’s message to minho: “You’re so handsome, how can one be so handsome, you’re selfish” 🙂

CHJ: “Jonghyun has a bit intelligent feel” jjong, “thanks,” Minho: “oh, I didn’t know that until today” xDDD; jjong: “I have reverse charms, I’ve deceived minho for past 5 yrs” Mino: “You deceived me so well” XD

jjong: “Taemin looks young but has deep thoughts, doing lots of thinking as he turns 21”

CHJ: “shinee have certain things in common…like looking gentle n thoughtful” jjong: “thanks for thinking that way positively” CHJ: What is it like if seen negatively?” Jjong: “we may look playful n mischievous, but we r just brats not rogues” minho “no no we go over being brats” xDD

taem n key catches choreography fast, jjong says onew n he are the slowest, taem (laughing): “cuz of age”

Minho talks abt age, how it shows when practicing even though it’s only one or two year difference; so minho tries to consider n respect their seniors, asking them to rest ;P

CHJ: who is shinee’s body zzang? mino: Jonghyun hyung, jjong: ah it’s minho….and me 🙂

Minho: Jonghyun hyung works out hard and also he’s good at maintenance. jjong says, I used to be a type that doesn’t gain weight easily, but it’s changed as I get older, so trying to maintain it well like eating chicken breast

Minho: I still don’t gain weight easily, so I eat a lot n try to do exercise even with a busy schedule; doing weight training on early morning n playing soccer with friends during weekend

CHJ: What do you do, taemin? taem: “If I exercise, I lose weight, so I shouldn’t exercise ^^ I play with friends or practice”

CHJ: Make a guess how many support messages you will get from fans, if your guess is right, we’ll give away your signed CDs to three fans

Jjong: I think we got about 4000 last time, so our guess is 4000

as taem came of age, they now get 2 have a chance 2 drink alcohol together; jjong talking about one of those chances,”we say something like we can’t believe that we did such a concert or that we’re now in 6th year since debut” Minho: It’s kinda amazing since we debuted as minors”

-Talk time about girls since their title song is DG

CHJ: As warming up, any of you don’t have a girlfriend yet, Jjong: “ah, no”, CHJ: why did you add “ah~” Jjong: uh no, what, no we don’t  xD

CHJ: Is there a rule that you shouldn’t have one?, jjong: No, we are just too busy

CHJ: Do you want to have one? jjong: “Do you want to have a girlfriend, taemin?” taem: “well, it’s better to have one than not”

CHJ: How about you, Minho? mino: I want to too

-Yes or No questions

CHJ: There is a certain word or gesture made by a beautiful girl, which attracts me, yes or no?, All saying yes

jjong likes a foxy type: with lots of aegyo

minho likes a girl when she sweeps her hair up 🙂

taem “I have this stereotypical idea a girl shld b like a girl, but more than that, I find myself attracted to a girl who impresses you as responsible n thoughtful in words when you talk to her”

CHJ: There is a special girl group with which you want to do a duet, yes or no?

jong thought abt doing a duet with a girl who has a good voice like taeyeon or IU

Minho said no, CHJ: Why no? You don’t want to sing with them? Minho: No, it’s just that there’s no special one I thought about doing it

Taem: No special one with me either, CHJ: But you said yes, Taem: There must be one hehe, but so many with unique voices, I’d like to do a duet with not only girl groups but also lots of sunbae-nims

CHJ: I’ve felt “a girl inside” of myself, yes or no

CHJ: When do you feel so?

taem misunderstood the question and talks about how his heart is stirred when he sees beautiful girls in movies; he likes Amanda Seyfreid xD

CHJ: How about the feminine side of you? like feeling good when you makes bed after getting up, jjong: like when you cleaned up, CHJ: or when you see clean dried laundry

taem proves himself a manly man again, saying there’s no “girl inside” of him xDDD

When minho looks in the mirror while foam-cleansing to wash off makeup, he feels feminine xD

CHJ: Do you have good hand skills? Minho: No, I don’t, I wash like a cat xD

jjong likes cooking, so when he does cooking with his mom or noona back home, he feels “a girl inside” of him 😀

CHJ: What do you cook? jjong: pizza or simple food like fried rice, CHJ: oh you like cooking, jjong: I don’t do lots of search, but with recipes, you can do it easily, CHJ: your brain is sexy xD

for a future girlfriend, jjong wants the one who can listen to him and laughs with him 🙂

minho wants the one who matches him well, who can like what he likes, n he likes what she likes, has a lot in common

taem wants the one who is truthful, who doesn’t turn out to be a different person

CHJ: taem is maknae but he seems to be most thoughtful; Taem (laughing), “I thought abt this while the two r talking”<–so precious!

CHJ: But it’s not like you never had a girlfriend?, Jjong: Oh yes, taem: Is it so, jonghyun hyung? XD

CHJ: “Taemin-goon, you never had a girlfriend?” Taem: “No” CHJ: “Really?” Tm (weaker shaky voice): “No~o” CHJ: “even in school?” Tm: “No”

jjong: “taem is born to be a solo”, Tm (sighing) “well, cuz I’m an idol”

CHJ “isn’t it unnatural in a global age?” jjong “we r too busy, so we don’t have time, I’ll wrap it up this way, next question!”

CHJ: So idols are told not to talk about these things? jjong: Taemin-goon is really… we are too busy

Tm: “when young, there’s (one) who I can’t even call gf, but since debut got too busy” CHJ “no chance?” jjong “he debuted middle schooler”

-teamwork questions, pick the word u r drawn to:

lasting bad feelings or being cool (all chose being cool)

chic girl or “teolteol (free n unaffected)” girl? all chose “teolteol” girl

chatting or text-messaging? all chose chatting

skinny jean or suit? jongho: suit, taem: skinny jean

home-shopping or financial investment? all choosing the latter

laundry or dish-washing? jongho for laundry, n taem dish-washing 🙂

Kyuhyun or Uno Yunho? 2min for Kyuhyun, jjong for Yunho

Mirror or cell-phone? (I can’t tell who said which)

Jung Hyungdon or Noh Hongchul (gag men) –can’t tell, again mixed

Bad comments or no comment (to a news artcle on them)? All for no comment

Jawline or shoulder? (mixed again–2min for jawline n jjong for shoulder? not sure)

holding hands or hugging? (mixed–jongho for hugging n taem for holding hands?)

talking about shinee being cool: jjong and taem have no lasting bad feelings abt smthing….cuz they are so forgetful xDDD; and minho’s competitiveness

teolteol girl or chic girl: they all chose the former, but say they also like chic girl and taem adds “being teolteol is chic” — well-said! 😉

Minho: If text messages get longer, I rather make a call, I make lots of typos xD

jjong is envious of minho cuz a suit suits him so well J

wow they got 7300 support text messages


14 thoughts on “Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin at CHJ’s Power Time Radio

  1. huhu juju thank you so much for all the trans :>
    I always look forward to your updates on twitter
    seeing you back here again, in your treasure house.. it’s just so heart warming

    can’t get over how beautiful and adorable Taem is in this radio broadcast
    SHINee just shines brighter and brighter every day :>

  2. Thank you for the translation, Jujugal ^^

    They are so precious. I hope they do more interviews like this.

  3. T_T let me just take a moment and spazz!!! thank you for this!!!! so excited to see a new post!!

    “jonghyun with sexy brain” ooohh this explains his tweet!! i thought he was being weird again!! haha!!

    ah~ too much to comment about this!! i love it all!!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! And intelligence IS sexy, you go Jjong!

    I never tire of Onew/Jjong being teased about their age.

    But I really dislike the pushy gf questions – not only do I think idols (well, everyone) should be allowed to keep their private lives private, but given what happened with Jjong, all the tears, him being silenced for a while, etc., interviewers should respect that there is more at stake than asking your totally boring and unoriginal question. I can’t tell from the transcript if the boys were made uncomfortable but in general I just wish interviewers would back off from all private life questions – enough of their existence is up for public consumption as is.

    • Also replying to myself to say I love Jjong and Taemin’s relationship – despite the teasing, Taemin clearly respects Jjong and Jjong is subtly protective, but there’s also plenty of banter and messing around. The perfect balance!

    • You are not the only one who didn’t like the gf questions. Lots of shawols were upset, but I think jjong looked relaxed about that now and knows how to manage to slide out of the sensitive question 😉

  5. Juju is back back back back! 😀
    Well, not really – I read your tag but still..
    *HUGS* thank you.

  6. i was all excited last night when i saw a notification that a new post here has been made but after i saw the tag i was like -_- haha, juju im just happy that at least ur starting this thing again. i think everyone who knows about this site will sure agree with me if i say ur the best blogger about shinee and the best in subbing too. i hope things are going well for you. and u know what, thru this site i have met another friend who is truly a darling, SHINeeUKShawol who is a big fan of yours too haha.

    now on the article, i really find it amusing that taemin, tho a lot of taeMAN jokes are going around, still has that old self esp when he was confused about that “girl inside” question. he must have a lot of thoughts on his mind that sometimes things are all mixed up. i havent seen any vids for this but i can imagine jonghyun giving taem a sharp glance everytime the topic is about dating or having a gf, as if taem will spoil something about him bahaha.

    • hi debbie, nice to see you here again too! I’m doing well, just busier with work 🙂 hope u r doing well too (u seem to be;) I also wondered how you’re doing. TaeMAN or what, Taem will be always baby 🙂 I think jjong is now ok with that. The other members can tease him with that, which means they are now not so nervous about it 😉

  7. jujuu… I miss you so much T^T it’s nice to see you posting about SHINee again… Because when you are not posting anything, i feel like i am the only one who being a taemints in this world… Btw i saw some article from juju_home, is that you?

  8. Minho makes lots of typos? really? xDD unpredictable. Minho’s feminine side! lol
    Taem is so much more mature now TT but he can’t hide his cute side, i think. haha
    wow Jjong is really confidence 😉

    thank you for translating and sharing this ^^

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