[news] SHINee with Donika

Up by MsKeybum

You all must have read or watched the news about Donika Sterling, the American teenager who is suffering from an incurable disease and has been given a chance to meet her favorite K-pop stars in Korea. She came to Korea and met SHINee on June 20th! Taemin said, “It makes what we’re doing more significant to know that it can be so encouraging and of help to people.” Didn’t he give a smooch to Donika after giving his rosary bracelet and hugging her? How sweet!


6 thoughts on “[news] SHINee with Donika

  1. hii donika^^ i hope u’re a reader of juju’s blog too!
    i’m happy with u, u’re such an inspirator too like SHINee, glad to know that u’re a part of SHINee WORLD ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. ;A; babyTaem could never make me prouder than this.. my heart was so moved seeing how he has grown into a person with innate goodness and is selfless.. i love the fact that he enjoys giving away things precious to him for someone whom he think needs it. THAT bracelet… it was already like a part of him. ill always keep Donika and SHINee in my prayers, Godbless their good souls.

  3. you can feel SHINee’s sincerity here… taemin even gave his precious bracelet he’s always been wearing. so touching… that is why SHINee is also blessed.

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