[info] To Beautiful You Cast & Staff

OK, I was a bit worried when I heard more idols were cast (who will act?), and then brightened up and got excited more when the final casting news came out with quite impressive actors lined up as supporting characters.

Minho as Kang Taejoon, a high jump gold medalist, who is discouraged after being injured

Sulli as Goo Jaehee who disguises herself as a male and transfers to Taejoon’s school to help him recover for a comeback

And people wondered who would play the second male lead and hoped an actor, not an idol, would be cast. Yesterday, Lee Hyunwoo came to my mind, and I thought to myself if he could be cast, it would be perfect. Yes, he was cast!!! Now I can believe SM is serious about making this drama not only to sell it to overseas idol fans, but also to lure muggles. Lee Hyunwoo is a rising star who is making a successful transition from a child star to an attractive and good adult actor. He was in the Master of Study and the Equator Man.

Lee Hyunwoo as Cha Eungyeol, soccer middle fielder, who is conceited and short-tempered

And a new face who is a rising musical actor (also appeared in some drama and movies) was cast as a sub-main. Kang Haneul as Joo Jicheol, a high jump player in the national team and Taejoon’s rival.

Seo Joonyoung (known for his impressive acting in Tree with Deep Roots) as Ha Seungli, dorm supervisor and fencing team chief — a macho type with strong leadership

Ki Taeyoung as Jang Minwoo, a mysterious eccentric school nurse who helps Jaehee

Kang Gyeongjoon as a comic and clumsy track-and-field team coach

Lee Young-eun, a teacher of Korean in a triangle relationship with the school nurse and the coach

Lee Hanee, school president with gentle charisma

Lee Hanwee, Taejoon’s father

Lee Ahyun, the dorm supervisor’s mom who knows Jaehee’s secret and helps her 

Ahn Hyegyeong, a sports magazine reporter

Ko Soyoung, head director like Bae Yongjoon in Dream High; her casting made a headline because this is her first TV appearance since her marriage. She’s a top model and star who is now married to Jang Dong-gun, a top star in Korea.

Also, Kim Jiwon (CF model, High Kick 3) as a student in a neighbor school who likes Taejoon, Gwanghee of ZE:A as another dorm supervisor and theater team chief (?) who is adored by everyone as the owner of absolute beauty.  El of Infinite may also be cast as one of Taejoon’s friends.

*The cast and character information haven’t been finalized yet, so there might be changes.

Total 16 episodes to be broadcast in August

Staff Info:

Directed by Jeon Kisang (Witch Yoo Hee, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, My Girl, Boys over Flowers)

Written by Lee Youngcheol (High Kick 1, 2, 3, Kimchi Cheese Smile)

Music by Park Geuncheol (Goong, Queen of Games, City Hunter, Lovers in Paris)

Art by Noh Sangsoon (You Are Beautiful, My Girlfriend is Goo Mi Ho, Shining Inheritance)

Produced by Kim Hoon (White Tower-assistant producer-, Love in Harvard, etc)

Action by Jung Jingeun

*Will this drama be Dream High 1 or Dream High 2? Boys over Flowers was very popular but left a bad impression because of the changes made to the story by the script writer. I’m not sure about the writer whose main work has been for sitcoms. Competition with the rival dramas that start about the same time in August is expected to be very tough: Lee Joonki, a popular top star, is coming back in a historical fiction drama after finishing his military service; the other drama with Song Joongki and Moon Chaewon. Tough! but fighting~

[Source: DC SHINee Gallery, Bestiz, Naver]


23 thoughts on “[info] To Beautiful You Cast & Staff

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    Too many changes from the original story already, especially about the nurse who know the heroine’s secret? He? Does korean that homophobic?

    Alas, in original manga&live acrion(not counting 2010 ver) the principal involvement is: nearly zero. Hope they can pull the story, and doesn’t pull a cliche-makjangness

    Sulli is a great child actress, I hope she can improve or at least maintain her ability. Go Sulli Go!!

  3. hmm… so they got rid of the reporter character and replaced it with a teacher in korean.

    but i still hope the other shinee members can have cameo roles… keke. there are a lot of students in the dorm anyways… so i’m still hoping… 🙂

    i don’t know any of the actors though coz i haven’t seen their dramas yet. But based on what i’ve read, the actor playing nakatsu is really good. and nakatsu was my favorite in hana kimi.

    i really am excited for this drama even before they revealed the cast.

    thanks for the info juju.

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  5. i may get bashed for saying this but i dont like sulli. im gonna watch this drama hoping that ill find it in my heart to finally like her. i also wish to see the rest of SHINee doing a cameo in this drama.

    • some people think sulli is too big to be the character, but it’s a korean remake, so if she can play the girl dressed up as a boy convincingly, i don’t care about her size. which means she should really cut her hair and shouldn’t try to look pretty in the drama. i didn’t see the manga, didn’t watch j-drama, so have no preconceived ideas. i think i’ll be a pretty fair reviewer.

  6. oh i wonder how this’ll be!! oh i’m so excited!!
    i hope it’s good!!! i absolutely loved the Japanese version! (the first one)!

  7. Juju you’re alive! xD

    I’m liking the cast… I always hoped Heechul would get casted as the eccentric dorm president (but that’s not possible), but I guess Gwanghee would do too… The character is supposed to be eccentric, obnoxious and over-dramatic.. I think he can pull it off.

    anyway, do you have any idea if the nurse is gay in this drama? He IS in both the Japanese drama and manga.. I really don’t want them to change that..

    the reporter is supposed to be in love with him originally, but here it’s changed to the teacher, but I guess that’s not that big of a deal.

    what I REALLY want to change is the over-acting.. the Japanese drama, though great, had plenty of it at times.. I know it’s for laughs, but I think that it’s such a turn-off. Also, sometimes the Japanese drama had whole episodes just for dorm-competitions (no plot development), I didn’t mind it at first but it got annoying.

    anyway, I hope Minho does well. I want him to get good reviews! I’d hate to see him being bashed on sites like AKP >__>

    anyway.. thanks for the update Juju! ^^

    • no i don’t think the nurse is a gay in this remake. they probably changed it cuz it doen’t fit in with korean social condition? korean viewers won’t like too much overacting either. it depends on the writer and the director. i’m a bit concerned cuz the writer has only written for sitcoms, not for regular dramas. we’ll have to see…

      • Is that so? but I thought the korean public would be fine with it since some really popular dramas (secret garden, personal preference..) had gay characters.. If they do change it I don’t think it would be because of that.

        the thing is.. that’s the theme of the manga/jdrama, you know? homosexuality/ questioning sexuality/ cross-dressing.. etc. If they didn’t want the theme, they shouldn’t have chosen this drama in the first place :/

      • well, having a gay character in a high school setting can be unrealistic in korean society. there are now open gays in korea, but i don’t think anyone who came out can maintain his job in high school. The gay character in personal preference was not openly gay if I remember correctly. right it will make the theme more obvious and interesting, but even without having an open gay character there have been dramas with cross-dressing characters.

      • so he can be not openly gay then? I hope so at least.. well anyway you do have a point.. We’ll see how they go about it.

      • We’ll have to see. I’m secretly hoping the writer make implications about the confusion of sexuality through the character. That will make the drama more interesting and deep 🙂

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  10. Pingback: [NEWS] Lee Hyun Woo to play second lead actor in “To the Beautiful You”! | Korean Media Cafe

  11. hello, i’m newbie here

    well, i’ve watched the japanese version, n i got no interest for it. But maybe, i’ll see this drama ’cause minho and sulli get the main role. Yeah, they’re my bias 🙂
    and i hope the rest of shinee member will playing a role. Yeah, i’m waiting the drama i’d die.

    then, thanks for this post, i’ll love to visit ur blog again.

    • Hello~ thanks for leaving a comment! I’m also looking forward to the drama. Minho seems to be perfect as the character. Can’t wait!

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