[photo] Onew with Quincy Jones

Well, I had to post this photo. Did Quincy Jones, a legendary producer famous for producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, come to see SM Town Live in LA? Why with Onew among all the other SM artists? Yes, a fan’s mind is flying here and there. All right, so he took a photo with a member from each SM group: with Yesung and with Sunny.

[Source: twitter]


9 thoughts on “[photo] Onew with Quincy Jones

  1. It would be so great for Onew if something
    REALLY great came out of this “picture”!^^

    Look at that smile!!:’D

  2. He also took a photo with Super Junior’s Yesung, so I guess he met other SM artists as well. I wonder how this happened, though! It would be so cool if he worked on something with SM! Sigh, if only.

  3. I’m a mvp and when I saw this image I was so happy, many great ideas about this came to my mind, hopefully this will have great result for shinee

  4. i guess our imagination has gone too far again but nothing is impossible for one who believes, and we all know what SHInee is capable of doing,and modesty aside ,they are the best in their generation of kpop artists. i have always believed that they could make it in the international scene if given the right chance at the right time. SHINee hwaiting!

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