[info] SHINee Sherlock Oricon Chart Ranking (Updated)

This isn’t bad considering there is almost no promotion. For comparison with previous single sales on the first day:

110622 50,270 Replay
110830 25,595 JULIETTE
111012 18,409 LUCIFER
120516 28,045 Sherlock

[Cr: JHolic@DC SHINee Gallery]

FYI, Lucifer sold more (over 20,000) on the 2nd day.


2nd day sales & ranking: 3rd 8,889

*This doesn’t look good  (well, not too behind compared to Lucifer JP?). Can this be because some JP fans who bought the Korean version don’t buy this JP version? because this was released too soon after the Korean one? I’m afraid the weekly sales may not even reach 50K.

*FYI, Lucifer JP sales in 1st week:

18,409 + 20,426 + 3,689 + 2,424 + 1,761…=50,398


3rd day sales & ranking: 3rd 3,991

*I think Sherlock JP will make 50K at least. A more positive view is that SHINee can sell this much even without any promotion, that SHINee has a solid fanbase in Japan.


4th day sales & ranking: 3rd 2,971

1st week sales:

05/15 28,045
05/16 *8,889
05/17 *3,991
05/18 *2,971
05/19 **,***
05/20 **,***
total   43,896
weekly  **,***


21 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Sherlock Oricon Chart Ranking (Updated)

  1. mmm, it’s dissapointing emi don’t promote this awesome song and so fantastic dance of shinee properly. it feels like emi told sm ‘ok,u must make the jap.ver for this’ but without any ‘weapon’ 😦 i hope i’m wrong. oh,no i must sleep now. thanks juju:-)

  2. i really am disappointed with how emi barely promotes shinee 😦 i mean lack of tv appearance really hurts their sales. i know shinee can do so much better with the right promotion but *sigh* i hope emi improves with shinee. goodluck to sherlock single.

  3. I don’t know if its solely EMI’s fault.
    It’s said to be some kind of “war” for the male kpop idols promoting in Japan from the “johnnies”company, and sabotaging their appearances on TV shows in general i don’t know if it’s true as a whole because i don’t keep track of the other male idols Japanese promotions.
    if anyone knows anything about the other boys groups what they do over there please share so we can xompare and contrast!^^;

    But still don’t forget SHINee and TVXQ were the only sold out tours so far !^^

    • fans complain, I think, because Avex, the JP company for SM’s other artists, does a better job at least with promotion activities. there is probably some kind of blocking from johnnies, but still EMI is quite powerless in scheduling shinee’s TV appearances. what i wonder is whether SM chose EMI with a full awareness of it, whether it’s part of SM’s strategy for shinee.

      • maybe as you are speculating bellow maybe they are not so intetested to use EMI’s power for japanese market but more to the European one? Abbey road was a huge japanese promotional stant but in UK grounds!;D

      • it’s hard to tell cuz there’s still a long way to go with European activities. As for the Abbey Road live, i think sm used it to promote shinee in japan as the japanese have a special feeling for beatles.

      • i didnt know that about japan and beatles^^; then only time can tell…
        my only wish is to keep shinee in korean grounds for a good amount of time after the whole japan arena tour…
        “selfishly” i like them in korea more.

  4. You’d think EMI would have noticed by now sales trends correlate with good promotion and TV appearances. They got it right the first time with Replay, why aren’t they repeating the same formula. It’s a shame, the Sherlock choreography is so awesome.

    I really hope for an original Japanese single after their Korean comeback later this year, because I don’t think fans are going to appreciate another remake.

    • i think i heard the japanese lyrics don’t sound quite good? a bit disappointing? so i wondered why emi couldn’t do better with lyrics translation. and for shinee original jp singles, emi is known for good music and artists, isn’t it? this one seems to be just one of common jp pop songs. but it makes shinee’s vocals more outstanding. i’m now getting curious what SM is thinking, what is their long-term plan for shinee… is it they don’t want shinee to be too popular in jp? hmm…

      • I’ve been wondering about SM’s long term plans for Shinee as well. They seemed to have payed a lot for Tony Testa to create the choreography for Sherlock, so that means they are willing to invest quite a bit in the group. A full album is coming later this year aswell and from the tidbits that we’ve heard, it looks like some effort is being put into it, if it’s been in the making for the last couple of months.

        So I’m left wondering , what’s going on in Japan? What happened to that ‘S? Project’ or whatever it was EMI said to have planned for Shinee’s venture in Japan – It was going so well at the beginning. The only thing that I can think of is their having problems with timing and planning (scheduling that doesn’t clash with their Korean activities).

        It’s all very confusing o_O

      • it is. one thing to consider: emi’s financial problems? iu didn’t do so well in jp. anyway some say kpop boom is not like before in jp. that’s another thing to consider. sm must know better than us about all the trend changes in jp market. but i’m pretty sure sm will invest in shinee bc they should become sm’s main with tvxq and suju getting old.

    • Do you have any idea, how long SHINee’s contract with EMI is for? If it’s about the the same length as Kara’s, they might have a chance at a better deal, they have so much potential!

  5. I wish for SHINee to do well in Japan too. Maybe they’re planning something under their sleeves and like preparing for that. Also, having 20+ rounds of shows must be energy draining. Combining that with tv shows and promotions for Sherlock in Japan must drain them a lot more. Key also has a musical, he still needs to go back and forth. Minho must be preparing already with the drama. And there’s the SMTOWN Concerts. Flights here and there. And, they are not that confident in Japanese language yet. So, I think they’re fine with where they are now. They must learn more about the culture so that they can get the most benefits in shows. Maybe they don’t want SHINee to be just another kpop group venturing into the Japanese market. And, maybe SHINee made the Sherlock album to shorten their hiatus and to remind everyone that SHINee is going towards some direction. ‘To do what we can as we are now’ is what they said.. so maybe the next album would be different from Sherlock and putting Sherlock for another time won’t suit them any more after this upcoming album. Hence, it would be probable to say that the Sherlock album was produced out of someone’s, if not SHINee’s whim.

    But, I can’t deny that I am also confused. O.O

  6. More than EMI, I still think somehow SM’s taking the fans’ support for granted. Re-releasing the translated song from a Korean comeback doesn’t seem like a feasible long-term plan to maintain a Japanese fanbase. I think it just won’t cut it. And sooner or later, those numbers will drop. As much as I want to think that its not about the sales but the love the fans have for them, at the end of they day, it’s still about the money they bring in to the company and whether the investments provide a good return to them. I just hope that the boys are getting as much as they’ve worked so hard for. 😦 But then again, this is SM. Once again, it’ll be best to put aside whatever negative issues/rumours the company has and trust that this will not only benefit them as a business but as well as their artists.

  7. i am really disappointed with emi and sm..!! how could they treat and manage shinee like this!! shinee have a lot of potential to grow and become more popular than they are now.. is there any ways we can tell EMI/SM regarding this?? like a manifesto/letter (i know its a bit dumb suggestion) ha3….
    have you guys (k-shawol/j-shawol) do smthing abt ths matter??
    coz, you know my heart feel unease abt this… bigbang will make Alive concert soon..i know tht they will getting more attention than shinee!!! im sooo sad..

  8. i’m worried that their sales are low on the 2nd and 3rd day… honestly I liked the korean version better than the jap but I thought that the japanese shawols would like it either way… so i’m wondering about the sales…

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