[TV] SHINee on Japan Morning Show 120514

SHINee had a busy day. After their concert in Kobe, they appeared in the early morning show and then flew back to Korea for the Star King Show. There seems to be almost no big promotion activities scheduled for the new single release again. When can we see SHINee again on M Station? EMI is so disappointing 😦 Anyway, hope they will rest well.

*NB: Taemin singing a part of “Honesty”


2 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee on Japan Morning Show 120514

  1. wah!!! thank you so much Juju!!! super fast!!
    i should be going to sleep now…but you uploaded this!!! hehehehe!!!
    and i too hope they rest well!! Taemin sure seemed really excited to be back in Korea today!! (….well yesterday!) and i have to say his airport fashion today was SO NICE~!!! and he wore a Tokidoki Marvel hat!!!! (i LOVE Tokidoki!!)

  2. i cant understand EMI’s promotional/marketing strategy. i just hope they are doing right. anyway, thank you soo much juju for subbing this cause i was like so blank when i first saw this vid without the subs. but of course not completely, seeing shinee even without understanding a thing is all worthwhile.

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