I AM Documentary Director Talks about SHINee

Q: Did you like idol groups before?

A: I liked SNSD (laugh). After making the movie, I’m now interested in SHINee a lot.

Q: Isn’t SHINee a male group?

A: Everyone works hard, but SHINee really works hard. I was moved seeing it while shooting.

[Source: cine21 | scan by 송이눈@DC | trans by jujugal]

*This director is not the first one who converts to become a shawol after meeting our boys. After SM Town concert in New York, the New York Times reporter picked SHINee as the most impressive group. Not only for their awesome performances. Whoever gets to see SHINee more personally is moved by their sincere and hard-working attitude. Hope they will stay as such even as they grow more popular!


23 thoughts on “I AM Documentary Director Talks about SHINee

  1. everytime i read comments like these
    i feel like a proud mother or sister of the boys.
    their families should be proud of them also. because they seem to have raised them really well. family is the most important element when building up your personality
    it seems they did great!^_^
    SHINee deserve the praises. because they work hard and if you ask me i believe they trully genuinely love what they are doing that’s why perhaps they are afraid they might loose it?^^;
    but i am sure these boys will grow even more!!
    Just wait and see<3

  2. recently ive been meeting a lot of new shawols on YT and SHINee forums and this makes me feel very happy. everybody says the same that SHINee is a group that isnt hard to love, they have that something that makes you feel they are different from others. now i reminisce the time when i first became a shawol, honestly i cant remember exactly when, it just happened all of a sudden. i liked suju and beast before them but i never got this feeling that i have for SHINee now. im so happy that i have chosen to adore this group, i know i made the perfect choice and im going to stay until the day when music no longer exists, but could that day be ever possible? i guess not so im staying until forever ^_^

    • i agree with you… SHINee is my first and only kpop group… too bad I didn’t know about them till 2011. i first heard of suju though cuz of my elf cousin but I really didn’t get addicted with their songs… i mean i like some of their songs but they didn’t grab my full attention like what SHINee did to me…

      • wow, shinee really got new fans during their hiatus. i wonder what got you into shinee world. anyway, i also browsed and watched other sm groups before getting to know about shinee. boom! and i was deeply into them 🙂

      • I got into shinee world during replay jap version…. i saw the dance video first and was mesmerized by taemin…that time, i thought SHINee was the best dance group ever and i still think they are… then i started watching their other videos even rino’s original choreo… i got hooked after watching hello baby

  3. i am so happy… the director is now a SHINee fanboy. too bad haters can’t see what these people can… everytime I read articles about artists or people who originally don’t like kpop, amazed when they see SHINee, i feel so proud… that is why these boys deserve to get major awards…. i hope they get the daesang(?) one day…

  4. i’m exactly like the director. snsd were the reason i was introduced to kpop, but shinee stole my heart, when i first saw them (pictures only) i honestly thought they were talentedless and another flower boy kpop group, so i didn’t even look into them. but for some reason i did like 6 months ago and i have never looked back, and i regret not paying attention to them from the begining. they are so young yet their talent is just mind blowing. it honestly took me just a few days to come to the conclusion that i was a shawol

    • haha, so you are one of those who became a shawol during shinee’s long hiatus! welcome to shinee world. sherlock must be the first shinee song you watched from the teaser then. wasn’t it awesome? haha, their beauty hides their talent, yeah, it’s true, but once you hear their music, you find there’s no other like them 😉

  5. I wonder what to hate about these boys sometimes.. They’re talented? Too hardworking? handsome? Too shining?
    I don’t know why haters hated them for the same reason as shawol loved them..
    I’m quite the same to all of u here.. I’ve watched suju so many times before.. I even went to their SS4 not so long a go. But nothing catched my attention as SHINee did.
    To be honest, I once had a dark side of life.. Got some problems and stuffs.. But suddenly I found SHINee and able to get rid of my problems. This might sound cliche, but it’s true.
    Their positive attitude, hardworking side touched me the most. They inspired me I guess.. Seeing them so young, but so determined, I fell in love to kpop for the first time.
    Truthfully I’m not a kpop lover even until now.. But I love SHINee.. I don’t think it’s gonna change. I love their voices, dances, music, attitude, and everything about them.
    I’m a proud Shawol. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on It's me facing me… and commented:
    I am so happy.

    There’s nothing to hate actually (same goes for other groups). It’s just some pipz not able to accept “another” talented, handsome groups. I’ve got nothing against getting so attached to something but somehow, it leaves us narrow-minded for other things of the same nature of that ‘something’.

    Thanks juju for this!

  7. I became a shawol in 2011.. I never regretted it; they brought so much joy to my life, and they made me feel like a part of a big family: SHINee World!

    Juju, are you reading this? I hope you are.. maybe it’s because I’m new and I haven’t seen what you’ve seen but I do want you to see this fandom in a better light- the way I see it..I haven’t commented here before, but I felt I should let my voice reach you.. I hope you can continue to love SHINee forever, even if you stop subbing for us, even if you dissappear, I just hope that love remains in your heart…

    I am one of those rare shawols that doesn’t have a bias in SHINee.. I love all of them equally for different reasons… and I’d never dare hurt any of them. ever.

    thank you for everything Juju.. I love your words and your work ^^

    • rest assured, juju is reading all of our messages ^_^ and ill bet my life, she wont be leaving SHINee until forever haha.

    • thanks, sara, for letting your voice heard here! i really appreciate it since i want to make this blog as a place for communication. there are moments i feel so lonely. one good thing after all the fuss i made last time is i got to know there are fans like you and to hear their voices.
      btw, you really didn’t say about the way you see the fandom 🙂 i still don’t know how to see this fandom honestly.

      • I don’t deny that our fandom has problems, but I feel they died down a loooot recently..

        I think age has a lot to do with it .. in the beginning, SHINee world mostly consisted of older fans (compared to SHINee themselves), but now a lot of the new fans are so, so young (I’m talking 11-13 year olds), so many childish fights are childish because, in fact, they are started by children.

        Also, compared to our senior fandoms, I feel we don’t have much to complain about (our division, if you can even call it that, is in no way comparable).

        I think that since there has been a long gap between lucifer and sherlock promotions, fans changed, some left while new ones came.. some left after sherlock because they decided that they didn’t like the new SHINee (why they don’t is beyond me, to be honest).. but you said it before, right? “I feel purified”

        most importantly, there are so SO many more fans that I feel proud to live with in this SHINee world, yourself included. They are so great that they blind me so I can’t so much as acknowledge to the bad side- much less pay attention to it.

  8. For SHINee to gain even male (not to mention adult) fans only proves that their appeal do not only attract the young female audiences. I’m so happy that they are receiving such kind of love from different people; it proves how different they really are from other groups.

    Also, I saw their recent appearance on that Japanese morning program and I especially loved the bit when the host/s said they are probably the best because they are hard-working and really sincere. It makes me feel so proud that people can see that their popularity goes beyond the talent that they have, most importantly because it’s so evident that they are enjoying what they do– regardless of the exhausting schedules they must have.

    Like many others I was not originally interested in SHINee when I first got into K-Pop. But I do believe that I speak on behalf of SW when I say that once you encounter them, it would be difficult to not love them. :’)

    P.S. Their anniversary is so soon! I’m so happy for them even though it’s not even the 25th yet. Hahaha.


  9. actually all of shinee’s member is my oppas
    but every time i read the news about them i always feel as a proud mom :’)
    how can i am? lol
    i love them since lucifer-hello era,
    the first kpop group who i know, who introduce me about kpop and make me falling in love of them so deeply, i cant move to another fandoms :*
    i dissapointed why many shawols out there dislike shinee’s activity in japan? if they are really love them just enjoy their music and looking forward for them 🙂

    ps : sorry juju my english is so bad
    i can’t write english fluently,
    its the reason i can’t type a coments at all of your posts
    i’m so sorry juju :*

    • as I always say, we are using “international english”, so don’t feel shy about your english. i can completely understand what you want to say 🙂

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