[magazine] Onew’s Voice Color in W Korea May

If Jonghyun’s voice has a rich spectrum, Onew’s voice pierces one’s ears clearly.

It’s not simply because Onew throws sounds in a straight line, but because he knows how to make rhythm with lyrics groovy.

As SHINee’s music moves on from its early character with a flowing melody line to its current one with a strong rhythmic sense emphasized, Onew, who was a sub-vocalist, is rushing forward to the front.

-Kim Seulki (<W Korea>editor)

[Source: http://sugarhoneybaby.tistory.com/ | trans by jujugal]


10 thoughts on “[magazine] Onew’s Voice Color in W Korea May

  1. jinki yah?? see this?!see this???

    onew’s voice asdfggjkl>.<
    his voice is my lullaby 🙂
    especially at The Name I Loved song..
    his voice suits in any songs..

    its sad to know he cried because of the mistakes that he made during arena tour..
    it wasn't a big problem jinki:)
    just show us a better performance later, okokok

    let's tossing onewwwww!!!

    • really? is it a serious mistake that it made him cry? aw, poor jinki.. i hope he wouldnt feel that bad.. i always love him even for his mistakes..

    • someone translated j-shawol’s fanacc..

      i found his mistakes as a cute ones too, but if its make him uncomfortable, i wouldn’t..

      we all learn best through making mistakes, fighting onew 🙂

  2. even if jong is the lead vocalist and baby taem is my bias i love onew’s singing voice more, its so warm, sweet and deep. i remember the time when i first knew about SHINee, it was onew’s hearty smile and voice that got me into them, he was my first bias until one day baby taem stole my heart unnoticed haha.

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