[review] Key as Frank in Catch Me If You Can

2nd stage, let’s learn how to overcome one’s weakness.

The time when the word ‘almighty key’ was awkward has passed. SHINee’s Key expresses himself without reserve from singing and dancing to fashion and fine art. Especially his cover of (girl) group dance and songs is an outcome of his constant observation of each group’s unique point and rhymes. Making his debut as a musical actor in Catch Me like Sunny, he shows his sharp observation through his detailed reactions. When he makes a gesture like nosebleeding at the moment a playboy model shows up or when he mouths his father’s story that has been repeated 100th time, it vitalizes his own and the partner’s acting and enriches the play. It is true that he has weak points such as his short breath, inaccurate pronunciation, and lack of control, but he knows how to hide them with his reactions and with his boldness to overcome the pressure as the one top main. He knows how to make comic points with his sly wit and how to make himself outstanding on stage by instinct. I think he will be good as Nathan in Guys and Dolls. Especially, I’m pleased to imagine Key singing “Sue Me” while saying ‘noona’ to an older lover.

[Source: http://m10.asiae.co.kr/view.htm?no=2012050620010871020 | trans by jujugal]

*Key knows his strength and uses it effectively. I believe he knows what kind of characters will suit him and how to make them his own.

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3 thoughts on “[review] Key as Frank in Catch Me If You Can

  1. key such a master at babo faces acting, like in his CMIC and at SNSD vcr concert.haha

  2. thank you for sharing this… i appreciate your posts because they are fresh and not something we can usually find in sites such as AKP

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