[fanart] What Happens at SHINee’s Afterparty

[Source: DC SHINee Gallery | trans by jujugal]

A fan drew this after watching Weekly Idol with SHINee.


11 thoughts on “[fanart] What Happens at SHINee’s Afterparty

  1. heeheeheehee!!!! this is so cute and funny!!!!
    i only so far watched Onew’s wrestling part cos it was subbed!!!
    can’t wait for the whole thing!!

  2. i haven’t watched yet, ill just wait till the whole thing will be subbed.. im so happy seeing them this lively. who’s the person Dubu is wrestling with?

  3. Wow, miss them in korean variety show, sherlock is too short for their long hiatus, i hope i can watch the full subbing

  4. off topic but I just want to say thanks for opening up this blog again. Even though you don’t intend to update this site anymore I’m really glad I can go back & read what you have posted on this site (Such as the IMS2 fan accounts & interviews ^^) I appricate all your efforts!

    On topic this FA is cute…need to start making some fanart of my own! (or at least finish my fan game ><;;)

  5. what is jjong n taem doing actually??
    does it from weekly idol??
    haven’t watched>.<

    • ohh, thanks juju
      i thought it was from weekly idol because of onew and key

      but recently jjong seems like he isn’t the cry baby anymore..haha

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