What Is Your Wish for SHINee?

“Taemin can’t pretend…” – this is the title for a Taemin cut I made and subbed recently. I think it applies to SHINee too. They are one of the most professional in Kpop groups in the sense that they do their very best on stage. SHINee is known for their live performance whose CD-like quality even confuses fans, and Jonghyun often inserts a roaring sound to show they are singing live. However, they are one of the worst in lip syncing. They don’t even seem to try hard to look like they are not lip syncing. They are bad pretenders.

When SHINee appeared in Lee Sora’s Propose after their comeback, MC Lee Sora said, “SHINee is different.” She saw SHINee in a gayo program; when they appeared on stage after a string of other groups, they left a lasting impression on her. SHINee has impressed people with their high quality singing and dancing. SHINee has also been recognized for their attitude on stage in trying to do their best like a new group even years after their debut.

Indeed, SHINee looked different this time. Sherlock is an intensive song in its concept, strong sound, and physical dance moves. However, it is not just the song’s intensive nature that distinguishes SHINee’s performance. As Key said in the interview with Lee Sora, they were full of “spites” — “determination” — as they were practicing for their comeback in one and half year. In other words, a sense of crisis, anxiety, and urgency was underneath their determined performance whose intensive quality grabbed people’s attention.

I was rather convinced about SHINee’s successful comeback after listening to the song. I was so sure about SHINee’s music and performance quality. What I missed with my confidence was how much pressure SHINee had as they were in their 5th year as a group when SM was launching a new male group with the loudest (prolonged) fanfare.

Not only in their performances. They were trying harder than usual even during a talk time. Can it be that they are hiding their vulnerability under their intensive performances? Can it be they are trying to prove something? to prove what? In the Taxi SHINee cut, SHINee made wishes after a happy surprise event prepared by the production team. Key’s wish was for SHINee to be together for a long time. Minho also wished for them to stay more united. It gave me a glimpse of the sense of anxiety likely to be in their hearts.

As far as I know, SM’s contract with their groups has been readjusted to 7 years at maximum after the long-period contract became an issue. However, I’m not sure about SM’s contract with each member.

I hope our boys will be able to do activities “separately and together” in SHINee for a long time. Then, each of them needs to find their niche through different individual activities while working together as SHINee. Onew has established his career as a musical actor and as an entertainer. Minho is cast as the main character in SM’s remake of Hana Kimi. Jonghyun has been writing lyrics but has yet to develop his solo career (I think Jonghyun might be a member who is the most attached to SHINee; he once said he identifies himself with SHINee). Key made a debut as a musical actor. He needed to have such a chance no matter what some fans say. Taemin is still young and exploring different things. His run with Immortal Song 2 has turned out better than expected.

SHINee might need to prove to SM they are worth keeping after their contract is over. They need to stay united. It is the same with fans. To make it happen, fans need to stay united too. It makes me sad to think we may see more divisive fan politics. It won’t help at all, but there are always those who try to do whatever to take a good pie of the fandom in case. Keep your eyes open. Don’t be swayed. Fans can lend a hand in making/breaking a group.

After all, what we all want is for our boys to be happy whether they stay as SHINee or not. They could part ways, but I wish each of them could prosper and be happy wherever they are and no matter what happens. Having said that, I have to confess that I can’t help but hold on my selfish desire to see SHINee as long as possible. Because they are my first idol group and highly likely to be my last.

Love them as much as you can while you can. Now. Cherish what you have at this very moment.


23 thoughts on “What Is Your Wish for SHINee?

  1. ^^^^^^^^^^ That’s a real Shawol right here people!!\^_^/

    Thank you for the post juju!
    all i am wishing is for the real shawols to understand and appreciate what
    these five amazing boys have and offer to us…and continue support them
    till the end! no matter what whatever the outcome SHINee always try and do the best
    for us and for themselves.
    We should always be proud of them!

  2. welcome back juju ! U are a real true shawol here ^^

    From ur posts , i realise u are a really wise person ^^ Most of the shawols like them for what they see on the surface – their shining appearances , stage perfs and stage presence but you seem to be able to dwell deeper , like as if u are reading their minds. I really respect you for that ^^

    Yupp , we all hope they will be together forever and i believe they will so continue supporting them and giving them the “boost” that they need always!

    SHINee +SHINee World hwaiting ~

  3. Sales for their coming album/repackage are very important if we want SHINee to win the Daesang this year, I hope Shawols can pull together to achieve great success for them!

  4. i don’t think that’s selfish juju.. im also wishing the same, almost all of us do. they have a lot of opportunities in the future because they are talented, determined and hardworking.. its normal for them to have their worries, at least we can see that they are still grounded and humble. i think they feel that they have a lot to prove and explore yet, i remember when jong once told that they would like to be the best group in the entire universe haha. we may not know if they’ll decide to stay as a group after their contract but im sure they’ll be a family even offstage. as for me, ill support our boys no matter what, as a group or individually as my favorite tagline goes, once a shawol always a shawol!

  5. Welcome Back Juju…

    Your Statement Really Make Me Think Twice…At First i Thought Minho n Key Wish Reflect With The Current Issue Right Now (They All Seem Look Awkward Each Other)…

    I Really want To See More From Them As SHINee….Their Music, Character and Smile Makes My Day ….

    The Way They Taking Care Each Other, Respect Others n The Way They Communicated To Each Other Not Like Others Idol Group Coz They Like’s Family…Like’s Brothers…

    (Sorry For My Bad English)

  6. Can i cry now juju? T___T
    I’m so touched reading this. I couldnt imagine if one day they’re…gone. I dont know what i would be at that time. Juju, you’re not the only one who thinks that. I also wanted them to be together for longer! I hope they’re still together and wait for me to go meet them when i already graduated. 2 more years i will. T.T i know im selfish but i love each one of them so much, that i love them more and more everyday.
    Juju, me too. SHINee is my first idol grp and they will be my last too. I cant think of any other group as much as SHINee.
    Im here for them til the end.

  7. thank you so much Juju. you’ve said the words out of my heart and of many true shawols out there. it’s so touching. SHINee World is so happy to have such dedicated people like you. I just want to say thank you and I love you. btw, just a little to share, I’be been saving all information, photos, perfs, shows and anything related to our boys since they prepared for the comeback into a folder and you know what, it is named ” 2012 Y.O.U “. I don’t really know why but I got the feeling that 2012 is going to be the year of SHINee and SHINee World, and I have been holding high hope and confidence in their winning Daesang this year. So, after watching the video above, I thought to myself that “yeah, yeah Taem. Your wish is likely to become true” and it costs nothing to keep hoping, right ? ^^;;; Therefore, let’s stay together and go through any thick and thin <333

  8. Yes a true shawol will support them no matter what. I hope i will be with them for a very long time whether in happy or sad. The have said so many times that SHINee World is their strength. So Shawol lets cheer our boys always, whether as a group or individually. You are not the only one who selfish, me too. I want see SHINee for a very long time as possible. But we must face the reality that every company have a contract for their artist, one day maybe SM would not extend their contract with SHINee. But that’s not mean that we as Shawol shall stop or support for SHINee. SHINee is also my first idol group and to be last, i love all of them. I assume them such as my older brother :’). I hope they will more get a great success than before as their hard effort they put all this time. And lets pray all their hope will come true. Daesang award for SHINee this year, it would be great 🙂

  9. I think the reason I was most hesitant about entering the SHINee fandom is the fact that SHINee are already nearing their 5 years and with SM I feel uncertain about what they will be doing next. Like you I am also hoping that they will stay together even after their contract with SM is over and that whatever has happened to other SM groups won’t happen to them.

    I consider SHINee my primary fandom nowadays but my old fandom was SS501. After SS501 ended their contract with DSP, they disbanded and went their separate ways. I don’t like listening to their old stuff because it makes me nostalgic about the friendship they once said they had. I am not delusional to think that all the members talk to each other because I am well aware that they don’t. I used to think that Triple S were very united but after they all went their separate ways only a minority of fans really supported all of the members. Rumors and gossip got to everyone despite the fact that the members warned us not to let that stuff get to us. And sadly enough Kim Hyung Joong’s (Leader’s) fans overwhelmed us all…

    I want SHINee to end differently and like you, SHINee will probably be my last idol group. After them I will probably stop being into k-pop and move on to other things. I hope that Shawols won’t let rumors and gossip affect them and that they will stay united and support all of the members whether they are together or not. Here I am hoping that SHINee will be like Shinhwa and stay together 10-14 years into the future. Cheers!

    • i have a lot to say about how DSP managed SS501, but just one thing: if you saw what happened to them, you’d give some credits to SM’s way of supporting each member’s individual activities. well, it can never be exactly even, but compared to other managements, i think SM is fairly trying. for their futures as an individual artist and as a group, that’s very important. i feel so sorry for SS501.
      i realize these days my boys are still very young. i’m older than them, and now i know certain things you fussed over at a time can be nothing when you look back later. i hope all of them will be wise enough not to… and to… (you know what i want to say 🙂 )

      • I think most people have a lot to say about the way DSP managed SS501, I think that their biggest mistake was not supporting all the members and giving them equal opportunities to showcase their individual talents or expand them. I agree too, at least right now it seems that SM is trying to give all the members some type of individual activities and letting them shine in different areas. All of them seem to be almost on equal grounds when it comes to popularity.

        Yeah, I tend to forget how young SHINee are and how young they debuted. I am not older than any of them but I see them as kids anyways. I think the fact that all of them seem to be very grounded gives me a lot of hope. I love their teamwork and they seem to be the most comfortable right now than they have ever been (and by that I mean on stage, variety shows, etc…). I believe in them and I almost forgot to say this but glad to have you back juju! :))).

  10. what do you mean? I’ve never thought SHINee would disband. just pray the best for them. keep hoping they will be together forever :’) I really love SHINee!

  11. i agree with you juju… i’ve always had this thought and I’m glad you shared it… this will also enlighten shawols

    like you, i want SHINee to last for a very long time and I hope they will remain friends even when they grow old. I know it’s not possible for a boyband to stay forever, but I don’t even want to think of them disbanding yet… i am still new in the kpop world and I can’t bring myself to like other groups other than SHINee. yes, i can like songs of other kpop artists but i only want to remain a shawol….

    it also pains me when fans are spreading rumors and misinterpret their actions. i sometimes think that some shawols have lost their sense of humor that they take everything seriously and what they say literally. Don’t they want to watch SHINee for a long time for them to be spreading such rumors? I hate fanwars but what I hate the most is a war within the fandom. when some fans say that they are entitled to their own opinion, what i think is that there are certain things that are better kept to yourself because it may turn out to be untrue and just cause a war within the fandom. fans should also not forget that SHINee are boys and they are humans too. They may quarrel at times but that’s just normal.

    i’m so glad you’re back juju because this is the only place i can really express what i think and feel cuz people here are open-minded.

    • i do feel the same about the fandom, its so sad that there are some people who are like that. lets just stay positive and encourage other shawols who may feel dispirited because of the false rumors..

    • what is sad is they are ruining their bias’s image for other shawols. yes in the name of love. how ironical. they need to get their sense of humor back and send positive energy to him. staying positive and praying for the best, that’s what i’m trying to do these days. thanks for all your comments!

  12. Reblogged this on It's me facing me… and commented:
    My wish for them is that they would remain friends with each other and stay healthy for them to pursue their dreams, as one and as someone. Yes, I would like other singers but not as much as how I love SHINee. For them, my love will go on through whatever. I will never forget that they are the reason why I liked Kpop.

  13. I wish SHINee will always 5 and nothing bad happened to each member.
    Even if it does happen, hope they can find solution that makes them grow…

    Love you always SHINee, especially Onew Dubu 🙂

  14. So glad you are back! Have to confess, I actually teared while reading this post. Never thought I would be so attached to them, so I’m a selfish fan too, I want them to stay as long as possible.

    Our boys didn’t change, the fans did. Sometimes, it’s so disheartening it’s really hard to stay objective when certain baseless issues are blown out of proportions. Some of us just lost it and fell deeper into lies and rumours woven. I’m sure our boys want to stay with us, so the only thing we can do is to stay with them till the end 🙂 Let’s encourage everyone in the fandom, shall we?

    P.S: I’m really happy that you are back! 🙂

  15. I love Shinee. Maybe it’s because they are my first K-pop band and they really got me into k-pop. I admit at first i only looked at them all as Shinee and i called myself a fan when i haven’t done 3 things i say it takes to be a true fan. 1. Know their names and a few facts that make them unique 2. Know there top songs but also the forgotten songs and when asked which is your favorite you answer “All!” or something similar 3. You get/make a stuff animal and name it your after your favorite, but if your a crazy fan go for the whole group. Now i know them as people not a group and love following their videos. Because 5+ of the age difference just makes me love and respect them. I don’t know about there bonds because even the best of friends can become enemies, but i hope they stick together and SMTown renews their contract.I also hope they come to LA in non testing season for high schoolers. Because of exams(CST) i can’t go to their concert tomorrow(May 20th, 2012) and because they are four hours away! >.< i may never see them in concert but i love them and i still wanna see them!!!

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