[TV] Taemin Singing I Don’t Know at Immortal Song 2

Eng sub by jujugal

fancam: Cr to rheetaemin | Up by TodaysGreatItaem

*The original was a common dance song. The song was rearranged into a sad ballad. Taemin’s voice, so emotional, stirs a listener’s heart. Another awesome job, baby!

*Talk part will be added later


4 thoughts on “[TV] Taemin Singing I Don’t Know at Immortal Song 2

  1. god that one long note near the end…. sent shivers down my spine
    actually, everytime i hear and watch taemin sing and see just how MUCH he’s grown in such a short period of time sends shivers down my spine

  2. he made me cry! my gosh. the sub really made a big difference. if i heard it without the sub, i wouldn’t have understood the full emotions of the song. plus, Taeminnie sang it with heart so… oh, my breaking heart. i feel like i was the one he’s going to leave. huhuhu…

  3. i applauded his performance very much. not being biased with shinee or taemin. but we all knew taemin somehow compared to jjong and onew is rather new in solo singing. but his singing is amazing and mesmerizing. he is so young but compare to other singers his age and older nor younger. he sings with his heart. everytime he performed on immortal song. it touches my heart literally. all i can say is, i’m a proud noona and shawol. truthfully, i dont understand the lyrics, but we can just feel it. 🙂 i’m a proud fan.

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