[TV] Jonghyun Ranked 4th in Weekly Idol 120218

[Cut Cr to 04080925 | sub by jujugal]

*Jonghyun’s sweetness to fans is recognized. He’s training world’s legend!


7 thoughts on “[TV] Jonghyun Ranked 4th in Weekly Idol 120218

  1. can you also sub taemin cuts on Weekly Idol ?? *puppy eyes* ive been searchong on youtube and seems like no one have sub….u can see the link below >>

    • I didn’t do this one, because I thought Taemin doesn’t like it. Well, we know he has grown more confident and doesn’t mind it now. So I’ll do sub it soon.

      • i agree…taemin is being more charming these day…but as you say, he wont mind, i mean he just cross dressing again in salamander guru….^^ im will surely wait for the subs…..thank you

        btw….i love all your english sub video…thank you for always working hard to sub shinee videwo \(^@^)?

  2. i thought training-dol is because he coaches vocals to people >_> why does being sweet to fans translates into training-dol?

    • haha, I don’t know, but that’s how korean fans named it. It is a sweet fan-service. The term implies that idols know how to turn people into their own fans…sort of training? haha

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