[drama] Taemin, Key, Minho in Salamander Guru Ep 4

*I made an over 12-minute digest of Salamander Guru Ep. 4 with Taemin and Key as cameos.
Taemin is still pretty in disguise as a girl but now grown too tall. Look at his broad shoulders! Well, proud to see Lee Taeyeon grown to be a supermodel like career woman 😉
Taemin and Minho in fight, ha. 2min-ers, we had it all. I’m satisfied 😀
Key’s cameo appearance was short but very impressive. Taemin’s character here is like Frank in Catch Me If You Can. This is kinda part of promotion for the musical? “Come to see Key as Frank in the musical!”
Ha, tough Taem at the end when he takes off the wig. I think Doctor Taemin was prettier than Secretary Taemin 🙂

*Sorry, these are blocked in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan 😦 (I don’t know how…but it seems the part 2 is not blocked??) – I can’t make Part I accessible. Don’t know how. Sorry. OK, the Part I is now uploaded on facebook (click on HD sign on video to watch it in good quality). I don’t know if it is safe to share it there. If not, I’ll make it accessible only to friends. Please let me know whether it’s OK. The link to Part I on FB: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=114083672051403&set=vb.231332593625372&type=2&theater.


26 thoughts on “[drama] Taemin, Key, Minho in Salamander Guru Ep 4

  1. i am from malaysia juju..im waiting for your trick earnestly..huhhuhu..so dat i cud view part 1…hwaiting!!

  2. Taemin’s a bad boy (sorta) and i love it!!!! thanks for translating these!!
    and i LOVE the chasing and fight scene!!!! they did such a good job there!! and i loved Key’s appearance!!!
    and does Taemin remind anyone else of Harry Potter as a doctor??

    • I didn’t get any notice for blocking for this one. Weird. On my public yt channel, I got a notice, but not on this channel. hmm… where are you?

  3. Hi juju!
    Its blocked in some countries.
    Can you pls upload it on Dailymotion or veoh for us who cannot view the video on youtube?


  4. its OKAY i think video on facebook is safer than on the youtube…
    please upload it on facebook too juju ;——; esp part 1…
    and thank you so much for your hardwork to sub this :))

  5. I think the video title making it easily search by iSBS & they blocked it right away?
    Well this is just my assumption tho ^^

    • No, it was automatically blocked. I think SBS has some kind of contract with youtube these days, so youtube has a tool that detects the copyrighted materials and blocks them to certain countries. With the video blocked to those countries, I don’t have to be afraid to get caught because I got a notice that says I can leave it posted.

      • i have a YT channel too and if i uploaded a video from MBC it will be blocked sooooo fast! it’s annoying..-__- and finally my YT acc removed by them too..*pity me..
        i wanna ask you something..when you uploading a video,do you do a some trick or else?because you have a lot video from SBS,KBS,etc but they don’t remove your YT account..

      • Which country are you in? I think it might be a matter of where you are. Aren’t you in Taiwan, Malaysia, or Indonesia?

  6. can you give me link for the part 1 in your FB? they blocked it because in that country have a lot of korean lover and shawol so they block it…-___-

  7. Shucks! Both videos are blocked in my country, and I desperately want to watch them !! ;~; I couldn’t view it thru the link to Facebook also ! Help T~T

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