[news] SHINee Taemin Appears as Old Man in Salamander Guru

SHINee’s Taemin will disguise himself as an old man to support SBS sitcom Salamander Guru and the Shadows.

An old man in 70s visits Seondal and Wonsam to ask when his granddaughter could receive a cornea donation. Asked to pay 500,000 won for the fortune telling, he boldly takes out a 1 million won check.

Wonsam gives him 220,000 won in change, but the check turns out to be a fake note.

Walking out of the fortune teller’s house after hearing there will be good news soon, the old man takes off the face mask. And Taemin’s face is revealed.

The production team was amazed when Taemin transformed into an old man with age spots and wrinkles through 3 hour make-up. After playing a mysterious con man who hides his identity, Taemin transforms again into an oppa who loves his younger sister so much.

A Pink Son Naeun plays flower shop clerk Taemin’s younger sister Tae-eun.

[from http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201202171048051001 | trans by jujugal]



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